Dular Darha – Award Winning Santali Short Film in Samvaad 2017 Community Film Catagory

(Traditional folk song) Hey you crazy driver hell with you.
You blind or what…Stop there. Stop Wow. What a girl man! She is so damn alluring Hello brother how are you? Is everything fine?
I am Rajesh, recognize me? And me Rimil, remember? I had helped you when your auto ran out of fuel at Palabani, remember? OK No issue if you’ve forgotten. I’m a very useful person.
Take my number 8763229248. Last number is 48.
And my number is 7682887530. Last number is 30 remeber it. OK then. Very beautiful, very nice, Johar, jinda baad.
Tata bye bye. Hey listen. What happened?
Look there. Is she a teacher? She is in our college uniform. She may have come to complain against us. First run from here. What happened buddy? Why are you sulking? That girl, she is very pretty. Which girl? That girl at the gate! What about her? What so special?
I don’t know. Alright. We talk to her tomorrow. Tomorrow? Then when will you talk?
After her marriage? He is useless.
OK then. Have you both done your assignment or not?
It’s done and not done. What do you mean?
Means partially. You both never do work on time and get troubled later. We are scared of anyone as you.
Ha ha ha… Look at those boys, they’re looking at you.
They want to talk to you. Go talk to her. Hi! Hi. Hey listen. What? Want to tease me again like that day? No. That’s not my intention. My name is Adan. My name is Sarna.
Sarna Soren Adan? Adan what? Adan
Everyone calls me Adan. Hmm… Sorry Sarna. Sorry? Sorry? I am sorry for that day annoyance. Oh. I didn’t mind that. I knew you guys were doing it for fun. But there was no any intentions. Hmmm… Friends? OK. Friends. Hey, listen

00:06:52,238 –>00:06:53,775
Can I get your number, please? (Voice over)
He is asking for her number. You are not so close friend, yet! Yeah Take this. Wipe it off. (Voice Over)
What’s she giving? What’s that? (indiscriminate laughing) Hey take this you useless fellow
(Laughing) You know, these days Adan’s phone is always busy. Oh is it? What are you busy with?
You might have charmed that new girl. Nothing like that. Her name is Sarna. Oh really? How did you get her number? I used my talent. She gave me number in her own. You’re very talented.
So great. Hi!
Hi! You are so busy in chatting these days. You have have exchanged number with Adan. Why not. If you would have been there
you too would have got my number. Really? What did he do?
Hey get away from here. What did he do? One day… Give me your number now. An’t we good friend? Please. You want my number? Take this. Number 6 Please give me.
Please. No. Give me once. I won’t call you or message you.
I won’t bother you.
00:09:21,090 –>00:09:23, 216
Only when you permit I’ll call and message you. No. My mother said not to give number to any boys. Oh you are that type.. Am like other boys? Hell, no way. I mean
I am a good boy A lovely friend. Oh really? Will you give it or not? (Laughing) Kneeling on knees and begging for number.
You’re really talented. Wow what a beautiful place. Hello. Anybody at home? Hello Anyone there? Hello Nobody is at home. Sarna Adan Adan Adan Well, why are we here? Tell me I love you Sarna I love you very much. You are very calculative. You didn’t even give me a rose. You tricked me with this chocolate. Hello Say Where are you? I came for shopping OK. Come we will go somewhere. I can’t come now. Come for a while. No I am going home. How much is this? Ten rupees Ten rupees? Oh. And how much is this one? Tweenty rupees Tweenty rupees? OK And how much is this one? This is gold nose ring, you silly. For this you brought me here? Oh sorry babu sorry. Sorry Hello Yes maa Yes I am coming home. I am in the library now. I coming home now. Hey I got to go now. Hey where are you going? Tell me where?
Keep staring like an owl. Let me go now. Hey listen. Wait. Aunty you’re not going to bazaar? Not been to bazaar in awhile. I am just returning from the bazaar.
No one else is there to take care of things that’s why Aunty if you don’t mind, shall I tell you something? Tell me I won’t mind. I saw Saarna roaming around with a boy. (over the phone)
Oh really remembering me? Hmm No I am remembering you.
Who said I remembering you? I am keeping the phone now. OK? Battery has ran out. You lying. Why ain’t you not coming to college? (Over the phone)
Is somebody around? Mother is watching I am keeping the phone now. Love you. Bye
Love you. What happened to your phone? Why its running out of charge? Phone is alright maa. Oh? If you want to say something, say it straight I see you are too busy talking over phone. What do you want to say? Poma saw you yesterday in the bazaar You were with a boy on a bike. What’s all this you doing? For that you going to college? He is a college friend. Its fine if he is only a college friend Otherwise it will be very bad for you, remember that. What happened? Why you look so upset? My mother got to know about us. It’s a good news. I didn’t hope for that. What shall we do now? Shall I inform my parent about us.? No way. My parent would kill me. Then what shall we do? We will run away from home. What? Run away? What will we do after that? How will we survive outside? I don’t know about that. I just want to go far away.
Take me away from here. Please. What are you thinking?
Don’t you love me? I can’t live like this. I will die Don’t cry. We will run away I will do as you say. Maa and baba may have gone to the market. You sit I will get you water. Sarna Your home is very beautiful Why not it’s my home after all.(Screaming)
Ayo Baba This can’t happen No(Screaming)
Adan see this.
What happened here? Who did this to their photo? Don’t cry Sarna Don’t cry Dai What has happened? Why you came back? For what? Tell me? He became so dear to you You forgot your parent’s love and affection You must be very happy with your life. In this whole world you couldn’t find any other except this boy? Why are you crying now After commiting such sin how can you cry? You have killed your parent No. Dai

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