Disney Parks Community Outreach (2010)

♪ It’s the time of your life ♪>>Announcer: There’s so much in life worth celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, reunions or any of life’s most special moments and this year were celebrating something new giving back. In 2010, we want to inspire 1 million people to volunteer a day at a participating
organization in their communities. So we’re celebrating their good work by
giving each of them one day admission to a theme park at Disneyland Resort or
Walt Disney World Resort free. [music] Give a day, get a Disney day. Visit DisneyParks.ca for terms and conditions and to sign up. This is the year who make a few dreams come true for others, and let us make a few come true for you too, and this DVD will show you all the magic in store. Simply watch and decide what will
you celebrate at Disney parks, Where dreams, come true. [music] ♪ celebrate you ♪

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