Edinburg schools on National Honor Roll

*BREAK *) *Brenda* TEN EDINBURG CONSOLIDATED INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT CAMPUSES RECENTLY RECOGNIZED AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE… THE DISTRICT MADE THE 2012019 NATIONAL HONOR ROLL WHICH RECOGNIZES SCHOOLS FOR OUTSTANDING STUDENT OUTCOMES AND ACHIEVEMENT ON GACLOSING 0:00:24 ” Well it’s always work in progress we have challenges with our student population but our teachers and our administrators are doing a tremendous job through our cirriculum through the training that we provide for our teachers. We are trying to reach out to as many kids as possible so that they can be academically successful regardless of their background, regardless of where they are. SOME OF THE SCHOOLS AMONGST THE TEN NATIONAL HONOR ROLL ARE CANTERBURY, CAVAZOS, JEFFERSON, AND SAN CARLOS… ALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS.

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