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I am arriving at the abandoned town of Alamin. The town of Alamín was ordered to be built in 1956 by the Marquis de Comillas so that the farmland workers and
caretakers of their livestock did not have to move around It consisted of about 40
houses, church, convent, school and bar, that we will visit today, being abandoned
in 1996. Since then they have spread terrifying legends that I will tell you today and
it ensures that psychophonies are heard and occurrences occur Also many
people come to town to do Satanic rites and invocations. Notice how big it is. There is even a church that we will see later. we are going to visit the houses of the town I don’t see this safe ladder to climb. Let’s go to another of the houses let’s see if you can climb better Hi look how the ivy has entered the house look at the back windows too It should be one of the rooms, look how the vegetation comes in like the movie balloon it and here was the sink and sink of the house. This is firmer, I think I can climb Hi the roof is damaged We see some towels. It must have been a small room or buardilla to store things Legend has it that one day a shepherd drove the cattle to the mountain and in the morning they all appeared dead
the sheep, the shepherd, even the guide dog they died on the same farm in the
they lived and terror expanded quickly all over town, doing
that many of its inhabitants flee … we see another house Pichi 1957 would be someone who once lived in the house. nature is eating the houses
And here.. I don’t know how the roof is … you have to be careful here we see a magazine, says 7 great stars remember their first love Some do not know who they are it’s very old Let’s see if I see the date. Richard Burton and Sammy Davis These people died many years ago. Omar Sharif..increibel Notice that Jimmy Carter was President of the United States (between 1977 and 1981) It is an ancient magazine there it looks like the kitchen was It is the typical cuisine of these houses the sink to wash clothes, the sink and there would be the kitchen It has the extractor to remove the smoke I hope I don’t find anyone around here. This is a bit sinister. being alone is little reassuring this town that you visited today, completely
alone, it is a very isolated town since It is more than 4 kilometers from town
closest I’m going to see everything practically the houses are all
equals an old book the book is burned when they burn it is usually for witchcraft and others just in case I don’t touch it Another of the legends ensures that there is a wedding couple that appears and
disappears through the streets of the town and in the church. It is said that this
couple, after getting married in the village they died on their wedding night this story was told by some
researchers who claim that they fared related by an older man who lived in
the town and that was a relative of his who had seen them one night in the
village street seemed to float about 50 centimeters from the ground and emitted a
sound that looked like a cry and then disappeared it’s amazing to be in a complete abandoned town surprising the graffiti artists have ruined it but it’s amazing a tree that is still here let’s see if I see a house that is more complete Hi this had to be the bar this would be the bar kitchen look at the bar counter a bar from those years of the years
40 50 the roof is very bad After a day’s work, customers came to have a drink the typical wine or rum or whatever and tapas or food dishes look at the wallpaper the roof is broken and quite dangerous The bar is spectacular, it makes you think how people lived here, how they related let’s keep watching It is curious to find a bar. I knew I had school, church, etc. but not that there was a bar house number 1 was the bar let’s see the rest, look there the church, now we will see it the school must be here It is a little strange to go through an abandoned town by myself, it imposes although it is day there are some somewhat sinister stories of the place and now I will tell you here is an avenue more buildings now we will see them too I think they are shots, it can be someone who is hunting good morning notice from the church what the town looks like rest of houses I have to be careful, I won’t be shot more houses here There is a car there. I don’t know if you can be here or not another of the legends ensures that the priest
he hanged himself in the church and that the nuns of the convent and local people,
they began to hear screams, cries and Wailing late in the morning.
The small town began to spread the rumor that the screaming and crying was about a child, possible fruit of priest and one of the nuns, which
the priest could have killed before take your own life by hanging on the altar
of the church look at the altar We see that here is the altar of the church.
Notice guys that someone has drawn here an inverted cross which means that here they come to do black magic and satanism here the saint who presides over the church would be placed here there would be another saint, the altar and another saint this will be a sacristy for the priest to place the things of the equaristia within what fits the church is structurally well that should be the choir from where the mass would be seen or sang the music is from a man who has parked in the middle of the street There’s a car there, I don’t know what he’s doing there, it’s a bit weird has music on I hope I don’t have problems here weird it’s weird I have to be careful, notice how everything is this seems to me that it must have been the school this is a class, the blackboard in the background the typical stage where the teacher would be and the windows should be a very nice place to teach, sharp and bright It is said that this town was a pleasant place to live here another class or the principal’s office and
then here the toilets for children the site is super nice I’m worried about that man, he’s been in the middle of the exit street to get out I’ll have to go there Good Morning On the internet there is a photo of the church that
they got some researchers in which you see the silhouette of two people who
they seem to be a wedding couple with a old look and when they took the picture
They were not there. According to this photo was sent to the ‘fourth millennium’ program
who claimed that the photo was not trick and that there was none
explanation for that silhouette This is a different house than the
others had a fireplace the door frame falls the house and paper is different from the rest look at the state of the almost fallen frame notice the kind of wallpaper that was formerly they used the houses of
60s, 50s approximately I was in a house that is
front of the church it’s funny that it’s the only one that has a chimney some window frames are preserved here is another street from what I see, there were several streets and here was the church right here bone, school, church and here
this must be the convent where the nuns lived even a room the part
top, there are columns Hi I think this is the infirmary that was in the convent look at the shelves that curious there is nothing similar in town the roof is bad if this should be the convent because it
look like the garden outside I’m hearing a strange noise Hi a strange noise is heard it seems as if someone digs out there I don’t know if it will be an animal or that must be the nuns’ rooms the kitchens, the bathrooms OK Hi here should be the convent kitchen probably here the roof moldings are maintained the outside This is the little chapel for the nuns to pray they even had the
the niche where some saint was venerated this spectacular, here it is a kind of square I think it can no longer be accessed above the ceiling was quite high. I’m going up the stairs a little but I don’t trust much I went upstairs it doesn’t look legit They are very damaged, I will not climb because they can collapse and I am alone and I would not find anyone here here in the middle there is a source there we see the church, it’s super pretty this is a fountain that was in the middle of the church and the convent the place is called
Marquis de Comillas Square This is the convent. It is very pretty. let’s go down the other street Paranormal experts say who have heard a childish voice,
even some people claim to have seen at night the silhouette of a child
Run in the middle of the street. Many believe which is the appearance of the child to whom the
priest killed by throwing him from the Bell tower. Others claim that they can be
spectra of some of the children that they died in the town, since according to
account, infant mortality was very high practically the same Look, this was very
typical in the 70s some covers to protect the wall, they were plastic there’s something satanic here I’m leaving town, there is someone here, how can you hear since arriving in town and I saw this
sir your presence in the place me It seemed strange. When it happened I was
digging in the ground, looking for something I don’t know I decided to leave since
I wasn’t sure what I was doing in this place I’m leaving because this man doesn’t inspire me confidence just in case if they bury me here it doesn’t find me
nobody at the bottom of the site this as the promotion of the movie aliens said: “In the
space nobody can hear your screams “and here either .. so far the video today, we don’t know if
these legends and paranormal phenomena are they true or products of loneliness
and the isolation of the people after their abandonment or even like some people
they affirm, these phenomena are due to terrible facts that happened after the
abandonment of the people, becoming the place in a den for people
undesirable where to perform acts of everything type, with impunity and we did not arrive
Not even to imagine. As always I will highlight a comment from the previous exploration in this case of the house abandoned in the forest where
I asked: would you like me to sleep one night alone in this abandoned house?
I will highlight Pamela’s comment Steaad that tells us: “It’s amazing, I all
time was listening to voices and I you have loved your exploration and you go by
the night will surely be creepy but accompanied and carefully and as
you always had a good time ” thank you very much pamela for you
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