what's up YouTube it is Monday morning June 17 2009 teen I'm in Calgary Alberta Canada Monday morning when all the slaves are going to their slave jobs I'm just getting set up here it is about quarter after 7:00 a.m. I'm expecting this street to get pretty busy because it's the downtown it's just up ahead over that hill you can't quite see it I'm gonna go over to my truck and grab my side me you guys know the sign good old side so I'm by myself today so give you a shot Maxie I'm gonna have to hold the camera and this so basically you guys are the sign you guys are the son and we'll see what happens maybe we'll get arrested I hope so maybe we'll get beat up I would be exciting I'll probably just let it run until the battery dies my phone's battery doesn't seem to last all that long you you guys are the sign this is the south Southwest and turns into downtown last time I was at the northeast entrance I grew up in this city I grew up in the Northeast the Northeast is more of a blue-collar area Southwest is more of a white-collar area [Applause] you I don't know if I like those signs that far in I'm gonna have to move them out of there get them a little closer that's better I see clothes yeah I like that and see the traffic slowly starting to pick up like I said I'm probably only about a three minute drive did and this is a very busy road into downtown [Applause] keep my eyes peeled for cops so I can point them out put it right on them a bunch of useless pit I couldn't sleep last night only got like two hours of sleep Ida prime my eyes open this morning with a couple crowbars where are boys you guys hear about this look into it yeah they're getting destroyed right now NASA NASA just YouTube NASA caught faking space dude you'll see it they're using harness is there an underwater pools bubbles coming out of their helmets when they're supposed to be on live spacewalks and it's a government fraud scam when the people grow 100% I wouldn't be here if I wasn't sure check it out [Applause] a couple guys walking by I thought it was kind of funny at first but they left with a little bit more serious of a look on their face you know what I've learned is the truth isn't for everybody there's a lot of followers out there and until they see enough monkeys jumping from the tree the ink and a jump because they're a bunch of pussies a bunch of cowards but that's what this society breeds drones zombie drones or Borg hahahahaha all will be assimilated resistance is futile yeah you wonder where they came up with the Borg just look around first talk of the day see if we can get a couple more sorry about the shakiness the traffic is causing some wind mornin brother you heard about this just like I thought traffic's picking up like I said a lot of these are the white-collar people they work the nine till five they don't have to be at work at six or seven like the blue-collar slaves do do like I have my whole life morning brother the wind is actually blowing my side yeah that's right you're all a bunch of slaves who's a nice Aston Martin here we go [Applause] mm-hmm morning sir feel like a slave I know I do you smile i thinkI agreed well we got a break in the traffic really not much to look at here and uh Calgary except that you can see the mountains 80 miles away clear as day from the base to the top that's interesting how come they're not rolling back away from us over the curve comes another wave of traffic yeah [Applause] well that's heard a zombie's is causing a lot of wind you have to go fix my other side once this section of the herd is passed Red's raise who [Applause] a lot of people a lot of people a lot of slaves there we go so ii woke people so far I'll tell you the blue-collar side of towns looking a lot more promising hahaha there's a chance that it's going to get busy enough that it's going to back right up beside me and I can start yelling at these people maybe would a zombie mind Slayer here comes another section of the zombie herd there's another wave when the thumbs up so we got three [Applause] lots of looks of intrigue a couple laughs but I ain't smiling I'll tell you that much no this is not a joke it's a cop yeah do your job asshole godo – my boys Mikey Smith ladders Walker back what up I got a noose up the other day she's been making me laugh Shawna what's up if you're watching this [Applause] thanks for the comments on the videos to all who watch gives me some motivation to come back out again that's for sure because these zombie sure ain't we could up the zombies how's the Sun looking back there hit the bus up what's up Hey now to give everybody a chance to think I guess right you have been warned zombies run another copper I see tell me what is know that's a lot of zombies this is a thick section of the herd you have been warned [Applause] I want to complain about taxes he had overworked and underpaid here's your answer red like stop greenlight zombies surprised there hasn't been more cops although these days they do roll in unmarked vehicles on a lot laugh now cry later buddy guy was laughing here's a thumbs up what's at number four I like how that went a laugh and then a honker 8 outfit shows how divided we are as a people that's for sure divide and conquer oldest playbook in the book of war I'm sorry oldest play in the book of war I can't help but think that man if there was someone with a sign on every tenth block in every direction what a difference that would make people would start saying what are all these people seeing maybe I should look into it so if you know the truth it is your duty to spread it don't be scared becomes another zombie wave unleash the Kraken morning have you heard about this check it out she hadn't heard warning brother by across the streets looking you know I prefer this approach personal rather than just trying to interview a person at a time because while two reasons really then I'm only doing one person at a time for one the other reason is because I just don't have the patience I'm liable let's just start throwing punches to be honest so props to those people out there like Dell and John Smith blow grind and authentic intent you have the patience to have a conversation with a brain-dead mindless zombie slave I cringe just listening to those videos now that's a lot of people probably 50 60 vehicles just what the camera can see very few people are going by and not looking it just seems to be the ones that are trying to keep an eye on traffic so they don't crash go to food but for the most part a lot of people looking thanks for tuning in those who have thanks for the support probably noticed I'm not monetized and I never will be I don't hate on those who are for me one true should be free just like us we should be free and the other has the ads that go on the channels are for elite rich companies but I don't want their message to be heard on my channel those are my reasons but I have no ill will towards those who monetize their channels because you know what this costs us money to go boss us time making signs waking up early before the zombie slaves [Applause] well that guy was right into it that's 500 people in the south side northside still winner I know it's not all that exciting watching cars go by it's better when I have someone with me you can film I wasn't able to get anyone with me this time maybe next time I've been keeping an eye on the people who've sub to my channel and I'm pretty sure at least one or two agents Smiths have sub to my channel you see me Agent Smith well I see you I hope you see this we're on the wrong team there's another one number six South Side's catching up lots of looks the audience smile you know I haven't got a finger I haven't got a finger in Calgary maybe I'll get my first finger today or as Mikey calls it your number one thank you mister noticing well like I said I'm just gonna let it run till the until the battery dies I don't know it's not showing whatever 12 you getting close still lots of zombies rolling past so may as well keep it rolling here comes a cop yeah asshole surprise there's only been two cops rolling by I guess that's because we're in the south side yeah there's another wave number six a number six I think the south side is pretty much caught up to the north side ain't great about here's where I end in the last video much love to all you guys out there you are the sign I don't know if you can see that or not I assume you can beautiful day a little bit hazy said it's going to be 26 degrees Celsius here today Calgary Alberta Canada that's a lot and I got him right here but saying that they're right here take up I don't know if you can see that building in the Far background poking up there we're downtown just a little to the left right there you can see the top of the building come we're not that far away low battery 20% all right here we go I wouldn't mind getting another section of the herd at least there we go release the Kraken have you heard about this look into it it's true right glad you know [Applause] hahaha she says it's true and that gives me the thumbs up I guess that counts in 7a we'll get some people on the other side of the herd you zombies are going the wrong way we're trying to break off and do their own thing this guy's looking back what's that other side soon yeah got blown around a bit buddy that guy in that blue car going the other way he's really looking good better YouTube it tonight here for zombie-ism right here we're gonna fix this sign that's better read em and weep boys I'm just guessing but there has to have been a couple thousand people gone by us right now over a thousand for sure especially because a lot of these cars have to three people my battery's probably gonna run out soon so thanks again for tuning in god bless you guys stay woke on this flat earth created by God covered by a dome firmament well how do you know that because we live in pressure which needs containment so does water thus for we're contained and because the Bible said it's there and I believe God you might get another zombie wave here before it does think I'm gonna angle a little more this time from the other side can see too nice was that a of the woke here I count eight hurry up your zombies don't be late there you go and a shot of apocalyptic poetry try to spit the apocalyptic rhymes cuz these are the end times well we may get one more round here I'm assuming this phone's gonna die right away because it's just not that's enough a very good battery I think it's like an iPhone 4s with the original battery so I get like maybe maybe an hourish all right here we go release the zombies right brains I told you they're right here right here kid probably about 20 after a dish quarter after 8:00 a.m. Monday morning June 17 2000 feet like a slave on Monday hey you cuppa do your job asshole who's lucky is in the flower lane that guy across the streets giving me the thumbs up man that's nine Southside killed it and after it the Northwest next time see how they're doing up there Wow all three of those guys in that truck we're giving me the thumbs up that's a woke truck so does that count is 10 or 13 I will count it as 10 I guess nice to see the well it's still rolling but I don't give it much longer once again I love you all my truther family my real family's pretty much disowned me because they're a bunch of zombies they don't like brains we're on a diet afraid of no brains they just like straight lies morning brother you seen this before said yeah and he wasn't luck whoo another big section of herd kicking up the wind it's amazing how the spin of the earth doesn't keep all the atmosphere spinning with it like they say it does ha ha ha morning brother yeah do you ever feel like a slave YouTube it bro it's coming out hardcore right now he had a NASA hat on so her to break your heart brother mine was broken – you believe me I was a NASA fanboy you broke my heart NASA you broke my heart now I'm coming for you NASA all this bus probably gonna rip this side right now I wasn't as bad as I thought this will probably be the last section I heard we're gonna get to focus thanks again for tuning in if he made it this far you must be passionate about the truth get out because I know watching a bunch of cars drive by isn't the most entertaining thing but when you know that they're getting hit with the truth helps a little bit I guess just think of all the people that's a lot of people it's thinking about getting a billboard but we're talking a lot of money like five thousand ten thousand dollars some of the spaces it's like three grand a month just to rent the place not even to make the sign for a month three grand I paid sixty bucks for this sign I'm out here standing here on my own time hey anybody anything I like that deal better motorbike guy was shaking his head man how do you balance on that thing with the earth spinning at a thousand miles an hour right now and you're traveling north good luck with that trying to give these people all the look of disgust this ain't a joke yeah I'm at 3% battery so once this line of cars goes by here I'm going to shut her down nice car for that 60 all right thanks for tuning in guys much love and respect blah blah god bless


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