Detroit Revitalization Fueled by Community Development – JPMorgan Chase & Co.

(Background Music) (Foot Steps) Kevin Prater (Narration on and off screen): Detroit has a really unique heart and soul. It’s a place that has a very strong sense of community, history… Detroit is one of
the great American cities that helped this country become what it is today. It has people that care so deeply… It’s
something that… you can’t define. You know, you go to the analogy that Rome
wasn’t built in a day, it’s just not something that happens because one person has an idea
or one person does this… It’s everyone. It’s the thing that’s going to lead to…
the future development of Detroit and it’s a factor that is almost immeasurable.
The definition of rebuilding is more than just bricks and mortar, it’s actually the
rebirth of the community and the redevelopment of it’s prosperity that the city once saw.
As part of our investment. Capital Park Partnership has acquired eleven properties in downtown Detroit. JPMorgan Chase is the construction lender
and the equity investor. We’ve undertaken renovation of two properties. One is nearly completed, and the second one is in its early stages of construction.
This investment is going to create the foundation to continue the domino effect involved in
developing downtown and help move the needle on more future development that’s already
occurring. In another 24 months it’s gonna look like
something nobody could ever imagine. In another three or four years no one’s ever going
to believe it was ever vacant. There’s so many great things happening in Detroit, and
I’m so proud to be part of that. The buildings are just the building blocks.
The people are what make the community. And as the people are able to move in to work
and play, you’re going to develop a community that will last for many, many decades. (Background Music)


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