Destroying All of Humanity in the worst possible ways in Plague Inc.

That game difficulty? For experience genetic strategists 67.3% of people wash hands, doctors work 3 days a week. Sick people are ignored? Casual, no one washes their hands [Laughs] Doctors don’t work and sick people give hugs. That’s just.. That doesn’t sound right.. Compulsive hand-washing Doctors never go home, Sick people locked in prison? Who sends you to prison if you have a cold? We’re gonna just make our first disease like a really, rather bad case of the sniffles. That just got out of hand and killed humanity. So where are we gonna start our disease? Ireland. Okay. Wait no game. No Okay no don’t buy this game. As an Irish man, and just a pro-tip for everyone else Ireland is not part of the UK. We fought a f***ing Civil War, A 102 years ago Lot of us died. Ireland is not part of the UK. Alright? I wanna make that a hundred percent clear, that’s why I’m gonna say fuck Iceland instead Basically what I want to do for this bacteria I wanna see if I can make this has literally no symptoms. And no consequence whatsoever and we’re just gonna infect everyone in the world with it. What’s wrong with this game? Wait no world mourns Harambe death It’s this year as well Why is it even coming up? It’s 2018 Oh no it’s not Harambe it’s Hamambe It’s a different gorilla We’re just infecting more and more people Completely symptomless. It doesn’t do anything. There are no healthy people in the world So we give them Pnuemonia, Pulmonary fibrosis, Total organ failure Sniffles to destroy humanity Sniffles has destroyed the world despite the world’s best efforts. The last few humans know they are watching the end of history. That was a good first run. Share the news! My Bacteria, called Sniffles, just wiped out the world in four years! Yeah share it on facebook, you know? Make sure to retweet it Okay, well let’s try a Virus next What is like the most lethal infectious virus we can think of? Fortnite viral videos are going to take the world over Now all the news all of the newspapers are gonna be like “They call it, ‘The Fortnite'” The new violent shooter from Epic Games Studios That kids keep dropping out of school to play. Little Timmy Plays Fortnite twenty-eight hours a day and has forgotten to eat food in three weeks We even have even looks like the YouTube play button It’s like a sign of things to come Fortnite begins in USA Fortnite has infected it’s first human Weak and unspecialised, It’s still in beta, you gotta give it a chance it must evolve using DNA points Should we just like kinda make a random disease where we don’t know the development of Fortnite is gonna go? We’re just gonna leave it on it own whims and just put everything into instability? Paralysis? Fortnite becoming scary! the more scary for Fortnite becomes by hurting and killing people, the harder the humans will try to cure it. Now Fortnite is spreading rapidly. You know, they they warned us about this look how many symptoms it has oh my god It’s- it’s gonna start putting them in a coma soon, that may develop on its own. Okay, people are starting to die for Fortnite. I diagnosed a team in the USA has been tried a new disease A diagnostic team in the USA has identified a new disease which has been named “Fortnite”. It is quite severe and must be investigated further. Other countries are also reporting, this disease. The USA is starting to find work on the cure, But the USA is probably gonna be first to die. Um, they’re trying to find a cure for Fortnite If only the cure for Fortnite PUBG I don’t know if cure if PUBG is the cure or no Fortnite now educes a coma Get it in the water, Get it in the air, Get in the livestock. Fortnite placed on watch list Fortnite has been placed on the WHO watch list. Already dangerous, government are warned that it could become unstoppable. Yeah, it’s already killed seven million people. You know that the YouTube analytics don’t lie. This is just a real life. Oh This is just real life Oh it’s spreading rapidly Oh my god Fortnite, Fortnite just taken the world Killed more than the black death- that sounds about right for Fortnite Like the entirety of the USA is fallen and in- in Canada it’s just Toronto that’s having trouble right now I just like to point out like how good Canadian health care is, even in a game like this. It’s important, right? But not only is like you go fall into a coma when you play Fortnite, you now have seizures Total organ failure from playing fortnight Insanity symptom mutated- Fortnite has mutated and developed the insanity symptom So now it’s just a bunch of people like jibbering to themselves like number one victory royale. China is in anarchy? Um.. China has fallen to Fortnite The- The world’s dying real fast! Pulmonary. Oh, I can’t even pronounce that. That sounds really bad. Everyone’s dead. Wait what? Defeat? Some healthy people survived- Who wasn’t infected? The Philippines. How did the Philippines like survived against Fortnite? Philippines play PUBG, not Fortnite [Unknown] Name your plague: The plague that is anime Successfully evolved anime Coughing symptom, Sneezing. Okay. Yeah. It’s getting a bit more deadly. Immune suppression symptom, Okay. Hey transmission, Get in the livestock. Even them sheep are raven on about good ol anime. People are starting to die from anime, too That’s probably why. Total organ failure? Seems to be- pretty tame up until this point. Like it was just you have some coughin’, some sneezin’, your immune system now that’s- you’re looking a bit peachy, you know? Total organ failure. Anime spreads to Egypt- what? Okay, they just invented Yu-Gi-Oh. Vomiting sy- symptom. It’s getting too powerful Projectile vomiting symptom combo. Coughing and vomiting are causing the infected to projectile vomit, Increasing the infectivity People are just vomiting anime China just fell You get a fever now- Russia just fell. Japan is in anarchy. I’d like to point out once again, that Canada is fine. Somehow every time we do this, Canada is like one of the last bastions of humanity. The-the cure for anime. Oh my god. We got to up our game they’re developing a cure real fast. Oh, wow. Oh the world’s almost dead Anime, to destroy No, they’re dropping like flood- they’re dead. Oh my god, they died so fast. Ebola-chan? [Laughs] No [Laughs] No not [Laughs] No not [Laughs] Not Ebola-chan, Oh that’s so terrible [Music]


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