Dr. David Zarkowsky on Collaboration within the Medical Group

[♪♪♪] Hi, my name is Dave Zarkowsky,
I’m an internal medicine hospitalist with the Mid-Atlantic
Permanente Medical Group. A hospitalist is a general internal
medicine physician who works exclusively
in the inpatient environment. So we are only in hospitals and we get to see people
when they need that level of care. What I think is very special
is our ability to integrate across multiple platforms. So between me and the hospital
and primary care doctors and pulmonologists
and cardiologists and the clinics. I think medicine is getting
more and more complex, we know more and more every year and it’s exciting,
but it’s hard to navigate all the different specialists
that are going to be involved. What I feel like I can do for my patients
is when I’m going to discharge them, I can say, “hey,
we’ve already got an appointment with your primary care
for later this week, I’ve already told your cardiologist
about the change in your condition, I’ve messaged your pulmonologist and they’re on board
with all the changes we’ve made too, and here your appointments
to go see them next week. And by the way, I’ve already arranged for your medicines
to be sent to your house, and your physical therapist
will see you next week”. So, the fact that I can go up as we’re
saying goodbye and send them home with all those things in their pocket, it’s something that I’ve never
seen anywhere else. The culture of the Group is phenomenal. It’s built this culture of collaboration
and being easy to reach out to people, leveraging technology to get in touch
with other specialists and other doctors on a day to day basis,
from moment to moment. While I’m in the hospital,
I’m able to get consults not only from people within the building, but people all across our region, and even at times across the country
when we need certain specialists. So, being able to reach out
to people and comfortably do so without feeling like you’re
inconveniencing someone, it’s nice and you get patients
better care and quicker consults and very important opinions
very quickly. [♪♪♪]

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