Flat Earth – Two reasons Common Core is fed to our children

ok kids classes in session. What is 32-12? 20 right? You just subtract but not under the new Common Core math. Why are they going to this backwards method here? This man who trained in nuclear engineering couldn’t understand it. I don’t understand. He wasn’t alone. This is how you arrived at the answer my friend. That’s that’s insane. That’s so many steps. Why does it need to be so complicated? Why are you adding things when you’re trying to subtract. We gave people questions for third grade. They got even more confused. Add 26 +
17 by breaking apart numbers to make a 10 use a number that adds with the six and
twenty six to make a 10 since six plus four equals 10 used 4 What? We gave the engineer another shot. You’re looking lost. Yes why would you break that down that way? I think that’s literally four steps more than you need to get the same result. Makes sense? No. That’s ridiculous. Now I know why he is having trouble with
math of which I had pay for math tutors. I understand you have an example of your son’s homework to share with us right now. Can you help us understand it?
Teach me common core, Doug. It’s very complicated I mean I have it here. I think you guys have a full screen of it is well and this is just six simple math
problems. It looks like tic tac toe. What’s that?
It looks like tic-tac-toe a little bit to me as I’m staring at it. It’s very I mean if you don’t know how
to do this and you don’t, you’re not familiar with the terminology it’s very hard to do. But it’s I mean I
understand the concept I’m not against common core math by any means but I don’t like the… I’m an educate 41 year old father up to a first grader in a
second grader and I can’t help them with my math can’t help them with their math
homework yeah very frustrating and I see that now that I put it on facebook these parents are posting on my wall
saying they’re crying there are tears the kids are in tears and they just can’t do
it. Yeah it’s really frustrating when you
want to be an active parent involved in your child’s life and it’s difficult. But even under the new Common Core
even if they said 3 X 4 was 11 if they were able to explain their
reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer really in words and
oral explanations and they showed it in the picture but they just got the final
number wrong we’re really more focusing on the how in
the world do you In fact it made us realize that
essentially you can get a universe from nothing without any supernatural
shenanigans that basically by quantum mechanics and the laws of physics we
understand in principle an entire universe with a hundred billion galaxies
each containing a hundred billion stars can come from nothing because its total
energy could be 0 and therefore you don’t need to – literally violate any
laws of physics to create a universe and now we don’t know that for certain but


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