Faith in Humanity (dafuqmomentz)

Yeah!? With who am I speaking? With tambourist, donuts! Okay there, listen! We can provide you anything you want! Anything you need! Car. Helicopter. Money. Chance to escape… Boo… boo… b… What to pack on this? No, unpack this! Just give me faith in humanity. w h a t Give me! The goat then! Faith in humanity! What is it you can’t understand!? WHY TO PACK DID YOU BREAK INTO BANK FOR THAT? If you won’t give me the shift in ten seconds, I will start kicking host and germs one by one… Okay okay, but what should I do? Tell me something what happened, so I won’t wish to pack and tie, and grab everyone with me! Just let me think… um… hold on… You sure it’s good? Alright… Luis Fonsi release Despacito 2! *boom*


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