Tell the State Government Committee to support the WA Voting Rights Act

There is a bill being considered to protect Voting Rights in Washington State. House Bill 1800 passed the House a few weeks ago while the companion bill in the Senate did not pass the Republican Senate. HB 1800 is now sitting in the Senate State Government Committee and needs to be out of committee by March 29th to allow the floor to vote. The Chairman of the committee, Miloscia, and the Vice-Chair, Zeiger, need a little encouragement to pass the bill out of the Committe. The Republican-controlled committee is hesitant to move this bill to the full Senate. Let's encourage them to do what is right and at least give the floor a chance to vote on it.

Who to Call:

More info: full text of HB 1800


Hi, My name is [name] and I live [ZIP or address]. I am concerned about protecting Voting Rights in our state. Please pass HB 1800 out of Committee so that the Senators have a chance to do what is right and pass it as the House did. Thank you.