Tell the Rules Committee to OPPOSE the AHCA

Next week, the House Rules Committee will be looking at the AHCA, aka Trumpcare, with the end goal of getting the entire House to vote on it by next Thursday. We've called our own Members of Congress about this. Today, let's call two members of the Rules Committee: Rep. Dan Newhouse from WA's 4th District, because he's the only WA state Representative on the Committee; and Rep. Pete Sessions from Texas, because he's the Committee Chair. (Note that this is a different Sessions than the current Attorney General) Both are Republicans, so be prepared for their staff to be less responsive. You can open by asking if the Congressman has a position on the AHCA, and if they stall, just politely ask to leave a message to be conveyed to the Congressman, stating your opposition. 

Who to Call:

  • Dan Newhouse: 202-225-5816
  • Pete Sessions: 202-225-2231


For Rep Newhouse: Hi, my name is [name] and I'm a voter from Washington state. I'm calling to ask you to stop the AHCA in committee. This bill would have a devastating effect on the lives of people I love and on our state's economy. You're representing Pacific Northwest values in Washington, D. C. and I'm counting on you to stand up for our community. Thank you. 

For Rep. Sessions: Hi, my name is [name]. I'm calling about the AHCA. This is a poorly constructed bill that would have devastating effects on our economy and on people's lives. It sacrifices the security of working class old folks to give a tax cut to the rich, and is opposed by everyone from the AARP to the most convservative members of Congress. Please stop this bill in the Rules Committee. Thank you.