Earth is Flat! – 100% PROOF!! AMAZING!! (Flat Earth Comedy)

Hey everyone Rich Ferguson here and I cannot believe that people are still arguing if the earth is flat or round our people this Stupid really of course the earth is flat today I’m going to prove it to you and be sure to share this with all your friends so you can prove how smart you are – let’s do this Here’s proof right here Hello Maps they’re flat. Don’t be stupid. Now, you’re gonna see what about globes. Well globes were created by the education system So kids can all stand around the outside and look at the map at the same time It’s simple people don’t be stupid and this is proof enough. Have you ever poured water on a ball? It doesn’t stay on Does it behold the Flat Earth and when you pour water on it? Guess what it stays? If you’re this plat, why does it water fall off the side because of mountains dumbass now, let’s talk about the tides But first the moon is flat – they say you can’t see the back of the moon. That’s because It’s a plate – full moon partial moon Hello Obvious the moon is not pulling our tide back and forth because all over the world water is splashing The moon’s only in one location if you put water on a plate It splashes back and forth Hello tides and other planets are flat – this is not the shadow of the moon or earth if it was then why do we still see the Ring hello. Well, what about the Sun? Is it round – Nobody knows because you can’t look at the Sun. It’ll burn your eyes out stupid Here’s more proof clouds see sprinkle clouds on a ball they fall off. Duh put clouds on a disk and They stay people really need to learn some IQs speaking of clouds You ever notice how rainbows are always curved or circular? That’s because your eyes are balls not because the earth is a ball gosh. People are so stupid you see it’s simple when you think planes fly around The country they don’t fly Around a ball because planes fly straight they would fly right off into space It’s geometry people Simple still don’t believe me well maybe you’ll believe physicists because there’s a smartest people on the planet and they say the quickest way to get to those two points is to Bend it together through space and time and then wallah those two points meet Hello can’t do that with a ball kanya now Here’s something you see all the time, but you’ve probably never even thought about it train tracks They have to be flat by design yet. They go all across our country if they weren’t straight trains would fall off It’s very simple. It’s called Observation you’re telling me we have a ball that has time zones And if you travel fast enough, you’ll go forward or backwards in time That’s ridiculous ever seen a clock or maybe a wall clock. Hello It’s flat and there’s time zones even my two-year-old child understands this so when you’re on a flat earth And you’re traveling around you go through the different time zone very simple, but this 24 hours dummy Military time. Hello, if the earth was evolving, why can you be on a beach and see islands? That would be out of sight the earth is obviously flat then why can’t you see Hawaii from California because it’s so far away There’s clouds and stuff in the air debris particles. You can’t see through all that stuff You ever been in clear water and you can see really far but you can’t when the water is murky. Hello common sense, so we’re flying through space at 67,000 miles an hour and you’re telling me if we’re a ball that’s spinning we would survive that kind of wind have you ever put your hand outside of the window at 100 miles an hour the people in the front we’d be blown off and The people in the back would be turned around like a washing machine It’s called aerodynamics people. So simple Shh ever tossed a ball or a frisbee, which flies better Yeah frisbee, and don’t even get me started on gravity You’re telling me that there’s people walking on the top of the earth That drop stuff that goes down and people on the other side that drop stuff and it goes up that makes no sense whatsoever You can’t break the laws of physics. So there you have it proof that the earth is flat So if you have a brain share this with all your friends to prove that you not stupid Jesus


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