welcome my warriors Gemini Happiness is once again this week of the 25 to December 1 you are the first to be published since they have was the most watched video so if You want to continue being the first video to be published then you have to do is leave your finger up and Share this video to be the most Welcome once again seen my channel Jota tarot if the first time You are here I hope you’re passing well I invite you to subscribe activate the bell for you to reach all my notifications and see what I have here my warriors a way for me have closer to you every day is my new book tips tarot and I j give you advice at this moment close your eyes thinking something in these moments any questions any advice you need and that you can do it Also at your house once you have the Book the number of times you want but remember that the end of the day you make your own decisions and you you become responsible for your decisions this is one guidelines only if you’re already clear you give so many times you turn the pages and stop your days as your guides here to say we will see in these moments for you tells you trust your first instinct and for others it may be This message is something not advisable so It is that you can do questions they want the amount of Sometimes they want if it does not resonate with your question because you can do it again and there will be something fall a message great to have to decipher doing as you go can be this or any that you see here you can first that in some cases also both work for you j tips but now available Amazon exclusive I will then move on to reading This week my warriors will Geminis to channel the energies and I will make different’ll see what messages I They are coming for you look me is reaching the letter of the judgment with the letter from the king of spades and the letter lovers me are indicating that many of this week you will have to be confronted with a situation in the love’ll be facing your partner or will be facing a person who truly catches your attention in love there are energies in where you are having this showdown where finally they are laid to talk about what you They could be feeling the love letter judgment tells you about a call it could be a phone call one spiritual connection that could reach have with this person the letter of the king of spades speaks of a person an important person to person that really grabs your attention you will be giving turns over this week and will be and communicating with you the letter of love tells you about a possible spiritual connection that or you can get to have a connection You can get to make this person as your soulmate for some of you this might represent Also if we see it on the line work you get to have a important conversation with a boss it seems that you’ll be providing a job opportunity in a way something quite different that you had not been waiting for will come to your life your guides are telling me too you could discover a romance have at work as it can be yours with someone or energies to your about where someone who is having an affair with a fellow That work will be discovered that will to come to light you chart out 2 cups look There is plenty here much love much money something you’ve been waiting for Geminis to close in your life definitely this week of the November 25 to December 1 this It is going to be manifesting in your life and it will be manifest in a manner radical and very strong you’ll be coming money you were not expecting speaks of a wait patience you You have been having regarding money to finance projects during this week you will be getting all these blessings and speaks this 2 Gemini twin souls glasses you very attentive to this week because they will You are having this great connection with soul mate can be a person with you know that when you see that They have many things in common and feel those things that definitely not They were seeing were not feeling that way as it was working above it will be a week you I am and you will definitely change your life completely going to have a lot of money you are going to have abundance you are going to have a connection and a union also with your family going to be very important and very special for you my warriors wonder these letters are talking about encounters soulmates clashes in relationships where finally the truth is clarified and where true feelings are revealed me They say that a friend will come out and you You will confess his love for this week so stay tuned all these are energies we will see that crown your reading this letter the letter that crown your reading for this week Warriors Gemini is the letter l Schizophrenia talk that some of this week you could They are fearing to step You might be feeling with energy in which you are not used to do certain things are not accustomed to surrender to love not You are used to take those breaks faith and here you are indicating that you do not cocyar you go and do not go to lock in your own mind or become entangled with these energies could this week It’s definitely shake you by full talk that’ll have as a big boost output to where obstacles ahead and leave behind locks talks to you that you connect also several things in your life as if It creates a bridge of communication You could be established with beings from beyond the grave as it could be you’re also connecting with your soul twin and definitely many of you tuned because this week You are confirming that you could be with your soulmate if you already knew or you could be getting news this person from this soulmate I see a lot of communication between you through social networks so This may be a person who is distance from you a person who could LIKE and this letter from the king of swords could be someone in the public eye a person who has an important position either executive president of a company thus a who recognized at work or because it is recognized because it has a quite work out that public and the letter of lovers with the letter two glasses of the Geminis oh my god we’ll see a message for your family and for your friends and your family 5 your friends swords four golds look with your family you are indicating here it will be situations which you have to leave behind me they are saying that your guides tell you you know a truth and with that Surely you can destroy many People here are talking of people in your family and you are saying that if you know you can take control and win just to say four words but you will hurt and hurt so many people you ask the question if indeed worth by simply saying that You are in a better position or simply say that you won is the battle in your family so you are advising here that although you have the tools and weapons to win in a battle with your family consider that if this case is not necessary to set them better win them feel good to destroy your whole family these people with that information you know you drive your friends are showing me here With this letter of 4 gold medals that will to have energies where it seems that some of his friends are short of money and they could sneak around asking and there is money to you as a conflict Internal maybe you’re being your say I will not lend money but I want to share time and then you might be taking as this difference this conflict between you and your friends about how handled in the situation of the money because it seems here is a friendship that is needing money is short of money and maybe that is limiting what do certain things with you and you know not know how I walk or what direction drink let’s see the lucky numbers for you this week Geminis leaves you 10 2 you get the 9 and also leaves you 2 until you have 12 and 92 lucky day for you one day full of positive energy you out on Saturday so it is very attentive to the energies of the Sabbath Let’s then close this reading a question of whether or not remember that you can make one or two questions as you want and then I go to flip the cards have the option to b you can pause the video option while I answer your questions if is the choice you made to answer for ti It’s a yes to five cups if It is the choice you took sees the answer for you is a yes to the queen of spades well then I’ll close with a Here’s a tip of advice for you to I need you can be in these moments you can think of some Ask your guides to see what answer in these moments and response you is you will have the last word remember that you are the one who takes the decision you will have the last word for others I doubt it depends on what you asked in the description is the link so you can purchase my j tarot book tips here The following screen will appear I recommend and videos here on top is the link to visit my website and know the different private consultations I offer you jot and I ordered one week filled with lots of light and progress


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