Flat Earth – This Is How We Know Something Is Not Right With The Flat Model

People are betting that Everywhere, it’s the same 9.8 meters per second per second everybody feels so we’re all the same distance away from the center and that Anything that falls goes 90 degrees straight down, so it’s as easy to prove a non-spherical Or a flat earth by simply finding one spot on the planet where the acceleration is not 9.8. Meters per second per second about and where things don’t fall at 90 degrees and you win There it is so exciting God doesn’t come right out and say or tell us what the shape of the earth is in the Bible. He’s left clues it’s a puzzle the jigsaw puzzle and some people try to ignore you know some of the pieces and all the try and fit pieces and the real footing but You know if you’re a true true seeker you want to pull all the pieces together Everybody knows the famous isaiah 40:22 verse Which says he sits upon the circle of the earth it uses the same Hebrew word as as proverbs 827 this thing exactly same Hebrew worse if you cannot accept Wally’s circle you definitely to accept the other is circle Although the King James translators used a different English word the actual Hebrew words can see from the Strong’s Concordance is the same, it’s hug But I don’t think anybody has a problem with that How we are dhaka nated in the actual society And how the subconscious program from being a youngster coming into the world has an impact on our lives later on as we? grow older And we start to have our own revelation of what reality really is So we were told at school when we were taught in the sex education and everything like that and we’re talking about commercials and how actual commercials are done by the actual industries, and we were told back then that as a Youngster. We were indoctrinated to believe that sex sells now we were told right there, and then we were shown on the tvs That there was those famous glamour models or the UM The male model or whatever whatever it is back then and shit. They actually try to teach you that sex sells is What was? Implanted in your subconscious, so now we have a look into the modern-day reality that we advanced right through into the future now We’ve growing up. We’re old except 2 etc and you look around and You find out that sex sells still But you’re looking at the indoctrination terms of looking at that hot Glamorous woman about to jump into that Ferrari car to sell that Ferrari car now in reality There is no need for that glamorous woman She’s only there to say sex But what they’re doing now if you look at the number plates on individual adverts etc like that for an example There’s a I’m a new advert I think it was for Honda or Mazda that the car on itself on the number plate on the advert itself is CX so you’re looking at sex so what they’re doing is they’re if they’ve been dominated our brain and our subconscious to Link the two together sex sells so now what they want to sell they write the word sex on they don’t show the actual manifestation of the sex from the woman or the man, that’s good-looking and shit like that, but they’re actually putting down the subliminals right down to go back to the core programming of what we were when we were youngsters and Example is for example. We know that Everything for Disney has sex in it We’ve seen the subliminal messages of sex written in the tangled and everything like that although all the movies that have come out now Why is it everyone really believes that for us to repopulate and to sell sex? but it’s not the whole point behind it is for them to sell their product because sex sells just like you have I’m the indoctrination of the the photos of the Earth from Apollo 11 and etc etc etc and you look at the cgi images And they’re spotted in the clouds Sex why would they write sex on the image like that people think it’s a mockery in a joke it’s not it’s because our Subconscious reality of our brains have actually well our consciousness energy has been programmed to link them two together So if you look at the image, and it’s already got sex written on it, then therefore sex sells So you’re sold in the information you’re indoctrinated to the understanding of what you were when you were a youngster in the old in your Reality now where you are older? You are going straight back to that core programming And it’s instantly going right through to your conscious mind from your subconscious from the core programming And that’s the reason and that’s the only reason that the word sex is showing up on everything Because they have indicated you in your own teachings and your own armor the reality belief that sex sells The people that think a circle means a sphere or a ball or a globe I mean Bible never ever describes the earth as such They never says it’s moving or rotating spinning flying through space The important point about that verse is he sits upon the circle of the earth And sees the inhabitants as grasshoppers, so where is it cause NASA don’t seem to the founder? You know if you’ve got this idea that he’s all the way across the universe billions of light-years away across galaxy after galaxy But he can still sit upon the circle of the earth and see the inhabitants as grasshoppers It doesn’t make sense what does make sense is the biblical description of the three heavens? Where you know God’s in his throne in the third heaven? And he can quite easily lock on to heaven and sea to the ends of the earth It makes sense all scripture makes sense when you get rid of the modern cosmology the Copernican heliocentrism a right way Genesis one Sun Moon and stars are created on the same day And again, that’s in direct contradiction with what modern sciences and tells us So are you going to say you know you’re going to take the Bible is truth Are you going to say you know modern man knows better than God? You Abandoned gold mine in Tennessee folks Because of all the gold miners that I’ve ever pictured in my mind from Tennessee which not that many very few until I just said gold miners from Tennessee, and they abandon this because They were just too tired after building this to dig for gold it was they’re like yeah Do you know how hard it would be to get those steps out like that that means that they’re in probably You know equal amount and then built around it that’s pretty good Who knows how deep this goes you know? I’m sure didn’t have to crawl into it when it was built but Yeah That’s more proof of You know the people that built the pyramids the roads the effigy mounds the what they call the you know the Slave rock walls all over New England the quarter of a million miles You know and things like this If it would have been closer to somewhere in the Revolutionary War They would have knocked these steps down Painted this thing white and it declared it That they built it for a memorial to some will fill in the blank and write a Resume for him later, and we’ll just say he was in general If you know about DNA When you still believe in evolution while you’re holding two contradictory concepts that nobody would ever say a book or that itself And DNA is the very complex code for all life I Mean really saying the code doesn’t have a coda And back to our people to call Flat Earth puzzle We’ve got the two circle verses But we’ve also got two verses that tell us the earth has four corners, and God doesn’t use throwaway vs. Throwaway phrases like mending. You can’t make them figurative Otherwise one can make circle forgotten, but they could say what God really meant to say was, but let’s reading the Bible Gnostic way I’ll take the words exactly as they are now many Understandably put the square outside of the circle. They’ll include all four verses and say, okay, well you know there We are but you can’t leave it there Because now you’ve got a problem with proverbs 827 and now you’ve got God describing a square on the face of the deep And also, there’s no way to gather people from the four corners if the circumference of the circle is the barrier at the edge it? Doesn’t solve all the pieces of the puzzle. It’s a bad fit. It’s fitting of around a round hole around peg into a square hole He means what he says you can’t call it for something else and please don’t say circles have cause Then they all are no Ferguson picture that we get all the time with with the four angels ton of the collars It’s the same thing we’re lonely that if you’ve got the sort of the moon on on wires It’s a livin if I earth No if you want to if you want to solve the puzzle properly and make sure all the pieces fit perfectly together We need to take the square and put it inside the circle no matter what other questions that raises The scripture has to be correct. It’s There’s the benchmark there’s the foundation and Now this much is all of Scripture now God can look down a sin upon the circle of the earth amusing inscribed a circle on The face of the depth, and he’s got four corners to the earth where people can be gathered from and where angels can stand And it’s not the only scripture, I mean all buildings that God commands to be built are always Foursquare there was four sided Corners they they always face the four directions the four cardinal directions north south east west he never he never Instructs that anybody to build a circular building with the dome. There’s never happened I Mean it’s not you know Derek proof, but he’s it would be inconsistent Take Ecclesiastes 1:5 in Psalm 19 four to six that give us a picture not of a Sun circle around around That’s not what the language says at all He says he rises in one part of heaven and you know sets in another and it hastens back to where it rose That’s not circling around around otherwise it will just say this onward circling around around every day It’s describing this as describing the Sun going across the earth and giving light and dark where it’s not And it’s a continuous circuit But it’s not just Scripture there are plenty of observable proofs approved the circle model is is a wrong model of Flat Earth There’s no way for the model to produce the daylight hours That are are real to be millions of people live in these southern cities We can show examples of that with animations to show how it’s how it’s impossible to you know for it to reflect reality You said they he set the songs reach, so we can’t reach Antarctica once It’s just giving the Arctic 24-hour light as we know it doesn’t the June summer Then we look at what the reaches we look at how many daylight hours. Is that son give it and up north It’s giving you know plenty. It’s given. You know 12 for 12 to 14 But down south then you can pause it anywhere, and you can see that along those latitudes where the cities are It’s only given five or six hours a day like that It’s going dark again, but they receive 10 hours of daylight on June 21st a lot more this model can give the reality a Model what’s much reality? Don’t mean it’s a basic fail over the of the Gleason’s dis model And it’s a common sense commonly known You know daylight hours can’t be fake the number of daily hours Can’t be faked so you could set the you could set the sun’s reach, so you know it’s no a lot bigger No, no it will give 10 hours Of daylight they happen to those places where really actually receive it But on the flip side you know if you look in the north now With everywhere within the Tropic of Cancer really is getting 24 hour light Which again? We know is not reality? It’s inherently flawed because of the time zones an hour up in Canada he’s worth 20 minutes down south and you Dodd so the you know the sun’s reach needs to be three times Three times further down self it doesn’t make sense And then we have the you know the equi distant their distant solstice of six months apart North and south east is to those two pairs of examples again pause check it out for yourself Go check some other places do your own research? Newton found that the force of attraction between two objects atoms, or stars is directly proportional to the product of their mass and Inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers, so we’re only interested in distances here So if you have two objects that are this far apart And they’re going to feel a certain amount of tug, but if you move them double apart you’re not gonna feel one half the tug you’re gonna feel one quarter the tug and Should you move in half the distance you’re not gonna feel twice the tug but four times the tug Inverse-square right got it so by figuring out How fast you’re accelerating, and if you know your masses you can tell how far you are away from the object It’s an oblate spheroid actually well actually it’s a little fatter at the bottom. It’s Moore’s pear-shaped chubby chubby If you never mind the fact that every image we have with us show off some of our fake Images that they’re all perfectly round practically yeah Right and so I took it upon myself to take my trusty globe that I had back there, and I was going to heat up the top half and Kind of remould it, so it would look like a pair and I left it in too long And this is what I got said, that’s trash Anyway Explain this behind me now Because their labels understand what yeah, so that we can avert some comments before before they This is semi true about me. I know that our nation is not really what it’s what? We’ve been presented it is But I’ve always bothered the Constitution I thought it was a wonderful document the idea of it is a pretty amazing thing and so I was always a a Christian Constitutional conservative some people might have heard that term okay and Obama said we’re all about our guns Okay, and I got a constitution back years, and that’s the point of all that stuff back there, but I did miss one important piece Troublemaker but being a Christian Constitutional conservative is three three C’s yes, sir. That’s three three three. You know Oh Beautiful that’s right. I’m not angry much deity sir as it was a hibachi for an English language so anyway We talk we can’t we got together to me to talk about some of the changes in the scriptures Yeah, and mostly if anybody’s not aware of their if they’ve been under a rock for a little while or asleep in a coma Or something out of them It’s mostly the King James and the New King James right where everybody’s pretty much in agreement about that that the changes We’ve seen her in those And that’s probably because they’re the most dependable Christian sources most most of the Christians that I know with Protestant Christians Yeah, would say that you know if you’re gonna get a Bible get a King James Version well even That’s a great even non Protestants, this is above She’s like a 60 year old Catholic Bible and It’s a King James Version. It’s the Holy Trinity Edition now I know the issues with Catholicism of well aware and even I can point out some really great errors in this Bible prior to any Mandela or the effects or eat or Qfx prior that there’s tons of error they changed the scripture in here but this is a King James Version – even the Catholicism always placed an emphasis on King King It was always considered to be the most accurate of the English translations It is Whatever it’s see we think 1637 yeah, but there’s Prior versions more Old English Trying to the King James That were English versions if you read them you will if you read them in the letters at our interview you can find the Old English King James Prior to King James online read it the way, it’s written And you will sound all in English because of the way they spell the words everything. It’s really cool so look everybody knows about The lion shall lie down with and no now its wolf everybody pretty much Has called so what else have they caught? Yes, there’s a mother animal that’s changed in that sentence I Can’t remember what it is. Yeah, it’s like the leopard or there’s another animal Fascinate that I’ve heard I mean I’m not a Bible expert Even though you keep saying That you like compared to me you are yeah So I the Palm Sunday one you were telling me about. Oh. Yes. Yes, that’s what I’m about to get to you know I love God’s Word and here’s the thing and maybe it should be stressed. We are not suggesting to throw these away But we’re pointing out that people have been Corrupting it but in a unique way never before seen and they’re not just corrupting it. They’re corrupting our understanding of reality Right you know spelling of words Innocuous stuff like but you know cheez-it instead of cheese, it’s fruit love and forget Delp and Instead of the Pens I mean come on so anyway I got What did I printed up the document? I’m printing a lot, so I’m having any of course. I don’t never hear now. We’re at new with it Areas you know I think they’re depending. That’s a that’s an improvement because it seems to me if I have to wear adult diapers I’d rather have one that says depend rather than depends because the pen is kind of like it depends Okay Maybe it works. Maybe it does maybe It depends That’s my thinking was well, here’s here’s an interesting one here. This is one If you haven’t heard this one yet folks, this is this is a beautiful one It said this is an exodus thirteen twelve so if you have your Bibles folks pretend. We’re it Makeshift church have your Bibles you open your Bibles to Exodus 1312 your King James or New King James Bible and it’ll read thou shalt set apart unto the Lord By the way capital Lord That’s a title not his name his name is Yahweh or I deny, but is but Lord is a title when they do that making game so he shall set apart unto the Lord all that openeth the matrix and Every first Lane that cometh up a beast which thou hast the nails shall be the Lord’s The matrix now the original said that openeth the womb Now that makes sense Born of a woman come even from a female cow everything born first. That’s the Lord’s The most Christians you spend any other time at church understand that concept You know and it’s not the only place it says matrix Says in Exodus 13 15, and it came to pass when Pharaoh would hardly let us go that the Lord slew all the Firstborn in the land of Egypt both the firstborn of man and the firstborn of beasts therefore I sacrifice to the Lord all that openeth the matrix Been emails that all the firstborn of my children I redeem Amazing and then X in Exodus 34 19 again all that openeth the matrix is mine That’s insane And numbers 312 Okay and behold I behold I have taken the Levites from among the children of Israel instead of all the firstborn that opened a matrix of Seeing and God indeed with the Israelites God set aside the political Priesthood to serve him he would claim now. They would be his they would serve a night eight in the temple. Uh-huh And so he’s saying he says I’ve taken the Levites from the children of Israel instead of all the firstborn that open the womb that normally says from among the children of Israel therefore the Levites shall be mine and There’s another place, and I’m paraphrasing or God says that that their reward or their Inheritance is is basic because believe Mike’s don’t get land the Levites don’t get what other people do their inheritance is serviced him and and People bring offerings the Levites eat it Well people would those the cattle that were slaughtered and all that it didn’t just get part of the heap they would feast There’s a hole a while a little bit of a priest and they had families. They would feast on to the Lord Okay, right, and so and I’m getting dress in here, but still now you got numbers awesome numbers 312 And I behold I have taken the Levites from among the children of Israel instead of all the firstborn that opened at the matrix It’s supposed to be one Yeah Numbers 18 15 everything that opened at the matrix in all the matrix and all flesh Which they bring unto the Lord rather to be of man, or beast shall be thine I mean come on. That’s ridiculous and and there’s some I’ve heard a couple people say it always said the matrix I Really I don’t know how old that that word is You really think the matrix was in the King James But here’s a thing too if you go back and you were to go and look at the I was the term for looking up language entomology era Entomology you go Ahead to biology website or whatever resource you got and then somehow all of a sudden now matrix is a word for wound or Starting point or something like that Yeah, I mean I looked it up and in and and we’re having this dialogue and presenting it so that others can go see for themselves You know you know that should be said, too This isn’t a matter I got a lot of opinions, and I know you do too But this isn’t a matter about we want everybody to believe our opinion It’s a matter of about the truth of things You know right? and this says Matter or mothers yeah Yeah, but I don’t know that it was ever even like that prior to this effect and here’s This is a big one too that you’ve mentioned a moment ago And we might as well get into this and this there’s so much we could touch on But this video would be too long and not digestible and we want to avoid that yeah hopefully we will gather together like this and It will point out other things You made a fabulous point a little while ago And why don’t you bring that up Paul about what you said about what you really think has been done with the effects And some people do do recognize that there’s a problem with with the daylight hours on the dis model so we get Animations like this And clearly what what is the Sun doing? What is that? What is that Sun doing is you’ve got a dark patch? and they’re like the patch behind it and Then and then and then he goes to an egg shape in the in the June in the June solstice And people were looking at all right, that’s how it work cause it is actually given the right the right daylight. How is that? Believe it on them He’s now giving plenty of plenty of sunshine to herself and all obviously the Antarctic 24-hour daylight And it’s the installed to do with simply the way they’ve created this this animation is the rectangular Mercator Map you can see it’s the same graphics from from time and date calm and they put it through a polar coordinate filter and Sequenced it so it’s animated and that will satisfy some people so now well. That’s how it works watch that The song can’t light up you know the North Pole there, but he can light up places much much further It’s nonsense So you know clinging on to their model But they don’t they don’t see the irony in the fact that they’re doing up themselves with a circle model I mean the earth is flat and stationary, but he doesn’t It’s not a circle. It doesn’t work and the two don’t need to be the same, but you don’t need to be welded together forever Unfortunately, it’s what makes flyer if there’s a lot like it. You look like the victim is a bit of a psychological operation I Mean you know we know the big siop is on the ball believers if some of those who believe there’s an outer space and nasara Going on all these missions And you know eventually visitors are going to come and save us That’s what the Flat Earth realization is all about so we want far more people to wake up to it That’s what that’s what every flat earther wants well no all their families and friends to realize that they’ve enlightened the earth is a Stationary steel as exactly as they see it and the stars are just you know the lights in the sky All the heavens are likes for the earth the earth is it What the book what we’ll do is then asked how does day day and night work? Where’s the edge? Why does nobody fall off all these questions, and they need outs and you can’t run away from them? It’s an apple. You know nuts or Alain. Yeah, okay fair enough, but how does the wheel work that you know? What what what we actually observed from Earth? And if your model can’t explaining if it falls down just on daylight hours Which it’s such a such an easily observable thing all over the world and easily KITT you know easily communicated Then people won’t go any further. They’re gonna. They’re gonna stay on the ball because the ball explains day and night I mean, okay, you know they need a magic if gravity and everything else to To back it up and all these all all the mind control tricks that we know because we were under it So there’s only one thing to do and that’s to get rid of the circle model the flat square model can explain daily hours No problem at all on seasons and non-toxic unlocking 24-hour daylight. It’s completely people to conscription. It’s completely observation Here’s the sun’s reach as he goes through the seasons of the year Obviously, it’s where it is at 12 o’clock GMT There’s like those along the Antarctic who’s never gonna receive night most of the world this everywhere look You know the extreme north itself that had a little North’s getting dark That’s only getting dark And he shows the reach of the Sun changing as he goes through here as it moves from tropic topic to topic But now on toxic who’s gonna get the 24 hour night and arting will get 24-hour daylight And here here’s a daily going along so that’s how you get day and night, this is a simple explanation Because the earth is made equal, it’s it’s it’s of two halves and Another huge I mean this this this this would be my first point of research everywhere on earth receives 12 hours of light a day lay out the equinox Check that correct And see if there’s any way to make that happen on the circle model because of the way the time zones work on the circuit in the bottle that You just get bigger and bigger as you go further south There’s no way for us to produce 12-hour a 12-hour day everywhere on one day. It’s impossible And then you have the speed of the movie, so it’s also observable It’s easily observable the the moon moves between the tropics of cancer and Capricorn Over the month it takes a month to do what the Sun takes a year to it On the you know on the circle on the circle model the tropic of cancer It’s a lot smaller. You pop though you put them side by side and The Tropic of Capricorn is is 1.7 times bigger so the moon The moon must have to speed up and slow down by set by around 70% each month, and that should be easily observable And we can test that What can’t do it? Kid we can test it you can see first of all does you know just general observed astronomy? How much does the speed of the Moon change, but you can do your own experiments? We’ve got good friend David Marsh on his channel You can see the full version of this Moon race experiment and what you would expect to see is the Tropic of Capricorn moon Being far faster than the other two equator being faster than cancer But topic of Capricorn Ben Ben you know faster than both of them And the results actually show And the equators of the fastest moon the moon goes goes fastest across the sky when it’s over the equator during the bob At night when it’s over Capricorn at all Capricorn is even a little bit slower than counselor. I would imagine. That’s due to perspective it’s completely not we’d expected so solid observable proof that we’re not in this radial circle model and then you have non-stop direct flights across the south from you know from large cities and People say well, you know they don’t exist or you can’t booklet, but you’ve been told that People have taken the flat earthers have taken them People have videoed it So again XD 19 we know reality airline airlines don’t make up certain You know certain these flights people really do want to go from sydney to your house bergen and you know and do it quickly And the reason why I’ll deny that they exist is because it proves again that the distances distances on this model just won’t work They will not work So all we have to do just to prove it he’s you know there’s 24,000 miles in the dis model and Every line of last use a thousand miles, so it’s 12,000 to the center from the edge to the North Pole Center it’s 12,000 miles. That’s what we want to remember so if we draw them out and You know sorry from a you know a few a few a few hundred miles out it hit here or there but it’s not going to make any difference because You know if we put this over the center You’ve got 12,000 to the center plus another two is 14,000 miles, and this flight only takes 11 hours So it’s 600 miles an hour or less. It’s gonna take over 22 3 hours I mean you know commercial planes fly at 5 55 60 miles an hour, so they’re not over 600 Now people want to go from Australia to South Africa for Munich This flight exists then it takes 14 hours And again if we move the line and check the distance From from the edges 12,000 to 14,000 again. It takes 14 hours so either the airplane flies at a thousand miles an hour Which we know the dealt? But again you can check on the aircraft that it uses Or he needs to take 23 hours, which it doesn’t do I mean the time so I mean it was an hour or two out, then you need to say well You know I’m only using powerpoints to measure these distances really It’s only a rough guide but the 200% help So clearly we can see why my people will insist that these flights to exist at the fake And you can’t get on them even though you know that there are forums are all over the internet We can you can see people reviewing them and what have you I? Think max even took this one twice You know confirming that it’s a 13-hour flight But again on the on the on the official flat earth model on the disc big discipline that everybody promotes the this flights 50s over fifty thousand miles distance It would take over twenty five hours in a regular commercial airplane It’s proves the distances on the other model are wrong this proves the whole model is room And don’t get me wrong with this flat. It’s not a globe. It’s not a rotating ball as they told us in outer space and what I’m one of the best ways to Prove it is the lack of curvature We could see buildings and meltings in what have you? Miles and miles in the distance people say well the curb side in the bottom So all where’s the curve where the corresponding curve going across? Do you live on a cylinder But this particular model of Flat Earth is wrong. It would been sold the line again following enough We’ve wedded the realization that we’re not in outer space And the Earth’s not a big rotating giant ball to this another false model And it stops more people waking up to the the first fact It stops it because they will look at the alternative model and go no sorry That’s not it, so he does stop the flutter at the Wagner, which is why it’s important And with the the 4d model I know people have a problem You know you tell you kind of kind of teleported from one side to the other no, I mean when you’re looking at that That’s we’re looking at it from kind of God’s perspective from 4-day We’re seeing the doors in action as far as were concerned. You know it’s a continuous strip the pac-man analogy is perfect because We know it’s a great way to explain it. We know we know Pat Moniz is He’s fixed in his world, but he doesn’t When he goes when he goes through the doors He doesn’t know he’s going from side to side. He’s not teleported no the planes or ships, but they are going from side to side But as God says in Scripture He should look the see big doors a door you can go through two ways And keep going through as much as you’re like unless it’s locked But but not locked He gave the Seas decree didn’t bound it with a wall or a barrier, or you know anything physical or the south? If you’re in a plane or a boat going from America to Japan or or where they use east-west You know there’s no telepods often strange going on with you is just in the nature of the earth space itself. It’s continuous That’s why there’s no edge But it’s also how they you know manage to convince everybody that they’re there on a continuous ball because you can keep going and come Back to the start well, there’s always more than one explanation Pro with it That’s also. Why if somebody’s determined never to ever Reject that the spinning ball? Is being bailed? Then you’ll never convince them because there’s always two explanations As far as as far as you know Pat man is concerned. He’s he’s in a easier forever world He can keep going left and right forever and come back and come back to where he started and he says same for us You’ve got to kind of hold the thing in into From two different perspectives at once so the 3d we’re where we are and you just beat no need to be keeping or going But if you look at it from a ball you would actually be going from one side to the other But it’s a seamless door and like I say it’s got it She’ll be super natural the sort of the moon, and the stars aren’t can get on wires in there in the sky They’re not being projected from the ground like a bat on the cymbal. You know it’s all supernatural life is supernatural I Don’t understand why science can’t be the discovery of God’s world God’s creation God’s amazing work you know The intricacies of DNA and life systems, and you know how indeed this the son of the moon do work But the earth is It’s fixed. It’s flats on pillars It has a firm that where all the all the lights are The lights to you know the lights and to give light upon the earth Now that you believe the Bible is the Word of God or you don’t? I mean even if you have suppose even if you’re not non believer that the observable proofs up the the you know the disc doesn’t work should be enough but If we keep a within the parameters of the Bible. There’s there’s four different shapes that can be the square rectangle parallelogram rhombus and You know one of? Loads of different projections as low as even square footage is always different ones for each well a few different ones anyway The cater and the central Sun a new problem out of me Like I said, there’s always gonna be Mozilla is gonna be continuous East-west travel there’s no edge to the earth There’s only one of it, but it should up with doors so as far as your concern You can just keep going and keep going and keep going forever Never-ending plane that’s what it is The rectangular indicators, whatever is used to only matches Scripture where you know got God’s temples and Tabernacles are twice as long as they are as they are wide and it can be a range of a range of projections and like I say the Prime Meridian can be anywhere it might be fooled it really might be through America Or it might the three keys or Jerusalem or maybe where the International Dateline is? For we know that he doesn’t matter because as we’re saying these these the earth it’s the space itself as a continuous strip Nothing special happens towards will not teleported from one side to the very space itself That’s doing the know that the weird magical thing if you like And I like the These two because the the equator line is the longest line is longer than the tropics line which would explain the speed of the moon This particular one has distorted land masses and something needs to do one with a little more, but maybe a more accurate load buses But he faced together knows again. It’s quite easy to see how east-west travel will work I Think with the rhombus you’ve got more chance of getting the the land masses in And we went again, we don’t know the exact shape of the lab buses, but you’ve got the equator lines the longest line North-south east-west working exactly as you expect them to And then also you know if you’re stargazing in South America or Australia you look you look south you’re gonna see the same similar similar sky similar constellations, and that’s completely opposite to the search to the circle where where they’re on their facing opposite if they may look south they’re facing opposite ends of The sky, but the truth is that they do see the same constellations We can look at the heavens. We can look at the earth, and they both say black square They both save us or a dimensional continuous leap. I mean the Bible says that It says it with its descriptions of the Sun He says it with it. We know with the doors see the sea shut up with doors What else being at me and he’s decree? He’s given a supernatural decree and then you know It’s got four corners the four of the four angels could stand on the north south east and west and hold those winds Than the Sun you know the Sun takes its quality system, it’s really gave planetary systems of fools into believing There’s a solar system, but I’ve explained that on the Flat Earth astronomy video So you know I don’t understand why more more more flattered if as on Unlocking into it I’m questioning the circle model the same as we did the ball model and You know seeing that we’ve got far better a far better model that explains far more observational realities and much in Scripture Bertha Right I even if I have the wisdom of the angels and I can just Herald all these things and have all this knowledge It’s it’s worthless. It’s dumb without love Right hey, I got a lot of knowledge that does Get into this point Sundy thing is check this out we Christians We celebrate a thing called Palm Sunday. It’s the week before The historical good moment that Jesus entered into Jerusalem is the week before he was going to be crucified He may have known it was going to be but the people there didn’t and they The story generally goes as Jesus Was going to Jerusalem into best page it says which is like a suburb of Jerusalem, and he tells his disciples go get a donkey a Colt a young donkey never been ridden all yes that you would add to that right yeah Yeah, yeah well good get a donkey have a Colt. I thought a colt was a horse in the air. You’re right. You’re right I’ve seen it. I don’t know it’s I I forget what it’s called Maybe it’s a Colt if it’s a young donkey. I don’t know Honestly, but we know from Scripture that it was a an unwritten on donkey in the old King James instead Ass and ass was the only curse word that we would ever hear in a church They actually read what it said the word ass Okay Scandalous so anyway Jesus tells him hey if somebody said what are you doing you say the Lord has need of it and They what somebody said well, you know I’ll do it. He said Lord has need of it they brought the donkey to Jesus and they put the disciples put their coats on the back of the donkey and Jesus I Started to ride into Jerusalem It’s called the triumphant Triumphal entry if some if you have headers in your New King James, and so then it says that the people Shouted Hosanna glory to God in the heights yeah, Hosanna unless it is be less than is he that comes in the name of the Lord and I’m paraphrasing raghav it isn’t what it says and then it says that they lead their coats on the ground And they also always said that they lay palm leads palm leaves and they waived them to as they shouted Hosanna and blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord and Now in the three Gospels, and I’ll read you this is out of the King James Version This is Matthew 21, so now. We’ll just start let me interject one thing a colt is an uncapped rated male horse this is interesting too because this is another corruption than Annette what we’re discovering because Here’s as and the disciple. This is Matthew 21 in the King James Version. I’m down at verse This is for people who won’t open their Bibles, and it’s down at verse 6 we’ll start at it It says and the disciples went and did as Jesus commanded them and brought the ass And the cult so now we got to two animals though Yeah, and put on them their clothes And they set him there on sounds nice and King James in life And then add an adverse eight it says in a very great multitude spread their garments in the way others cut down branches from the trees and strawed them in the way and The multitudes that went before and that followed cried saying do you imagine as people before Jesus and following in their prying it out? Multitude to say well saying Hosanna to the son of David blessed is he that cometh given the whore whose attitude and the heights okay? So we just now Really here the glance here. We got now. We got to it has had a close and But they spread branches they cut down branches from the trees and not like I said before what what Bradford pears Right what? Okay, and so okay so now we got tree bench Sunday right because it doesn’t have anything about the palms and then in Luke 19 again, this is from the King James and It says and when he was come die This is this is King James look the same rows of account of Jesus’s entry When he was come nigh even now at the descent of mount Olive’s the whole multitude of the disciples of winnowing where the hair is They brought in to Jesus. That’s talking about the donkey and they cast their garments upon the college And he said Jesus marrow, and as he went they spread their clothes in the way Not coats clothes clothes No leaves no trees, and this is Luke who? Unless somebody point out. I’m wrong Luke is a doctor and he was very detail-oriented, that’s why for a – Okay, and Luke that’s why he did all the genealogy stuff cuz he because he was that kind of guy like that detail Yeah, yeah, yeah It’s good cuz we got a scripture alright, well the least we had them Is the other place and King James once again, and it said Again here, it’s a and certain of them that stood there. This is mark 11 verse 5 But this is when he sends about to go get the donkey says and certain of them that stood there said unto them the disciples What do ye? What do ye leasing the Colt and they said? To them even as Jesus is demanded and they let them go and they brought the Colt to Jesus and cast their garments on him and he sat upon him and Then he spread their garments in the way and others cut down branches off the trees again mark 11 Yeah, well here. I just I just hold up. I just pulled up Palm Sunday Yeah, it still existed in Wikipedia, which is the last place? I’d go to you Yeah, but those triple reason for yeah, no, but but it says Palm Sunday is a Christian moveable feast that falls on the Sunday before Easter Ashton the feast commemorating Jesus’s Triumphal entry into Jerusalem an event mentioned at each of the four Conical Gospels and many I don’t have John here with me. He did many Christian denomination worship services on Palm Sunday include the procession of the faithful carrying palms Representing the palm branches the crowd scattered in front of Jesus when he wrote into Jerusalem So this is the residue yeah, it is a residue and here’s another reason a Evangelos Evangelos friend of mine called me and he told me an important reference that’s connected to The event in Jerusalem with palm leaves is that a revelation I think it’s revelation 7 It talks about the multitude with white robes, and they hold palm leaves in their hands later what well yeah the Face is in Revelations yeah in revelation 7. I believe That relation 7 and the reason I say it’s because you know Scripture correct Scripture you you literally because God is always been always will be all because You you you find him you find Jesus throughout the scripture and it qualifies itself It’s an amazing thing. Yeah. It couldn’t be just a book written by some, man. You know I’ve got a man I’ve got another piece here Well, it’s kind of painting by Pietro entry of Christ into Jerusalem this was painted in 1320 and Le Lorenzetti entering the city on a donkey Symbolizes a rival of a peace rally as daily rather than a war waging King arriving on a horse That’s in Wikipedia Wow so now he arrives on a Colt which is a young horse see they’re trying to make him into a killer I think they’re trying to switch he may beat him with Muhammad I think that the peaceful one is going to be Muhammad and the warlike one is gonna be Jesus I think that’s what they’re gonna try to do because Maybe try to do that and that’s why though I’ve every excuse to want to kill Christians, right And they are really my wife said this the other day they already arguing You know the Fisher says that they will call good evil and evil good Yeah, so so it’s of no surprise I’m not saying that what you’re saying is not a good point it is What a follow suit is it just follows the pattern that we’re experiencing it’s more of more of the same crap revelation 7 It starts at 9. It’s a missus. This is an ESV English standard version. It’s still only King gains 2 But in this it says after this I looked and behold a great multitude That no one could number from every nation and from all tribes and peoples and languages Standing before the throne and before the lamb who is Yeshua Jesus Messiah and clothed in white robes with palm branches In their hands and krumping out with a lot of boys salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne and to the lamb and so there’s a There’s a spiritual Importance of the palm leaf and it’s been it’s been Wiped out of the King James and New King James at least it was always there always Yeah Yeah, there’s there’s residue all over Wikipedia, I’m sure is L I’m sure the AI will listen to this let’s clean up because right now it’s listening to you and me yeah People okay see this sounds very conspiratorial because they don’t understand how technology Works when a person hears this thickness that you and I are making is they are listening it is not a human being It’s a machine that doesn’t eat or sleep or nothing. It’s not really it’s like a little box. Cube in a corner. It’s an Interconnected vast. Array of massive high-end Computing power all that are connected in most multiple processes, and it is Sifting through when I’m saying it what you’re saying right now and looking for ways to clean that up Chaitra great, we’re teaching it right now wait and there’s no way to get out of this really Differently isn’t unless God tells me he says no y’all got to move to an island somewhere Just don’t talk about me on the internet. How I don’t think he’s going to Spend more time being your spiritual self and less time being attached to this physical matrix You know get into the love of your wife and enjoy of your children Yes I realize the time that you’re there before During and after and it’s all and that this physical material thing This is a this is this is entertainment. This is training It’s a training program And we’re we’re doing very well because we’re taking notes and we’re observing and we’re figuring out What’s happening, and we’re realizing that this isn’t an on impotent power doing this. This is a this is a machine? That leaves residuals and makes mistakes and can only monitor Predictable Algorithmic type responses on that well Weeks ago. I saw that they were trying to get a Watson in that IBM artilect that you can buy for your house Watson can learn how to create music so to put emotion So the curry trying to create an emotive algorithm they’re trying to Introduce that but see gods he we have to remember that God breathed his spirit into us We have his spirit in us They can’t algorithm that I can’t write We have his spirit in us. They can’t algorithm that I can’t I can’t let’s see the earth were a hockey puck this shape Well that would mean that let’s say it’s four thousand miles to the inside if you’re way out here You’d feel the force of attraction the quarter, and if you were somehow half way inside You’d feel it four times well out here on the edge. You would feel the normal acceleration But on top here, this is half way in you’d feel four times the acceleration as well if You’re out on a corner here, and you drop it. It’s not gonna fall straight down It’s gonna fall at an angle towards the center anywhere here It’s now at an angle towards the center So when you’re talking about a spherical planet people are betting that everywhere It’s the same 9.8. Meters per second per second everybody feels so we’re all the same distance away from the center and that Anything that falls goes 90 degrees straight down? So it’s as easy to prove a non spherical or a Flat Earth By simply finding one spot on the plan where the acceleration is not 9.8. Meters per second per second about and where things don’t fall at 90 degrees and you win if you did like This video give it a thumbs up And if you didn’t like it give it a thumbs down if you haven’t subscribed hit the red subscribe button Also, click on a little bell icon to get notifications of my Flat Earth videos, which I upload every day And as always, thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you


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