The Hunger Strike Continues

Previous actions in support of the hunger strike can be found here and here and include more, local phone numbers to call.

Hundreds of people being detained inside the Northwest Detention Center are on hunger strike demanding better conditions, including edible food, access to hygiene products, access to books and educational materials, and payment for their labor. A hunger strike is a desperate last resort; already one person has been taken to the hospital. As neighbors to the Detention Center and the people trapped inside, and as human beings, we stand in solidarity with them and against the private prison industry that makes profits out of human misery. 

GEO Group, the private, for-profit corporation that contracts with ICE to run the Northwest Detention Center, is currently being sued by former detainees for human rights violations including forcing detainees to work without pay. Slavery is a great business model for them, and they continue to be awarded contracts for new and expanded prison facilities, most recently a new 1,000-bed facility in Texas. 

Congress is working on the federal budget right now. Call and demand that our taxes not be used to support GEO Group.

Who to Call

  • Senator Maria Cantwell: (253) 572 - 2281, or (202) 224 - 3441
  • Senator Patty Murray: (253) 572 - 3636, or  (202) 224 - 2621
  • Your Member of Congress, either Derek Kilmer (6th District) (253) 272 - 3515 or Denny Heck (10th District) (253) 533 - 8332

More info: get updates on the NWDC Resistance Facebook page; "Private prison company will build 1,000-bed detention center in Conroe as part of Trump's deportation expansion plans"


Hi, my name is [name] and I'm a constituent from [address]. I'm calling to protest the conditions at the Northwest Detention Center under GEO Group and the fact that GEO Group continues to be awarded federal contracts. No company that has a profit incentive to cut costs by violating humans rights should be given my tax dollars, and the federal government should never contract with GEO Group again. I'm asking you not to vote for any budget that includes a cent for private prisons or the expansion of immigration detention facilities. Thank you.