Donny Deutsch Discusses "Saturday Night Politics"

thanks everybody thank you welcome to build I'm your host Ricky camel our next guest has been a face on TV for a number of years now from a show on cs NBC CNBC to morning joe to the semi-fictional Donny and now his new MSNBC evening show Saturday night politics with Donny Deutsch let's take a look after a week of epic stories Donny Deutsch separates the news from the noise bringing his branding instincts to politics and breaking down the key strategies heading into 2020 Saturday night politics with Donny Deutsch Saturdays at 8:00 on MSN DS I seemed so anchor e in that not angry and Corey yeah anchoring did you ever see yourself as an anchor I mean you have anchored before yes did not I see myself as a navigator of interesting discussion hopefully I never I'm not a classic anchor guy you know and I think that's what hopefully makes it so interesting in politics I've been obviously on Morning Joe a lot and I you know tend to kind of be very opinionated anchors by nature have to play a little bit more down the middle not necessarily on ms or fox whatnot but I tend to like being a guy who's kind of unanchored in an anchor chair you routinely express you express your opinion most of the not most of but from what I've watched a lot of the stories are sort of prefaced with how you feel about that and then the discussion begins yeah I well what we do in their sudden high politics is we wrap up the week and I'll look at what I think of the seven or eight most kind of interesting stories and then kind of lens them so start with a premise like Trump did this I think it could be the beginning of a pivot for him what do you guys think instead of just reporting news and you know it's kind of fun where I'm in a great time the shows off to a great start people love it ratings are good everything's going great oh well speaking of Trump you know pretty early on it was earlier this month but that's pretty early on in the show's run the president for I have to call him that I guess tweeted about the show let's pull up a couple of those tweets and talk about this we're saying first off little Donny Deutsch whose show like his previous shoe biz surprise as a disaster has been saying that I had been a friend of his this is false he and separately Erin Burnett love erin burnett come on you used to beg me to be on episodes of The Apprentice both were bad I'm not sure what we're bad Huw or the episodes of The Apprentice that he's referring to grammatically it's kind of all over the place but that was it hardly knew him other than to know he wasn't is a total loser when he makes statements about me they are made up he knows nothing the best part was my response to this I sent back there's no big like shoe biz with a video of him at my 50th birthday giving a speech Donnie I love you you're so great on TV it was there's so much wrong in here as far as begging to be on The Apprentice Mark Burnett I remember calling me up and explaining to me what The Apprentice was I like to be on it I've know Donnell for 20 years ranging from how did you first meet him I first met him he used to do which came first the president he did my old Big Idea show about four or five times I did three seasons apprentice where they would come up to my head agency we give them tasks I lived in one of his building the same building Ivanka jarred our kids went to the same school we travel in the same circles you know definition of a friend with Donald he doesn't know the president hasn't anyone real friends his friends are what I call transaction for it's all the media types in New York I Howard Stern is his friend or joy Bay or al Sharpton is his friend the only piece spends time with his family you know he doesn't he's like a friend guy but this kind of transactional yes exactly but he you know I what's also interesting I come to the to MSNBC with that 20 years of experience right you know so much of covering politics now more than ever before is getting inside of the mind of that guy because it is it is not we are at a time where it's not necessarily built on what's right for policy what's wrong what are the traditional ways politicians handle it's all on understanding his psychology and or whatever you want to call it and I think as a guy who we also have certain parallels we both grew up in Queens you know two minutes apart we both went to Wharton we both went to our father's business we're able to scale them we both the kind of polarizing figures you know big mouths so you know I kind of I think I'm inside this guy's head more than most people which is scary in and of itself being on a news network and as much as you you know you're you're very upfront about it being an opinion show in a lot of ways or at least you have Petrov's you going to talk about the news but and that's really been my name my book is often wrong never in doubt so just because I have an opinion does not mean it's right usually I never worry about wading into the waters too much when it comes to tweets like that from the president in the sense of that like thereby exacerbating this reality show presidency well as far as that you know look first think about this the president sitting in the White House on Saturday night watching my show it's obviously fantastic marketing for the show and whatnot no I I I'm just always a weird thing right is that a weird that is a real you have to almost think about it they can picture the White House I was think about like Tom Cruise and risky business show doing that dance from nobody's home I'm picturing the White House all empty flickering lights he's got a big bowl of Cheetos or whatever and sitting there watch it but that's that feeling right where'd you get that sweet you're a month into the show right like saying you're like and you think yourself god this is gonna be great for ratings the country well yeah well yeah what use first thing you say is what it was interesting joe biden picked up on that and a couple of days later his speech was like guys we have a present on a syenite tweeting about Donny Deutsch this is ridiculous and it is but he is what he's doing he's almost not real he's playing a game everything he's doing it the scary part is there are consequences so even the other night with his tweet about you know I called off the raid it was gonna kill 150 people I almost know the guy so well that he's almost like making policy decisions on what would be the best tweet which is frightening in and of itself there's nothing is real to him it's he's he's approaching this no different as he was sitting his office in Trump Tower negotiating a deal or working the New York Post and it's both it's frightening and sobering to think about that no you said you've known him for 20 years not necessarily as friends but a transactional sort of relationship as good as anybody you did scary scary Moochie unlike a few weeks ago right and he had said that the two of you will be friends again and you said there's absolutely no way you will not be friends with this Donald what what he meant and he's very insightful about Trump is the kind of guy and Joe Scarborough would say they say we really knows him if he was out of office you know two years when he saw me on there we go Donny what were you doing man like nothing happened he's just it's not real to him and I would turn to him and go that's a different guy I even that guy I couldn't stand you know I mean the old guy you know it was funny he was harmless what not it's not real to him so even his he's scaramouche he's right about that where he would come to me and go I made you on that show didn't I I mean it's it's not of this world if that were the case he kept tweeting about you and he did make you on the show which I don't think he would be the one to make no of course its own it's really helps let's say he keeps boosting the ratings do you thank him for it I thank him tongue-in-cheek you know I mean I don't write up a letter dear but you know no I thanked him on the air of course it's fun it's it's ridiculous it's a compliment obviously that he's watching the show and leading in as he is president United States so it says something and obviously I get under his skin because he knows I know him and he's also a bully and I think he knows that I don't back down and he respects that and if he knew him well as much as he may be angry at me right now he respects where I'm coming from mr. president we have to brief you on a drone that's been shot down over a run shut up Donny Deutsch is exactly Saturday night politics with Donny Deutsch exactly you know I'm a lot of numbers one of the things that you do is you have candidates on you've had Booker on you've had mayor people to judge and you talk to them about how they are going about their campaign you basically talk to them from a branding perspective I call it debate prep I kind of come at it that ways if they were in my office with me and I was giving them advice who do you think is handling the primaries best right now who are you watching and thinking yourself you are you are doing the best job I think mayor Pete has been pretty pitch perfect you had a rough weekend as far as with what a lot of very tense racial situation in South Bend I think he's been right on you know because he's been authentic and I think the people that have been with that you know Elizabeth Warren has been authentic to her I don't think she will be able to be Trump I think then I've said this on the air she's obviously a wonderful politician and very bright I think if he can label any of his opponents of socialists I think Democrats lose and but she has been very on point even burning Oh big time Oh Bernie would lose 45 states not not a chance Bernie would lose worse than the Elizabeth Warren he's just you know when I see polls that say Elizabeth Warren would beat Donald Trump in Texas today that tells me that we have to be really weird about polls that's just not true this is not everything you know about human beings about the world I think a lot of the polling has to do is that for a lot of people Trump is a guilty pleasure they don't want you know before even the polls got it wrong not necessarily nationally but a lot of the states how many people now not the court Trump errs the people on the edge you're gonna openly say yeah I'm voting for that guy I ain't do it you know so I think there's a lot of yes I will vote for Elizabeth Warren but when the when the polling you know curtains close it would go a different way said that excuse me for I'm not sure who's on your show vote was on Joe that Democrats should be running scared yeah I mean you know I think right now if I had a handicap the election I would say it's 50/50 right now there's obviously a lot can happen in a lot of different directions if right now if they were able to run and idealize Joe Biden what people want Joe Biden to be well something Joe Biden can run an ideal okay well I'm sorry what Joe Biden could stand for and maybe you put cobble Harris is running mate I think that's a team that could be Trump a lot can happen in different ways my concern and I've said there's many many times on the air Trump his advantage in running for office he has not tied to any ideology he at emili´s he's shameless so everybody says he can't change he can't change look he was a Democrat before he ran for office and I believe and he slung see a little bit he's gonna start to look at the polls and he if anything is just I just care about the wind give me the W and if all of a sudden and halfway to next year he just starts acting like the normal president and he all of a sudden puts out an olive branch with some new health care thing and even the same way you see he pulled back on ice and whatnot if he starts to show a more moderate side he's gonna be very difficult to beat and that's might as a guy who doesn't want him there that's my question a lot of people saying I'm wrong he can't change he can't change I think he's doing a base plus strategy he's gonna spend the next six months shirring up the base and I think once we get into February and put out his climate change proposal not go that far but enough to and that's that's what he's that's what I would do if I were him and I'm pretty inside that guy's head now do you think that then I don't like to use the phrase then or the word the media because I don't think it actually means what we think it means when we say it but do you think that often times those of us and maybe I guess I'll put myself in that play a hand in normalizing him so Trump says I'm gonna hit the polls I got a look at the polls and I need to become more moderate more normal all of a sudden all of a number of anchors and pundits will go on-air and back wow he's really become presidential and we will boost this idea of him flying so we know he's playing a game yeah after um what was it when he gave the speech in Normandy I forget when he was going after his adversaries in front of the graves which was obviously horrific and tasteless but then he gave me just a speech that I think any good twenty-three-year-old speechwriter could write and he read it never risk me as presidential he's president mean that he's the irony's we set the bar so low below and that's it look the media were co-conspirators ah you know it just doesn't have to attack Graydon Carter it's like wow er no Pittsburghers in getting him elected what happened was he decided on a lark I know this for a fact was Michael Cohen let's run for office and he was at you know 1/2 of 1% of the polls his announcement CNN everybody covers a full hour they wouldn't cover that for any other president and then after three hours of coverage two days later he's at 2% in the polls he gets to say look I'm climbing and and then it becomes to self what I call the media economy of scale self-fulfilling prophecy that the media would follow everything he did and just buy that pure exposure he would go from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4% and then you were on that ferris wheel that took him where he got to now you said that you yourself don't particularly want him to be president in 2020 you don't want him to win not at all do you plan on will you use your show as a means to to stop that I mean what if it comes down to the the network has given him an insane amount of coverage today should we do that as well well you you what look it's the there was debate you cover his tweets he's the president that's his newscast and you know you cover it with context and you know for instance if the Democrats have any of those anchors during the debates coming up read any of his tweets I will scream at the TV that's where you don't let him in do not produce the event it's not your night pal you want to sit home eat your Cheetos tweet so to me that would be an instance let's say I was producing those hours he doesn't enter it other situations you you present what he's doing with context you tried not to normalize it to the point that you talked about you or you can do as a broadcaster as an opinion person as a anchor is present what's going on and obviously as you see it and that's what you do but you can't you're not gonna put your head in the sand and not cover them forget numbers not numbers he's the President on States I'm curious this is slightly tangential off of what we're talking about but you know you said you can get in trumps head really well you guys went to the same school you're both New Yorkers you both you know took over your father's business you both kind of got loud mouths you said yes when he won in 2016 was there a part of you that thought hey maybe I should try it maybe I should have go for this and I could beat him well it's interesting I predicted in April that he was gonna win I changed my mind after the Access Hollywood cuz I thought that was going to shift it but I kind of saw this happening know what what's also happening that's interesting a lot of people say now was Trump winning anybody can run for office anywhere and you don't have to deal with he's a he's a unicorn but the stuff that slides off him wouldn't slide off anybody else and I don't know if I want to put my family through it and I you need a different kind of antitrump now than me I've always talked about running for mayor possibly and who knows in the future you know crazier things have happened not president though but if it meant if I could beat him and I was the guy to do it I would do it in a heartbeat but I don't think that's the answer going back to the Democratic primary what do you think or how have you felt about this past week for for Biden and specifically the segregationist gap yeah I mean those seem to have stuck to him a little bit yeah you know that's an interesting one I did let my show the other week and here's what I said about that I heard it as and I heard a guy saying look I don't like these people these are bad people but you got to work with people you don't like to get things done that makes sense to me and I is a 16 year old white man heard that one like no problem I can't then if a young african-american person here is that says I have issues I know he was working to fix things but that still somehow suggested not celebrating now one of the it said it was not celebrate he clearly wasn't he was you know so the answer is yes of course anybody has a right to feel that way but I keep coming back to today if somebody said to me take the worst ice you know Hawk and would I sit down at a table with him and try and fix immigration yes so you know segregationists disgustingly were part of who we were and so he was not saying in any way these are good people these are my friends I believe he was saying I had it was we lived in a time where he used the word civility and I think that's what got him in trouble there because it it brought up images of our war buddies and what no that's not what he meant or what I but I also was interesting and switching to the next topic coming with this AOC thing with concentration oh yeah I was actually just about to similar things I went you know she went on and and talked about these horrible camps of these children call them concentration camps now what's happening with these kids is reprehensible disgusting it is unhealthy what not and I as a Jew and other people took offense to it in the sense that when somebody brought up to her she said no the academics say you can use this word I say yes even if you can use that word the fact that concentration camps the connotation throughout history with the Holocaust is the slaughtering the extermination of 6 million Jews that was their purpose that maybe we keep that as a distinctive name to keep it alive in history and be sensitive to that don't say I can't say it because it's the academic thing just like I'm saying well if somebody has an issue with the bottom line I get it I don't and here's why and that's why we have to get to so I got offended with her and not if her initial response was you know what I used it for this reason because I'm trying to bring attention to what's happening these kids I understand that particularly to Jews that holds a certain place but the response to be the academic says I can use it that's the kind of insensitivity on both sides that doesn't work I think that's so interesting because the way that you described the aoc s use of the terms concentration camps and your response to Joe Biden talking about segregationist I had the exact opposite response to her talking about concentration camps I am also not Jewish though and before we had this conversation I was trying to figure out you know is this simply just because I am NOT your sensitive course you you you know but you think about fascinating moment when you go I don't have the right to not be offended about it's the same way somebody can use the word slave in a vernacular not in the true disgusting term and any african-american would have the right to feel offended in any way if in any way you are not holding that word to the disgusting extreme that blue so to me is somebody who spent my entire life growing up hearing the word concentration camp and understanding and understanding about ancestors and seeing pictures of just thousands of bodies in it for yes she's making a point about what's so wrong about these other things but please particularly since thirty percent of Germans don't think the Holocaust existed or some ridiculous number certain things maybe we can hold on to to make a certain next-level point and so I think in all the discussions in race and in gender and everything where we have to get to is even if it's okay to plead ignorance just like you just said that and go I know I didn't but now I'm here would you talk about it and I get it so the same way I on my show a guy names a Travis Michael great guy african-american used to run the Democratic part of New York and he said to me no Donnie I did hear it differently I go I got you you know so that what concerns me is we go from Trump to AOC and it's the same problem of non tolerance on both sides I don't you think that's a bit of a stretch to say that AOC is in any way similar to Trump no I'm not saying are similar okay and I by the way ALC I respect her as a young person and she's doing some great things the similarities are twofold that I see as a media guy and a marketer to people who understand I can use the media I could say something very extreme maybe not necessarily worry about collateral damage and I'm gonna keep getting in the press and that's gonna create a bigger and bigger name for myself whether she's conscious subconscious his war so headstrong about some of the things as saying you have no right to tell me as a Jew I can't be sensitive to that you cannot that is the same level of intolerance that a Donald Trump uses in certain other instances so no she is not a racist she is not a bigot she is not so many of the other things that Donald Trump is but there in the mode of communication and then the inability to see nuance on the other side there is a similarity that I would I would I would ask if I watch before I get all the horrible tweets heyo see I built my life on doing what AOC does where being out there and pushing the envelope in and she her she has her heart in the right place I'm talking about in modes of communication and in the ability to even understand the Amazon thing to just say no I was right for this reason here's the reason to ride and you know there's a lot of nuances to it and maybe even if your intentions were right it backfired well don't you think that withdrawing the the statement about concentration camps because again I I don't necessarily feel like it's my right to argue being offended by that and cannot and they could say but when it comes to other statements that she has made they are usually wrapped up in policy and their ideas and they're not simply attacks I mean most often than not what she goes viral for is she is doing there is there is someone in front of her in the house and she is talking to someone from a pharmaceutical company there's a lot of premeditated media some walking down the halls of Congress look we want what grown-up stuff like she's a very clever person but there is a very sharp eye on media attention by the way that makes her smart and let's not be naive about that and so I also have a problem when in the instance of when we want from politicians well we want for politicians I was gonna wreck it when it when the number one meaning but she came out on the on the Amazon thing and said well it cost us you know three billion dollars no she known this and those were incentives that it's not money singing a pot say that don't just didn't double and triple down so once again we need fresh voices but all voices now and here's the parallel between AOC and Donald Trump and they're not the same people and they're but we need to sometimes be a bit more sensitivity sensitive and our ability to listen to the other side even if we don't get it anywhere that doesn't mean going through life apologizing because I think the Democratic Party has become the party of apologists and you know they sometimes tend to eat eat their own but we have to assess with civility and unwilling to recognize that potentially the GOP their disinterest in civility or when they say their it yeah is in bad faith and it's solely to exactly yeah so we have to when Joe Biden says hey look I get we I'm not positive was what I was saying is I said these people were detestable I I fought my entire life to undo what they were doing and my point being is it was a time was a little easier to talk to the other side can argue with that but then say but I understand why some people have heard it differently and to that I'm sensitive to that and we all move on you know and that's it do you think though that when you draw any kind of comparison between AOC and I realize I'm going too hard on airs no you can't I apologize that when you draw a comparison between a Oh see there are large swaths of people who will just simply hear that there's a far left and a far but I mean I don't know Paulus but I'm a guy who but I'm a guy who my hearts very much in the right place and what I'm saying and I believe people can understand theirs they're not the same people and Donald Trump is a bigot and Donald Trump is is to be been reprehensible i mica AOC and I prefaced it is a dynamic young woman with some great ideas but in some of their modes of communication in some of their exploitation of the media and in some of their ability to not hear nuances in other side I can draw parallels and if anybody wants to yell at me in that with this the same way sometimes the me to movement there's a lot of intense stuff you know remember where was Matt Damon got in trouble for saying how Franken and Harvey Weinstein not the same thing now both wrong we have to be grown up to say both were wrong both were harassing but one on the other side was a rapist serial rapist a serial abuser right and you have to be able to grown up to say they're both wrong but they're different and you can't we have to be able to talk to each other that way otherwise we can't you know yes a guy grabbing woman's butt is wrong and you lose your job for it I got it but don't put him in the same bucket as Harvey Weinstein somebody who was entire career was ruining careers and said if you don't do this I'll fire you and has been charged for rape we have to be nuanced enough and respect each other enough to have that discussion and then people saying no you're saying the others not bad no the same way there are different crimes they're all crimes so you know and but yeah million I'll be sensitive if a woman says to me in that yes Dottie but to me it's so extreme that we can't tribute eyes even the the lesser of the offensive and I go I got it I hear you also but then we have this so like it's just a lot of there's so many Gray's in this world and my concern particularly with a lot of young people are sometimes it's interesting maybe very oldest and the very youngest have the least ability to see grace and I'm finally a lot of the Millennials who are so passionate that they you can't look at a gray and the old one doesn't have a developed frontal lobe and the other ones frontal lobe it exactly and the older and grayer I get the more greys I'm able to see and I think you can only solve the blacks and the whites and I don't mean from a racist point of view if you can accept some of the greys that exist that said I don't want to use as an activist I'll just paint myself as the activist right to push the needle forward to move things forward you can't see nuance and I think there is a generation Millennials and and and after that who believed for so long we've seen new ones for so long we've thought about progress as small steps and we are now just seeing it so much of it getting rolled back so quickly by this opposite party who does not believe in nuance even more so than us who doesn't believe in civility even more so than those who are willing to strangle democracy for the purpose of their ideology and to line their pockets and so therefore why should we as Democrats be civil be nuanced when we can just push forward with our beliefs and our ideas you understand your question your question being I'm just ranting okay no the question is basically the question is basely why first why should Democrats why should young people think about nuance think about gray areas when it seems like that has only that is only I'm not saying should live in the gray I think you should understand their grace and I think as young people you want to be as straight as you can I have found in somebody who built a very successful business and now hopefully is building a successful TV career and nobody's more opinionated than me and will put a stake in the sand the same when we get into this AOC Donald Trump comparison we're on it slowly remove her from the no no I'm able to say hey look it's me what you said no I did no I didn't but we can understand that even in these two polar opposite beings good and evil call them what you want that there are some similar traits that they use that make them successful without so we say you said there's a person like so that's a gray and if a young person comes up to me says you put them in the same sentence you're horrible person you're not you know and I don't let's agree can you once I was making about the comparison between the two are those valid points not saying they're the same people not seeing they're both there but I even preface I said one is well-intentioned but that the inability sometimes to see nuance and the ability to sometimes misuse the media I see is similarities I don't diss the audience think but that's really by the way when cycle of joke that I apologize if people you people in listen to a or see more if they buy into what I just said it is I'm actually giving it like it's that's what then makes you more credible and that's why to so many people with Donald Trump just to him out you know a RC is a double-edged sword she's created this big media figure but they're so many in the Democratic Party there's oh this is terrible this is hurting apart because of that verse is saying wow we have a dynamic young person with new ideas let's embrace her it's you end up doing the opposite do you think those in the Democratic Party who are pushing her away though are pushing her away because she how how she exploits media or be how because of how she interacts with lobbyists with big-money donors the boy Elizabeth Warren is running the same I'm not taking big money no it's somebody that has an inability let's think about this for a second New York was New York was on the precipice of bringing in Amazon which was not just bring it I'm gonna talk as a businessperson not just bring in a father not just bringing a company was bringing in an industry for the next hundred years the industry and they talked about with twenty five thousand dollars it was two hundred twenty five thousand jobs because of dry cleaners that got like it this was meant so much to so many people to so many families that to be an ideologue and say oh we can't give tax breaks to wealthy companies is somebody who is not understanding the business of creating jobs and and really creating actually for the people that need them the most so that's that level of tunnel vision and even then when was confronted with certain issues was so that's the inability versus your point is right you know there is something wrong with our system that companies there are trillion dollar companies not paying taxes with it but you don't solve that problem by keeping other people who need jobs from getting jobs and that's the difference of somebody who is the same way Trump's an ideologue to the point where something that gets away of common sense so nobody's gonna tell me that that even if your intention was right and this where I get into the greys her intention was right who can argue what these companies should not be paying more taxes and I'm a capitalist and I'm I'm a progressive they should pay more taxes but in that instance the only way if cities compete with each other and the only way you can get that company is putting tax incentives at the end of the day they're gonna pay for it tenfold that's somebody that there can't see the nuance and that's where I have trouble fair enough and this is the AOC bashing our with Donny it's not about her is that it's the discussion that you're elevating your to versus strident nosov policy versus know what you know and I'm a guy that my entire life is fought for inclusiveness and I'm for a 60 year old white guy you never gonna find anybody more progressive than me but in order to get some of those progressive things done sometimes you have to you be a little bit giving with some of the ideology to get the ideology done which goes back to original discussion of Joe Biden right so it's just fascinating you know it's just do you think Biden can handle a general election yes really do you think you can handle the debate stage right now we'll find out a few days while we write are you excited to watch the debate can't wait can't wait yeah do you think is most likely gonna take the gonna run away with them I don't think is gonna run away because the format leaves it that you basically have six minutes seven minutes that they'll all the other day get to talk about I think people that need to show the human-sized III think you if you get up there and I've said this to the candidates off-camera if you get up there and you just do policy-wonk I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do this even if it's all right it's not gonna vote yeah it's not gonna cut through it's not gonna you you need to people vote for people they like people vote for people they want in their living rooms which is frightening that we even elected ultra but you have to understand that in that form so you can't create a false moment you know we're cory booker where i like a lot did that Spartacus thing it just you know so you can't do one of those but you gotta show you human side how do the candidates feel when you give them Donnie's advice you give them branding advice I love it they were really interesting I do serve in on-air kind of put in it and then we get off-camera and one of them a couple weeks ago texted me can we talk and you know look I know which one it's not important but you know look the DNC brought me in you know to consult with them I I worked on Bill Clinton's campaign is what I do for a living and I'm one of the rare guys that comes from the marketing branding side but I spent the last ten years kind of in the pilot political world so I do bring unique perspective I would listen to me also I know I don't want to use the phrase but when it comes to what's going on at the border right now and it comes to these detention centers and they're apparently filthy six children have died since September no nobody died in them in the ten years that Obama and Bush we're basically running them we now are seeing text messages between ice agents that reveal I'm Horan racism about about the the detainees and they're being held without trial if Trump were to win in 2020 do you foresee or do you worry about worst-case scenarios and that that phrase that we talked about that a ocu's may become apt or maybe rephrase concentration camp oh no may become after maybe comes I don't know I I think there's too many I look it's disgusting what's happening I can't and I'll be happy living in this country if that got to the point where that that happened no I I maybe that's wishful thinking but I think right now there is two is just too many good human beings with their eyes on it and sometimes problems are we're here we got to fix it and I don't think anybody he's gonna get away with not fixing what have you thought about his his end Mike Pence's blaming blaming the Democrats it's absurd we know that I mean it's like it's ridiculous to you know it's it that's what you get into Trump's fake news and that's the hideous side of the other side and you know what astounds me about the Republicans is that what the stupidity of them Trump's gonna be gone at some point here in worst case scenario in six years and so many of these people are gonna be staying with his reputation I don't Trump is this weird critter I'm not cause I don't blame my mean is it's the other guys the Mitch McConnell's and so many of the people and the Lindsey Graham's that know better and just attach themselves and allow it to yes what they want with the accepts well somebody well they're rationalize I I guarantee you behind closed doors and a whiskey McConnell guy you know what my job is to just get another seat or two on the Supreme Court history will none of this will matter that's what will matter but a seat that will be held by someone who has anti LGBTQ believes okay but women look like there's a difference no there's a difference between when you know Donald Trump is lying and turning your other head or saying it these things are not happening the border I can't criticize somebody for having conservative beliefs and wanting the judge to I can't you know I can't but that's why we have elections you know so going back to the listening I don't blame you know Mitch McConnell if he wants to stack the court he's they it's nothing to eat he believes that I think it's ignorant I can think some of the things are evil that's just we see the world different that's like somebody who who does not their religion tells them that a gay lifestyle is wrong I mean it's obscene to me for somebody to say that but I can't tell you you can't but if there's hate involved then that's a different issue but there is hate involved if you're stacking the courts with hateful judges well just by the way nobody said that even the judges they've hired even Gore sitchin and kavanah nobody saying those are hateful judges you know what we have that once again nuance less than the Supreme Court I'm talking about district judges and okay but I'm just we have to be careful that that just because some people are conservative or they want conservative voices on the court you know we can't over it forget the Cavanaugh thing aside from that horrific show that we saw you know this is a guy whose career you know he's a he's a he's been a you know a highly highly revered judge doesn't mean you agree with his judgment calls I mean that's why we have judges that's why we have courts that's what we have you know it doesn't make him evil okay and even somebody that is um you know not as so much is simple ignorant you talk about it's interesting um my we live in New York City and in one of my daughter's schools there's that there's a trans trial to them it's not it's nothing it's like it's just it doesn't matter like they just like they saw Obama they didn't see me as a black president this term as a present but then you go to some areas where there doesn't exist and when there's ignorance there's fear and there's misunderstanding so you can't accept it and you can't in any way normalize it but in order to defeat it understand it's coming from ignorance and let's solve the ignorance because to somebody that's never met an LGBTQ person and that somebody has grown up with certain police have been told certain things you know the greatest piece of advertising ever and I would I would challenge every to go find that online Heineken did a series of commercials where they got two people together to build a bar okay it was like they will along five-minute forms and you you knew this is the viewer that one of the person let's say was and it was a you know as a trans person and the other person was a trans hater you know he'd been you know they're neither knew who the other was they were only assignment was you have two hours to build this bar at the end of the commercial the moderator comes in and says hey Joe did you know that you know Luis is transgender and did you know that Joe you know doesn't light and they both stare each other and the monitor says you guys like to have a beer together and they both said yeah and that's a perfect that was just such a beautiful display of how so much of hate and is simple ignorant I guarantee that person who was anti had just not met somebody and they were afraid and ignorant and it's not the way it's supposed to be because it's not something I saw now they spent two hours working with just another great human and they were not defined by that label and I promise you that person from that day on looked at it very differently I think a couple questions from the audience let's get one question here Hey hello thank you so much so you're not running for president no bite run for mayor maybe at you've mentioned you've had two careers this is not new but your current career and you're in politics you're in political journalism do you what do you see is the biggest difference has your life changed did you have to make any sacrifices because as we're saying you'll get tweets about everything now so what's the difference it's all it's honest it's being empathetic and understanding people and and being able to listen and understand look creating great ad was about first understanding the client what their tolerance for risk was and what's gonna be right what what is the right representation for their company understanding the buyers out there the the the buyers in the world we're gonna what's gonna turn them on when finding that sweet spot between the two and it's the same thing as I sit here and I talk to you Ricky I want to stimulate thought I'm I have to be authentic everything I say is real and even if you're saying well maybe I'm walking up to the line here I mean if you know where you're coming from the right place and that even in this tweet world you then have the explanation well no here's where I can live with that and you know we have to be able to talk and listen to each other and I think that the Trump a or C thing was a fantastic exchange and I think it demonstrates that you know again I don't know I love but but that's it it's like that's the perfect example dug-in where I can't say something and a president who we all dislike and loathe and a young person who's got a lot great but I think it's making certain mistakes and certain that I see the president making I can draw those lines without being oh my god dropping I don't see the same person no horse so that but but that's where we are as a society right now that we're taking these little nuggets and we're so dug in but I think you feed those nuggets especially when you when you when you make those comparisons even if it's like a valid comparison about a small thing and you should be allowed to do it you should do and you probably why I think it's the opposite sustained my criticism but you feed it to those on the GOP who are looking for a reason to criticize her well if anything if anything it's the opposite I shut the GOP up a little bit and I say you know what this person who you are your hair's on fire about guess what your main dude there's someone that were playing from the same playbook and to the people on the Democratic side who are shunning her because she's this crazy crazy socialist I just compared it to the president so in a weird way haven't I brought both sides maybe a little bit closer it's a possibility it's a possibility and that's the job that you're trying to do right we're trying to by 90% of people 99 some people good and I believe that 90% of us kind of live in the same place I've told this story told on my show in the air that I had um perfect example of nuance this isn't this is one of the best things that's happened to me since I've been doing politics I said on the air that if you vote for Trump you got to own everything including ripping babies for people's arms just like the Nazis did I didn't say you're not seem and then somebody on Fox and you said Donnie said if you vote for Trump you're announcing it's clean I'd say so on my I guess they're getting all the hate on my you know direct mail and I get from I notice from one a guy who was a veteran says call me a Nazi he uses the the P word a very derogatory P word and then I again call me a Nazi and I looked at it I said this guy this guy's a war hero I see he's got three kids he's a family like a I something right I wrote him and I said I have to tell you I'm heartbroken that I could have you're a hero you're a great American and I stand you know you are you did the ultimate sacrifice and the fact that I could have offended you makes me so sad here's where I actually really said and I wish you nothing but the best 10 an hour lady writes come back he goes I'm just blown away I can't believe you just did that well media people within three texts will call each other brother and friend one of the most beautiful things that ever happened to me here I said something that I was making a point than the media twisted this enemies arch enemies whereas I realized by looking at his Instagram this was not some crazy wack nut sitting in the basement you know this was a guy who just heard that and rightfully got offended and I looked at him I said this is a dad this is a guy I saw myself at him I go this is this isn't right and so yeah I you know as much as we can kind of break we got to break these walls down because I believe right now that if I walked into a bar in Mississippi and people you perceive that ninety percent Donny Dorian she left you know nutjob New York City wealthy jerky guy that if I took a lot of projection on your back was sitting down with them and by the way there'll be a 20 percent fringe or a ten percent but the majority particularly when you start as parents I found if you talk to somebody either way to deconstruct somebody immediately is go your kids yeah I got a 16 I got a 40 over what I've immediately established our core what really drives is the same the end of the day if you're a decent you mean your kids are gonna come first and that's where you can so even though he might be somebody who was a super right winger and I might be liberal I've immediately said you know all we really look at the world so differently we want to makes things are better for our kids or make sure they're safe we probably if we're good parents hate you know bullying and so then you know yeah yeah and then I can cut some door opening to say and then I'll say I can't why you voted for Trump I don't say you're an asshole for voting for Trump I I get why you did a lot of my friends did I didn't but I think we had a bad candidate and maybe it figure they're pros but we at least give me he's a bully you know because how do you handle your kids when they come home so you started by establishing a commonality a rapport not invalidating them and then you tee up based on the kid thing how do you I don't know how to do it even if you've heard of a Trump how do you come home and explain to your kids when the same day you would punish them for being a bully and that's the dialogue do you worry or do you think that one side not to break it down into divisions or sides exacerbates this cultural division and and culture war that we find herself I do think it's infinitely more on the right I'm not going to do that there is but there's extreme on both sides but I do think the lack of civility ironically comes from the other side dramatically and you know once again this is a guy who's on on the blue team so that's the way I see it but if I I do look if you there is a anger and I don't I find hate a lot more hate coming from the other side I don't find I find some equal levels of intolerance on both sides but I find a lot more hate on the other side absolutely Donnie it's been a pleasure talking thank you so much for being here yeah we really got in late Saturday night politics is on Saturday night at MSNBC John George everybody [Applause] you


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