Dr. Kunal Kothari on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer

[♪♪♪] My name is Kunal Kothari. I am a Radiologist, work for the Mid-Atlantic
Permanente Medical Group. I started in 2017 and I focus
on women’s imaging specifically, the diagnosis and
treatment of breast cancer. Our new initiative
that came out this year was to have all of our reports
be done in 30 minutes. So patients can come in and have a report
in their hands within 30 minutes and know whether or not they need further
testing or that everything is clear. I think that’s very valuable
for the patients in that it decreases anxiety, gives them some satisfaction
in knowing what’s happening, and really puts the power in their hand because they have to report
available to them almost immediately. We’re able to dynamically do a diagnostic
workup that very same day, including biopsies, and we’ll have the results
within a day or two in conjunction
with our pathology colleagues and oftentimes, we are then able
to get them seen if there is cancer. Seen by our multidisciplinary
clinic within a couple of days. So they’ve gone from screening
to treatment within a couple of days and I think that sort of dynamic response is very unique to us
in this medical group. Earlier treatment leads
to better results, better cure rates, and that really is doing
the best for the patients. In our breast cancer clinic, which is
one of our multidisciplinary teams, we work hand-in-hand with surgeons,
plastic surgeons, geneticists, radiation oncologists, and oncologists and we come up with a comprehensive
plan to treat the patients and it gives us the opportunity to discuss
some of the nuances of the patient in a collaborative setting. I think it’s very critical
because we can really exhaust all possibilities
of treatment for the patient and provide a really refined
treatment program for the patient that everyone is on board with. [♪♪♪]

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