From Beijing to Storrs | UConn

when I visit got to campus
the first impression was wow this campus is so big I get lost every single day for the first week after I got there
but it’s so pretty this is my fourth year in Connecticut
also the fourth year in America it feels so good to be an international student
at UConn because we are not the small minority
that nobody knows I have a lot of Chinese friends
and I also have a lot of American friends I met these friends at like work,
at clubs and activities UConn’s one of the biggest decisions
I ever made in my life and that was the best decision if I don’t come to UConn I would never know about actuarial science
I love actuarial science a lot especially for the opportunities and the resources
provided by UConn I’m also an actuarial intern
at the State of Connecticut Insurance Department
So, I go there twice per week that located in the downtown Hartford area
literally what I’m doing right now is applying what I’ve learned from last semester
it helps me to understand that a little bit deeper and get to know about the real industry and also if I don’t come to UConn
I probably would never become a tour guide when I first heard about tour guide
I was like what kind of people can be tour guides
because that’s the representative of the whole school definitely a lot of responsibility I was really shy to talk at the beginning
I even couldn’t say the whole sentence now I have to talk in front of group
for three hours so it was a big jump for me
I’m really appreciative that UConn would provide me this opportunity
to learn English a little bit better after spending four years in America
UConn’s the place I spend most of my time I usually say UConn is my home in America
it is a large university, provides you a lot of opportunities,
a lot of resources everyone in America knows about UConn
but it feels really small when you get there you are not always one of a million students’
faces you always feel you are special
UConn makes you feel really special

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