Get To Know Me Q&A – Part 2: Character, Social Issues, and More

number six what do you see as your best attribute I think my best attribute is positivity it's just being a positive person I feel like that if you're just walking around your whole entire life having a whole bunch of negativity just being nasty rude mean to people it's gonna do you no good there is a thing called Karma we all know about klarka but when there are downloads are also ups we have lows there are hot and thanks to many situations in my life yeah you can say oh how you how have you faced situations in your life I mean you look like you have a good life you look like you've grown up to be okay I'm normal I'm human I face things before I've had tribulations occurred in my life occurred but when those things have happened I just always tell myself you know what yes this has happened but there's gonna be something good to come out in the end moving forward I can't focus on this negative or this bad situation happened to me today or yesterday I didn't find a way to keep it moving forward if I can't push forward then I don't know if there will be a tomorrow we all don't know we have to live being a good spirit helping those that need help being able to provide comfort to somebody that actually needs you be able to turn somebody's frown upside down yeah I said that corny as it is turn the frown upside down but it's true I can't my mom can have the worst day of her life and if I'm able to find just one thing even this if this the dumbest thing that I do and if I just see one little small slow crack of a smile on her face then I know I've done my job I know that in people that I've worked with before at school at Georgia Southern they know that if something had went bad if they had a bad test if they did something wrong on the job I'm not gonna ridicule or criticize them I'm gonna say you know what it's all good you just face when obstacle it was just one bad test you'll do barrel and that's what or it's okay you messed up here's something that you can do to correct it though so you don't do it wrong in the future so just providing positivity I feel like it's unmatched you can't beat it if you walk around your whole entire life just being mad then you need to find something else to do that way so you can just have a better life and be more relaxed and this leads into the next question that relates which is how do you always remain so positive no matter what situation life throws at you you know it could be crappy things to be a terrible thing terrific things but I'm not going spiritual here but I just know that God has something planned for me I know I can't see my own future I don't know what it is but I just know that I've always felt no matter what it is that you know what you guys got me I'll be fine I'll be okay he has something planned for me it could be one thing that I might not even expect my own soul he sees it way into the future and I don't even know I might not even had the feel for what it could be I just know that he has my back no matter what I live by this one verse and this verse it stuck to me ever since I was at NCAA football camp and this proverbs 3:5 if you don't know what proverbs 3:5 is please just google it look it up I'm not pressuring anybody to go look into the book of the Lord I'm just saying that's just something that has stuck with me I've lived by it I still love it by it to this day and I felt like it should truest statement there is in my life and no matter what has happened yes I can still hold a little crunch in there or I can still question myself why has this happened what can I have done to fix it but at the same time I know that it happened for a reason question 8 not a question that sustained me interview the game LMAO and we can make that happen you already know I'm Gang Gang about it I mean guys don't understand these dudes I hate right here some fools I'm telling you they're clowns but I love those guys tell me they keep me laughing if you if you all meet these people or have you met them Iori know how they are it's just Liz I wouldn't call them my friends I'll call my brother's kids I mean I've grown up with them they've seen what all I've been through I've seen what all they've been through we've had our fights we have our misunderstandings we don't always agree that's just how it is when you have people that you are real close to is never gonna be peaches and cream there won't always be sunshine and rainbows you will have that stuff occur but these guys are hilarious there are just some straight clowns yeah we can we can make the game happen through it we can mmm you the game won't put that only works if you don't want to see the interview with the game y'all comment below and let me know if y'all want to see the game game bro you already know I got y'all bro y'all know it I send this with a heart emoji you already know no blood is for real number 9 have you considered coaching football part-time actually yes I've had some thoughts at all one to coach football part-time or how to volunteer I just think it would be cool to do a little coaching because you could impact a kid's life and it sticks to you like there could be that certain person that will be in the back of your mind just saying oh I hope this person is okay are they well did they do good on the test is there something I can help them with how can I help them reach this point that they want to get to so I feel like that's just something that I've always been questioning myself like how could I kind of do a little coaching cure there or how can I help somebody or I mean don't get me wrong I preferably would like to do like high school or middle school prep really more high school because I can relate more to kids at the high school level because it's a process that I've been through before and I can just be straight up with them I would never feed a high school KTBS I'll tell them look this is how is how it goes in the recruiting game this is what coaches look for if you want to get to this point this is what you need to do if you want to go to this school this is what you need it out of you so I feel like those things are or just highly highly highly needed because out here to me coaches they wanna just sugarcoat you what you want to hear but then you also have coaches out there that are just gonna tell you exactly out it's no BS just straight cutthroat I rather just tell you straight cutthroat hey you got a C you need bump this up to me or you're filling this class we gonna fix this or okay you want to go to an Alabama Ole Miss Auburn yeah that's two point four you got right there it's not gonna cut it you gotta put those head in the books or you want to go to this camp we gonna brine and get you to that camp so I see myself could potentially coaching part-time at high school if that ever happens I hope one day it can't happen or I'm able to help somebody even if I don't get the opportunity to coach part-time just to make an impact on just some kids life for any advice I can help them push themselves a little bit more question to you know anyone trying to yeah no number I don't know anybody China yeah oh yeah I don't know why China year but Shu you know what they do if you talk about somebody trying to yeah just go ahead sign them goons hey you like they saved shoot shoot shoot that shot yeah you might hit that rim where you my ear ball but you gonna hit a switch mourn the of them Shu 11 this is so ignorant right how do you feel about white people's cookie I have nothing against White's white people's cooking at all white people can actually cook food guys look white people can cook food they can cook I'm just gonna tell you this one thing and I've been saying this so long if you guys know I will tell you this again and again again salt and pepper do not count as seasonings all right put some sad zooms on there presto adobo on there throw some cayenne pepper paprika garlic thyme rosemary a little lemon in there song but it I saw a pepper don't count but yes people white people can cook man I don't think white people can't cook cuz Lodi you know they be whipping up some heat oh oh what's that recipe I need you know I got find out bro I love me that my own house you might not even know what's up in there you kill me basedgod question 12 what is the first thing you notice about a person so I notice I say two things about a person first thing is their eyes and so well I mean by like their eyes is when they're talking to you if you're engaged if you're able to compose a conversation and they're just like down the front just like I'm tall Molly this is if a person beat a person that's like oh yeah blah blah blah he's just oh okay that's how you you really don't wanna hold a conversation with me you don't want to share thoughts ideas brainstorm just anything I just see how in college just like oh you don't really care then I guess I don't care to all I say eyes are one thing and then the second thing is how they carry themselves if the person is nice to your family if they're funny if they just have like a good vibe to them just go that one goes back to positivity but just how they are that's one thing that goes on about person so I'll say those are two things on what I first noticed some people are eyes and how they carry themselves number 13 what's the social stigma that society needs to get over this one is another question I can go into a deep topic but this answer I'm going to give it's it's something that it's been going on for years and years and years decades and decades and decades I would love for it to just be obsolete but I don't think it ever will nor do I think others they get everyone but I would say just race I don't see the reason for one person to hate another person based off the Congress yeah I can see why one person dislikes another person based off of the attitude personality how they treated people their car dog I can understand that but just hating a person just because of the color of the skin I think it's absolutely ridiculous so I mean I think it's ignorant I think it's just crazy I think it's just absolutely crazy I mean don't get me wrong I've had people give me looks yes I've had people give me works do you see what I am right yeah I had people give me looks I thought people looks like a white person I've had people give me looks if I compete with a Latino person Asian doesn't even matter also just one thing I was grown up and taught by my own father that weren't from where he said hey I'm gonna tell you this it doesn't matter there's a female out there that you like it doesn't matter if they're black white asian Latino or latina blue purple yellow it doesn't matter as long as you like that person for who they are and if they care for you and they like you for who you are then it doesn't matter and from that day and this is why he told me this when I was the age of six or seven somewhere in that age range but he told me that and that has never ever left my mind so the years I've interacted with people I've dated people I never cared about what they looked like I cared about how they are personality wives yeah their parents might not like me based off the way how I look but it's whatever it's because they're living in the old time during the old decade that older generation they just wanna hold on to just or hate but the generation now yeah you still got some racist people you still got people that care you got people are saying Oh something like do what a white girl or also a black girl but a white dude or what's this like a white dude doing with this Asian or Latino girl it goes on every day and it's never gonna it's never gonna stop and I just think that's absolutely ridiculous because the one thing that we should care about is if somebody loves another person based off of who they are okay my girlfriend she's white I'm like but guess what it doesn't matter because she cares for me and she likes me for who I am and vice versa so for you guys that are just hating and don't like anyone based off the color of skin then go on with that I think nice abs ridiculous in the older generation guys let it go learn to accept the person for who they are and not based on what they look like cuz we really get to learn and know the person deep down inside I bet you'll have a great appreciation for them I bet you would I'm not even lying you probably would just reconsidered so that's all the questions here guys I really appreciate all of them that were given I mean yeah we touch some beat talk beats and I kind of got a little bit in depth with them too but I wanted to provide my insight on some things to you so just leave a comment down below yeah you see me with my Alabama follow – sorry I had my chain up but that's just how I'm feeling today got my change but comment down below hit the subscribe button bright like real like guys I'm just not doing these videos for anything I'll probably looks like oh he just did one or two videos and that she's gonna be a he's just gonna stop nah told y'all all about this years and years ago and I need to do these videos and so yeah I'm gonna keep on doing them so you send me a text email so I'm on Instagram DM yeah I said you could slime IBM and just throw a videos suggestion for me or ask me a question to touch on or a topic touch on I'll be glad to do it because this is not stopping we gonna keep this going through so comment down below subscribe to me please subscribe if this was a good video and you guys appreciated all the questions and the topics not touched on and no this is just a start I'm gonna keep this morning on appreciate it graciously appreciate it thank you so much and you already know I'm about to say cheese gang is out

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