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we have a great group with us tonight but before I introduce them if you've watched the show before you know I like to kind of send good tidings to my former friend Donald Trump so for him and only for him we've built a wall yes it's the syenite politics wall it's kind of our additional guest here and it's a roadmap to wrap-up and lens the week's top stories which include Kumada love the anti-trump we know she to take on Biden but what about the president I say a resounding yes plus we'll talk about the joy of politics with the views Joy Behar also it's Trump stupid a few Democrats that debates got it and others surprisingly not so much and Pete packs a punch I'll talk to the South Bend mayor about his big night Miami and why I think he's one of three Democrats who could take down Trump but let me introduce this a blue-ribbon panel starting with my dear friend Emily Jane Fox Emily Jane Fox you are the first additional person that person to be invited back justice an iPod they don't that's a good bad thing of course your senior reporter Vanity Fair the best-selling book born Trump and as I've said but you've been the smartest millennial I've met in my life arguably a low bar because I don't like Millennials right no you're brilliant brilliant Gene Robinson my good friend gene robinson we've gone through the wars our morning yo you are a sage wise voice you are a Pulitzer Prize winner and your column the Washington Post is must read and I also think I think I'm the second person to be invited so you guys get the good prize award and we've got two newbies Jacqueline Alemanni I'm thrilled to have you here not just because you were the captain of the Harvard basketball what's your new letter the early morning newsletter power up at the Washington Post is immediate hip used to write for Huffington Post CBS News thrilled out here I love your voice take the number two smartest million well we're good we let you guys Duke it out with you Miller we met on John Holland's all old show with all due respect I love your voices Republican you weren't a few sane Republicans left over as well yes director for Jeb Bush John McCain the RNC found the super PAC America rising thank you because it doesn't fight tonight right let's get to the wall come all of the antitrump Kamala Harris a strong stage performance shows why she could truly be the anti-trump Democrats have been waiting for you know there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day and that little girl was me hey guys you know what America does not want to witness the food fight they want to know how we're gonna put food on their table I thought that food fight line really established a fudgy absolutely it was the food fight line in which she took control of the stage on this they're ten candidates right and three moderators and she took control of the whole thing that to me was was well not more than the Biden moment but that was before the by the moment that was a moment to me she took control the debate and show like wow she sees something no Emily you've heard me say this all the time this is all about firing the anti-trump I mean everybody's lensing this and watching picturing who can take on Trump on stage her performance to me those prosecutorial chops her demeanor her strong answer to me is the best thing I've seen so far as somebody I can visualize on on stage against Trump I remember sitting next to you Annika Wallace to show the day that Attorney General bar testified in front of Congress and she had that incredible performance and I remember seeing and talking with you and saying I can't wait to see her on a debate stage next to President Trump because she is going to thrive and we saw a little bit of what could be to come if she does get on that debate stage with president Trump and I think she is going to thrive this is what I thought was fantastic about it everyone had such limited time she managed in that short amount of time to both introduced herself as a person it introduced her policies and we're Eric's wall well was talking about taking the baton yeah she just took it senator Harris just took the baton and it and her answers were where or I felt like swallow was performative and saying that she was just completely authentic she was incredibly prepared and it was almost a joy to watch in 2019 when you've been watching so many things that are just soul sucking and gutting it felt like this is what we're supposed to be as a country what she has I don't compare to Trump Trump's ability when he's speaking publicly he speaks like a human being he doesn't he's not giving a speech she and stuck it right to him button had no idea it was coming that was great execution interesting about that that moment I didn't actually think I fell in love with her before that moment I want to take that moment a little bit differently Jane is interesting I grew up as one of the kids involved in busing I remember when in the early 70s my sister was a year ahead of me got bused into a very very tough mostly african-american neighborhood school really bad experience for her they sent her to private school I could scream didn't wanna go to private school went to public high school which was 4,000 kids fully integrated it was a great experience but we stayed cigarette like it was just the african-americans were here the the Caucasian kids were here and I guess it's do you automatically give somebody a politician with that time was dealing with the issue of busing it's not necessary integration busing and integration could be different Jean in my ignorant white man talking and saying that somebody can be completely not racist in their heart and 45 years ago as a politician say well maybe that's not the right answer I would never call you an ignorant white man Barney a somewhat different numbering at that time now I grew up in small town South Carolina during Jim Crow before the end of Jim Crow there was snow there were no buses in our town but there had been a black high school dilapidated underfunded and there was a white high school that had all the facilities in this environment you know a couple of years year before I went to high school the school there was integration so I went to the former white high school there were a group was I think we were certainly less than black Jews who were less than 10% of the population there I had a you know so you talk about white students staying together a blessed and staying together I mean we there was like a fight every day you know I'll be I didn't did some sort of bless unlike conflict every day I interestingly it was the white teachers that where we had them serve different wildly different responses there were a couple of white teachers who before a couple years before had only Todd white students a couple of them were great mentors and teachers to me and a couple just could not get their minds around this integration thing and we're just nasty as it should be and and you outsmarted so much for integration or maybe going college my first day and meeting kids with unicorns all waspy high schools or Jewish high schools my high school is what the world looked like and it prepared me for life I remember saying myself I can't wait to play cards with them and take their money and they just didn't have that because they weren't exposed to reality but for children you're asking children to do a lot of work I mean that's the do God's work that that wasn't being done yet what can I tell you what I think the problem with Joe Biden's response I think letting you see it's very differently than older guys it's very interesting it's one thing forty five years ago to have had an opinion but it's now 45 years later you should have reflected on where you were and you should get on that debate stage and explain how you have grown since then and how your perspective has shifted and be able to apologize for holding those views that today seem antiquated and perhaps prejudiced or racist and to be able to own what you did and say that was then that was the time then but here's all the ways that I have evolved and here's how I think about that problem today and if you were hurt by that I hear you I feel you I'm sorry didn't seem like he had a very thoughtful response number number one he still believes would he believe them I mean you know because he believed at the time that he was walking of there a tightrope on the side of the righteous between you know segregation and busing and he thought he was on the right side he still thinks he's on where I don't think he I don't think he was and the second thing is he used language specifically I won't get too deep in the in the weeds but he used language that to me just strut pins because it was it was the language that the segregationist used to use let me just tease this because it's gonna take it where I want to go to the Teflon Joe Biden's previous guests have not stuck to the front row nor will his kemal exchange turn Teflon to velcro this character is my position across the board I did not praise racist do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose blessing in America though do you agree I did not oppose blessing in America what I opposed is busting ordered by the Department of Education he actually did oppose busing I've gone on a premise all along that people want him so bad because they think it's the best opportunity to be Trump they gonna let things slide off him the previous segregation Commons poll says have millennial eyes does this slide off them according to some of his allies elected officials that were texting me last night they think that this is a one-off that it won't be reflected in the polls next weekend he's fine everyone has a bad date a debate you know here and there just ask Tim Miller ya know but I I mean I do think accountability aside it's not too much to ask of our politicians to be forward-looking there's a reason why Bernie Sanders isn't it doesn't have to answer to these same questions that Joe Biden does and that is what I think is really represented in this generational gap that you're seeing these motors under 34 who are not supporting by new who are not getting behind it who do not believe that in the premise of Biden's campaign that Trump is an aberration and that we you know we can just get him out of office and everything's going to be fine again here's the question for me on Teflon Joe I think there are two things that came up last night number one the best argument he has his electability was that dented last night because he just looked like you'd lost a little bit of a step you know he volunteered to end his own question but I don't think we'll know the answer that until we hear from black voters in Orangeburg South Carolina and working-class white voters in Dubuque we all know that you know people on Twitter Millennials that went to Harvard aren't really going to be Joe Biden supporters especially african-american women who I think Kamala Harris spoke directly to that's Biden's biggest base and I think that's a TBD you know cuz those are Twitter they're not in green rooms so like let's see very definitive opinion I title my book is often wrong never a doubt I'm really anxious to see how that plays out how much that came through the TV we're gonna take a break next real special treat the joy of politics do you think that the Democratic voters are gonna turn on you for this how do you answer claims that you splintered the party and put Trump in the White House why are you against impeachment now are you gonna change your mind very soon real-time scores joined by her show the view the most important political show on television that is of course she's never afraid to ask the tough questions she joins our group to give her impressions of the 2020 Democratic candidates plus Trump voice to women the ladies on ladies come have said the ladies on stage and democratic debate each had different approaches to the event and talked about how they might do against the president and Pete actually punch mayor people to judge joins us to break down his winning night at the debate don't go anywhere Pete she's the co-host of the view on ABC a show that's become essential stop for 2020 presidential candidates she's not afraid to take them on or even the president holds Joe Biden low IQ where are his collagen hiding I was reading the report the New York Times is running I can't decide if he's a fraud or a loser no Liam mcguinnis he lives with one D could marry if you want my opinion you know he's like a mobster right Trump tastes like he's a mob guy and he broke the cardinal rule of being a mobster you don't talk about the family outside of the bag that's right Giroux are there welcome to wearing sunglasses by the way for you guys cataracts is what yeah so Lee and now everybody looks really old to me my no cuz I can see again okay summer of 2016 we're at Dave's olive has this big party yeah we both know Trump for years I remember you called me over you summoned me and you know can he be this bit we've because we've known him in the previous life you go what's going on I'm not getting this yeah is this really him and we didn't understand what to make of it because we knew a guy who certainly would want to be in a foxhole with but it was kind of harmless goofy harmless he was pissed at his wedding for Marla because my manager at the time was friends with him or something and I got up to dance and when I sat down the KGB took my film out of the camera okay so he was never harmless evil ogre that we see now at least we didn't know we didn't know it yeah one time before he was running I saw him at the Adele concert and I guess hints I can't picture trumpet Radio City and Adele was doing a specific thing and I went over to him he was sitting with Milania and I said why are you doing this you really want to be President have you seen the poll numbers I mean that's all he cares about it and then wait I have more the more is more I interviewed Milania I'm one of my HLN shows and she's a birther – she told me that let's get we're gonna get to the wall Trump versus the women female candidates had very different onstage demeanors how will they play versus Trump in the general election now joy we're talking earlier how comic illed the last night as far as I'm concerned she then the WIMP women obviously have a different challenge women striving for power and then men and I think she had the perfect note versus I think Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand do not have the right note to speak to men and women watching a woman ascend to pal I actually think Amy Klobuchar has the right note I want to hear from the the other side of the gender am I missing something I had John I'm gonna go for it no no by the way part of the show is I'm kind of a pinata so you're just gonna have to strike there right no because it's unfortunate not fair it's not fair and you know if that's a reality women in power wanting power the way it's perceived by other women and men have to go through an unfair litmus test that we but we're still not there yet we're still a generation away I'm sorry those are just the facts okay well maybe we start here thinking about in a different way but I understand what you're saying this is what I think is going to be really interesting to watch as we go into general election territory if in fact the president is put up against a woman I think it's gonna take a woman to beat him the only people who have succeeded and leaving the White House or leaving the campaign in a dignified way in the Trump administration have been women you think of old picks who left on a nice note Nikki Haley's left in the nice note Sarah Sanders left in a nice note and it's because the president doesn't really know how to handle women and so I think that a woman could come in and disarm him in a way that a man the right woman I've taken a lot of heat because I've said Elizabeth waters unelected I think she's a wonderful human being so you guys this thesis of lying that women unfortunately still have to present their striving for power differently in the menu this is another dumb guy no you probably have a point it's unfortunate yeah I mean look at what they did to Hillary the legs are not right her outfit is wrong but Carmela has a lot of good things about her that I don't think people can dispute I agree she has a great personality she's attractive I mean a man needs this chill yeah she I think that remember when he was stalking Hillary and the other Bates I think a common little distracted Lance exactly you know I just think women have to check off a lot more boxes than they'll just that's that is the bottom line I agree with you on that but now that Emily I think cept the table in just a really smart way in that Trump is hemorrhaging women his comments have that have accumulated over the past few years have been really damaging and even after the 2018 midterms there were a lot of studies that show that women were turned off by him and those soccer moms those moderate Republicans are drifting towards the the left I'm not sure how far left but on the flip side of that I also think you know a woman does I think there there have been other studies that the shown that for Elizabeth Warren for example she beat Scott Brown in that Massachusetts Senate race right there was a study that was done that showed that Elizabeth Warren won in part due to because she was a viewed as the more masculine candidate in comparison to Scott Brown whose persona was you know based on his cosmopolitan photo shoots very body image conscious and Elizabeth Warren was viewed as the more serious nursing men who were conscious about their bodies I don't think we should just be thrown away I do agree that women have this extra bar or these extra bars to cross and it that shouldn't be the case I'm less sure about Elizabeth Warren than you are for a variety of reasons that you know the performance in the Wednesday night debate for example she sort of disappeared toward the end because in there any questions at sea and why would she jump in she was sort of the queen of that a bad session no but she got four questions up front it was teen up for now when it's open season and the more aggressive men who storm in you need the right woman to push back that's what she just wasn't that's what not what she was called to do in her session not debate bill de blasio what's gonna have forget it I keep going to that moment when he paced around Hillary and I wanted her to say get away from me somebody told him in the garage so that's what is it it's a real job we're gonna but the point that Como Harris would know how to handle that situation and would potentially for a lot of guys who are very insecure because I think she packages it the right way that's my very point that she because she's done this a long time and she's had to sway juries and I've watched my couples are run by women I watched women in power know how to handle men the right way and to me having watched that 30 40 years and built a very big company around I see wow I mean she blew me away all right let's move on it's Trump stupid in 1992 Clinton's famous campaign strategy was it's the economy stupid 2020 message to democratic debaters it's Trump stupid Jean you and I talked about this after the first night a few took shots but the first night It was as if Don from didn't exist I couldn't believe it what it you know what is it the Democrats want their bottom line is we have to get rid of Donald Trump but you gotta get somebody who's gonna beat Donald Trump so tell us I mean nobody that first night wanted to spend time talking about what to a water because all they heard was you've got to hit the issues got a hit policy that was the wrong it was a war but yes you have to you know define your programs yes you have to be forward-looking but you know as I said in frustration we are in a moment here you know and and there's a giant task and and so you're not gonna get to you know universal pre-k and and universal health insurance and all this wonderful stuff unless you're gonna beat them off just to play devil's advocate here I was sitting in on a focus group with college kids on that first of eight night and the consensus from them was they really enjoyed the policy discussion and that it should be a given that everyone needs to beat Donald Trump they know what Trump's about they'll they want to know what is yearning for somebody to stand up and punch back hard and say you are assaulting a democracy you are disgrace I am NOT gonna let it happen that you need to fight a bully with another oilier I gotta take a break still ahead it's almost Miller time on Capitol Hill Democrats are calling for former Special Counsel testified I think they could be setting themselves up we're gonna let down and another Muller let down if Democrats think Muller testifying on the hill will change anything they should think again Jean maybe I'm missing so let me just to me there have been three or four simple things that I've said we basically he tried to get corey lewandowski to fire jeff Sessions he told me again to make up a story he's hearing the war I know people not read the Muller report are we assuming consumers are so stupid that they have to hear it marshall mcluhan the medium being the message the medium is a message in this case he had more impact in this nine minute oral presentation of the report that he did with the 448 page report i think in terms of of actually getting into people's heads what the report says about obstruction of justice now it's not this is not the ultimate game changer it's not going to make the scales fall from the eyes of a majority of the amount of American public but it but it will drive home what moer found in a way that the report that nobody reads let me I guess my point is it's been it's been the ether for two years and I just we are so divided now that people that have made up their mind if they want to buy that this is obstruction if they want to buy that's a reason to hear the president have agreed and converse I just don't think it's gonna change your people have amnesia though it's it's kind of crazy and you see with Trump he's got the 40% that are with him the 40% that are against him and and the other people thing like the economy is going great and I don't really like Trump but he's out of the news and then he does something stupid and and I'm like all right I don't like Trump again and this matters in politics last night at the debate Muller mentioned zero times I obstruction zero times impeachment zero times having him back out there is important to remind people about what happened it's amazing how quickly our news cycles move but the reason zero times is because those people all understand voters don't care this now I've said many times make this part of a bigger criminal you know positioning as a criminal like Trump Criminal Investigations Emily I just there's such a wimpiness for the Democrats that they keep waiting for the Lone Ranger to come and solve their problems versus we know how we're gonna get the boat out and take this mother out of office I would call every single person I could possibly call every single day from now into the election and just have them remind people what a crook is yeah and how what he did to possibly influence the election and what he's stolen and all the ways that he potentially tried to obstruct justice just remind people every single day from now into the election and say okay the economy may feel good to you right now but this guy is a crook and we're gonna remind you of that everything looks like the Democrats have done a terrible job than that where is their trey gowdy you know the email scandal started because of the Benghazi so guess what you might have said something cousin hearings were bold but but that resulted in the and the end of Hillary Clinton's campaign why are the doing that I don't understand what the mullah report is important because even Lindsey Graham hasn't read it now maybe if it could listen to mullahs reading maybe that would have I guess my forties it's got to be an overall package and Dino's doing that drumbeat is Nancy Pelosi but not lettin impeachment go forward and letting the drumbeat but is she having an appearance they're getting stonewalled on witnesses and they don't exactly I don't know why they don't call Chris Christie or Corey Lewandowski who were not under the blanket of his expertise but to be continued okay not my type Trump responds to new accusations sexual assault by saying she's not my type and this story's going on one news cycle joy what alternative universe are we living in now this is number 19 of sexual assault we will know his history what is it I can't find a magical response of why none of this sticks to this human being people stupid I don't know 14 how many are there 14 19 who accused him and just put pictures up everyday and say is this his type is this his type is this his type because every single one of them has accused him of sexual assault and he says none of them are his tribe well who was this type you know really what is the type that he likes to rape Emily I guess my question to you is how you if you've talked to a trump female voter and you say just on this alone how can you elect this man president what's the rationale is it all men do it is it people are lying or is it a subconscious thing this somehow makes I'm here to tell you that not all men raped women this is an accusation of rape it's not sexual assault it is rape and this is a credible accusation and because of the way the other day because originally this poor woman came out and and it wasn't in her in her own description of what happened to not use that word and I respect that decision what happened was rape if her why isn't it what how does the one stop the conversation in it and turn it in a different way I don't care if it matters to the Trump voters this shouldn't matter to everybody even if it doesn't matter to those women who are still voting for him we were presenting in the White House who has been accused credibly 19 times of sexual assault whether that matters to voters it's up in the air but I think as people in the media and people on the public eye we have a responsibility to keep bringing it up even if it doesn't matter it is not because of the Trump voter I guess approach the whole thing is we should keep talking about this the way that we should keep having hearings on on Capitol Hill this should not exit out of our lexicon it shouldn't be a bigger part of our conversation about the president this is something that deeply affects all women I think that all women can relate to this in some kind of white all men should be able to relate don't really understand we're up against but that's because I don't you guys don't understand how it feels to be in an elevator and the elevator goes down to the basement instead of going up sometimes or it's late at night and you're stuck someplace or you get into a cab there are a large swath of women that voted for Donald how on this issue alone after after half a day and you stop talking about in the news where the White House press corps it's look it's easy to pick on the media but they have absolutely fallen down on their responsibility on this it's insane to me Jackie who was on earlier Sarah Sanders ones if she thought that all of the women that accused Trump of sexual assault were lying and Sanders said yes and that was but it was a wonder they didn't keep asking about it some reservist doesn't get asked about the teen universe pageant girls that he was creepy with don't get asked about and when I asked White House reporters why they say well it all came out before the election and then he got elected so people don't care that's you know it shouldn't matter it's it's important to make me break enjoy Tim oh it's we Jacqueline great Pat my favorite panel of all time so far anywhere I spoke to mayor Pete is coming on I'm speaking to him he's taking center stage North Elaine well why does that not improved of the York two eternities man because I couldn't get it done the United States Constitution says that we have to have a decennial census that means every ten years we have to have a census the census Act says that that census count starting in 1980 has to start by April first so he has a little bit of the of next year of 2020 but every ten years on April 1st so he has a little bit of a win the federal Trump of sexually assaulting her in the mid 90s and an excerpt from her new book published in New York Magazine Carol describes an incident in which Donald Lee assaulted her and forced himself on her in the department store dressing room yesterday two of her friends went on the record with the New York Times to back up her story Lisa Bernbach an author and Carol Martin a journalist recounted their conversations at the time of the alleged incident with Carol in this clip Barack explains the initial conversation she had with Carol let's listen it just it was horrible we bought and I said let's go to the police yeah come to my house no I want to go home right I'll take you to the police no it was 15 minutes of my life it's over don't ever tell anybody I just had to tell you one Tuesday of this week two Republican senators said that the allegations should be taken seriously Utah senator Mitt Romney told CNN it's a very serious allegation I hope that it is fully evaluated the president said it didn't happen and I certainly hope that's the case Iowa Senator Joni Ernst too recently revealed that she was raped in college told CNN obviously there has to be some additional information they need to be interviewed they need to interview her they need to visit with him I'm now drumming eaching Carol author what do we need what do we need men for unless it's a provocative title right there which comes out next Tuesday thank you I don't mean to be jocular but I haven't seen you in a while today it's great to have you on not for this reason but perhaps for the book let me ask you about this what did you make of Mitt Romney who's a hard to guy hard guy to read sometimes in terms of his values and his politics coming out and saying we need to have some kind of look into this case he's taking it seriously Chris it was heartening ayat buoyed up my spirit I love that he spoke out and I'm so happy to see you again Chris we go back to the days you know I'm just talking right yeah I was talking and you let us you were just brilliant you were a columnist remember you were sure San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle yeah and Roger Ailes put you on the air that's right let me ask you about this about will you cooperate if you're called by the Senate either Joni Ernst of Iowa or Mitt Romney of Utah would you cooperate with a Senate inquiry or any inquiry into the facts of the case absolutely 100% let me ask you a couple questions in mind did you have you since the incident occurred have it any way contact there been contacts through mutual friends or whatever as Trump's shown any knowledge of this thing happening to you pardon a 20min has seen through any means that bit through conversation or house to say hello for me you know how it works now how you bumped it as he shown any recognition of you as a human being no none zero yeah have you been able to get when you I was trying to think about why you came forward now and I was thinking maybe it was in the process of giving advice to women who've had terrible situations and you've been their counselors you nailed it that's exactly it since since Jodie Kantner and Megan Tory hit the New York Times with the Harvey Weinstein story young my column was flooded with women asking me if they should go forward and report their boss should they call the police about their son-in-law you know who did they speak to eg please help me I don't know what to do and then I of course felt terrible because I've had this secret all these years and have not made a peep about it and here these women are whom I love I love these women I love my correspondence and I just hadn't been straight with him I just hadn't been straight so I had to come forward I'm trying to think about and I think I understand but I'm just gonna guess and you tell me if I'm right you're not nobody your product figure of people know your name they know you're a professional you know the media how it works you you were able to go through the ropes of the meeting you do what how to do it if you wanted to put this story out you could have done it is it because she didn't want to be known as the woman that was raped I'm not I'm not a victim I'm a woman who went through a very short period of time where an event happen and I think of it as a fight and so I wanted I could have come forward Chris flanked with attorneys may be famous attorneys who represented women who suffered sexual violence I could have you know spoken to a press conference which would have been a horrible thing but I wanted to control my own story I wanted to get it down on paper I wanted to control every word of it and then gave it out and I I think that is a good way for women to proceed you know I was thinking about what you said about you didn't what you wanted to say was not anything like romance anything like what we think of as sex positively enjoyable and say in that sense it was like he didn't you didn't want it to seem like Dominic Franken and The Fountainhead where she's raped by the guy and and said oh this is great remember it's it's emblazoned on my brain yeah it's well here's the lead-up to the scene was very flirtatious delightful we were bantering back and forth we were telling jokes I was delighted that I well you know had run into Donald Trump and he had asked for my advice about buying a present and Chris to me it was funny it was it was a funny scene that we would end up in the lingerie department to me it was just getting better and better and I was gonna have a great story to dine out on and it was gonna be you know I watched that let me ask you about fit to Avenue this presence give us to evidence to why to believe your story besides the fact I believe you and I think the people that contemporary counts you gave to other people certainly gives it validity and and genuineness and truth to me truth is the right word but Dom as Donald Trump said I can shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and get away with it here he committed this sexual assault on Fifth Avenue it's unbelievable I haven't thought of that that's exactly right and you know I basically was shot in that dressing room he basically shot me ever since that events has happened I've never I've never been with another man yeah that's been 25 years so he shot something in me even though I jumped back up and my chin is up and I've been smiling and I've certainly moved on he did shoot he did he did kill something in me hey gene thank you thank you Chris you our viewer or surviving a great person and I'm glad you told this story because of someone of your Intel the media connections and sophistication and savvy is the right word if someone like you doesn't come out what about the really the little person who has no connections no hope no knowledge of how to deal with this exactly exactly thank you thank you Chris you are great you're a great person I remember the glory days America's talking wild I mean it's crazy most of them afterwards here are some of the highlights okay senator Kamala Harris here for Robin an amazing night in history I thought tonight if those men those segregationist had had their way I would not be a member of the United States Senate and I certainly would not be a serious candidate for president of the United States an image like that of that father and and his young daughter anybody can relate to that is the reason nobody attacked Biden tonight is they all want to be his running mate I would not accept it if a male offered me because we should have a female vice president and there's always dangers for men to be talking about reproductive rights but he comes on says I'm the only one on the stage that's led on reproductive rights I literally looked at the two other women on the stage at Elizabeth in Tulsa would let go and that's when I said there's three women on this stage is our big chance in 2020 it's not to try to roll back the clock not to come up with some small ideas that will make a change here and a change over there it's to make big systemic change the spin room is heaven that's hardball for the big week we just had thanks for joining us and stay with us right here on MSNBC good evening I'm Donny Deutsch and thank you for having me in your living room on a Saturday night I'm thrilled to be here there are exactly 493 days till the presidential election


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