Two ways to donate

Google Wallet

If possible, please donate with Google Wallet. The service is free, so 100% of your donation goes to Indivisible Tacoma!

From your computer:

  1. Sign into your Google account.
  2. Go to apps and select "Wallet." You may need to click "More" to display it.
    location of google wallet button in Google dashboard
  3. Enter the amount on the resulting screen.
  4. Enter the email address,
  5. Provide an optional memo to explain the purpose of the donation.
  6. Click the green "Send" button.
  7. To view your transaction, click the Main Menu icon at the top left (3 short, stacked, horizontal bars) and choose "Transactions."

From a mobile device:

  1. Install the Google Wallet app.
  2. Open it and sign into your Google account, if prompted.
  3. Enter the amount and click "Send."
  4. On the resulting screen, enter the email address,
  5. You can add an optional message/description on the resulting screen, if desired.
  6. Click "Send."
  7. At this point, you may be prompted to choose a payment method. If no payment method has been associated with your Google Wallet account, click the plus sign in the lower right corner and choose either bank account or debit card, then enter the details when prompted. (Note: Google Wallet cannot be used with credit cards, only debit cards.)
  8. Your transaction will appear under "Activity" on the home screen.


If you are not able to donate with Google Wallet, please consider donating with PayPal.