Funniest Moments of Kano Fujihira ①【ENG SUB】

Yes!Transferred in to elementary school 5th grade, I’m Kano Fujihira! Nice to meet you!Fujihira, in a loud voice while facing the camera.With a cute face is fine too.My favourite food?You’ll say your favourite food while looking at the camera?Yes!Yes. That’s fine, this is the kind of freshness you want to see, right everyone?Eh, is it really okay?Of course it is!This isn’t really something to be that worried about.If you please.Yes. Here I go.My favourite food is……fruits!Amazing! That’s so vague! You sure are greedy!The fukei-san who came to the 3rd period might know this.Saki Ooga-chan kind of cried…– Is that so?
– Yes it is.
Eh, my beloved Saki-chan…Well… this can’t happen!What’s wrong? What happened to you all of a sudden?Mori-sensei…Mori-sensei made Saki-chan cry is what you wanted to say, right?Yes! My beloved…Beloved Saki-chan…I love her!– Maybe you want to express your thanks to Sakia Ooga-chan.
– It turned weird all of a sudden!
Making my beloved Saki-chan cry, that can’t happen, right?Really, that can’t happen, right?You want to say that you hate Mori-sensei, right?That’s right!Coming to Fujihira…What do you mean you hate me?You’re silent all of a sudden!Does that mean you’re not talking to me?There it is! That’s fine then!She can still smile though!That’s fine, then I won’t open my mouth either today!I won’t talk today, Fujihira!It’s fine! It’s fine!It’s fine, is it? I’ll just sit silently over here then. Fujihira can carry the show.– Fujihira, lead the show!
– If Mori-sensei isn’t here, this program won’t turn out well!
– It’s okay!
– It’s okay, is it Fujihira?
Don’t say that, Kano. Don’t say that.Just once! Let me try it once!Fine, then Fujihira. Call out the first period.First period!Soyo-Kano pyon!Soyo! Kano!Pyon!– Wasn’t that cute?
– So cute!
That was really cute!Eh, what about me?Well, I don’t favour Fujihira so zero points!Recently, she has been acting rebellious against me so zero points!Mori-sensei please!Yes! Then 0.1 points for “ponsuke”!– Yes, will Fujihira stay quiet?
– That’s so mean!
She’s crying!No, no. This girl is definitely not the crying type. The type to cry fake tears.Look! Look!Everyone, do not get fooled by Fujihira! Though I might look like the bad guy!Like, let’s be more hyped…It’s fine, more…– Your tension just dropped.
– That’s right!
You just had a fight with Mori-sensei, didn’t you?Weren’t you hyped because of Mori-sensei?Shall we call him then?– Since Kano isn’t hyped, let’s call Mori-sensei.
– Let’s call him for the sake of Kano.
That’s right. Kano, call him out.Mori-sensei?Oi! Call me out properly!Right before the start of the show, when I was sitting down during the rehearsal.“Mori-sensei, you’re too close.”“Please sit a little further away.”“Sit in the back”. She was going after me forever!Because there’s only this much space!No, even so, I don’t want to get closer to you! You get away from me!Can’t you just go further back?No, Fujihira should go! If I’m not here, there won’t be any talk!Fine, then I’ll go out! You carry the show from here on! You do whatever’s on the script!You take the show forward from here! Fujihira!– Fujihira!
– Yes.
Let’s go with Fujihira’s answer. Here it is.Zero!15-0.I see. Pretty straightforward, right? 15-0. Just as it is, right?– It wouldn’t really be much of a question then, would it?
– I know, right?
– If the answer was “zero”, would we even ask the question?It would!No it wouldn’t! I don’t know what kind of questions you think we’d make. I’m sorry!I’ll tell you right now, you’re incorrect. Yes!Hey! Hey, Mori-sensei!What?You’re being mean to Kano!No! No! No!You’re wrong! She might not be showing it on this show.But in the back this girl was being really mean. Right? Shirai, right?Poor Kano!The next question, here it is.Yes.In basketball, you have “travelling” which is when you take 3 steps with the ball in hand.When this happens, what does the referee do?– Referee?
– What do you mean?
You have to face the camera and show what he does.– Next, shall we go with Fujihira?
– Yes.
Yes, then Fujihira. You can stand.– Ah, I’m fine!
– Let’s go.
Stop right there!– The way she talks.
– Like “uho uho”!
– No, no! Isn’t that how Asou speaks?
– Maaya doesn’t do that!
Can you speak monkey language, Fujihira? You seem the type to talk to monkeys.If Mori-sensei shows an example…– You should be the one showing an example!
– Maaya is fine. It would suit Mori-sensei better.
You do it too! Hm? What’s wrong?Am I not failing the joke?Say something!If you stay silent, am I not just failing at the joke?What was that now? Were you just watching? Just observing?I was like… communicating from the heart.I didn’t get it at all! What were you saying from the heart?“How old are you?”Ah. So while I failing the joke with my “uho uho”, you were calmly saying, “How old are you?”Don’t call me tiny! It’s Fujihira, Fujihira!It’s elementary school 5th grader, Kano Fujihira! Nice to meet you!That was everyone’s first calligraphy of the year. Thank you very much!Please make sure it comes true. If it doesn’t, we’ll have a punishment game for that.Fujihira, if you don’t grow big, we’ll have a punishment game for you.Pull your legs or something. Not sure though!Like pull your body for the sake of growing big or something.Mori-sensei is being mean!There it is! There it is! Suddenly turning herself into the victim.She always does this, doesn’t she? Turning herself into the victim.Who’ll go first? Please raise your hand.Fujihira, that’s amazing! You’re pretty enthusiastic, aren’t you?Well then, Yamaide!Not Kano?For equality! Fujihira got a lot of chances. I’m sorry!Is there anyone else?Yes, yes. Then Asou?Mori-sensei! Mori-sensei!– Who knows it?
– Yes!
– Yes, then Kurosawa!
– Yes.
There’s a pattern! There’s a pattern, Fujihira!

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