SUPPORT privacy protections on the internet

The Washington state legislature recently introduced bills that would prohibit internet service providers from collecting or using the personal information of their customers. This would prevent ISPs from selling your personal browsing info to advertisers. Since the Trump administration recently rolled back federal protections of consumer privacy, these bills have gathered bipartisan support here in Washington, including co-sponsors from both parties. These bills, SB 5919 in the Senate and HB 2200 in the House, need to be reconciled, and have been introduced late in the session, so getting them passed will be more difficult than getting them co-sponsored; our lawmakers need to know we want them to take this seriously. 

More info: "Washington state lawmakers move to secure internet privacy after changes to federal law" at the Seattle Times; text of the Senate bill; text of the House bill.

Who to call:


Hi, my name is [name] and I'm a constituent from [address]. I'm calling because I support [SB 5919/HB 2200], which would protect the privacy of people using the internet. Internet services providers should not be able to force surveillance into people's daily lives. That's why I'm asking the [Senator/Representative/Governor] to work to make this bill law. Thank you.