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Hey, what’s going on? The Church of Almighty God must be abolished! I ought to teach you a lesson. Keep pouring! She just miscarried! We’ll give her an injection that will make her start to hallucinate. Mom, I’m right here! What if they actually end up torturing me to death? God … loves … man. God … loves … man. Man … loves … God. Man … loves … God. All … praise … God. All … praise … God. Good. Now let me recite one more passage of God’s word, all right? (Yeah.) Almighty God’s word makes me see this world clearly, understand the meaning of human life, and step onto the right way of human life. Almighty God is indeed the truth, the way, and the life. Li Yan, what are you doing? I … I … think … What are you thinking of? We … praise … God, read … His … word. Mm. And what else? Try to remember. Anything else? Then let me continue to recite God’s word. Come and eat. It’s almost eight. You really should eat quickly! (Mm.) Aren’t you going somewhere today? Right. Yesterday our church brought in seven new believers. Oh, seven people? Wow! So what did you talk to them about? Well, at first, they thought Jesus and Almighty God were actually two separate Gods and refused to accept. So I had fellowship with them that the Age of Law, the Age of Grace, and the Age of Kingdom are all the work of one God. (Mm.) Every time God does a new stage of work, the place, the way He works, even His own name will change accordingly. If people try to know God through just one stage of His work, then they will easily define God in their conceptions. In the end, they would just be eliminated by God’s work like the Pharisees. Then, what happened? Later on, I spoke about God’s work of judgment and chastisement in the last days. And then, they readily accepted it. Oh, that’s great! (Mm.) Now that you’re responsible for the church. You should form a plan on how to help them grow in their faith. With the seven new people, along with the over twenty believers we brought in from some time ago, we’ll have over 30 new members at our meetings. That’s right! By the way, I made a list of their names. You see, I tried to divide them all into groups. I’ve planned to talk about it with my other co-workers. Hmm. Take it. Keep it safe. I’m out of time. I really need to go now. We can talk about this more when I get back tonight. (Okay!) Hey, who’s going to pick up our daughter tonight, you or me? (Hmm?) Mm … I have a lot to do tonight. Do you think that you could do it? Cause I don’t know when I’ll be back. (Mm.) Okay. Take care! Hey, what’s going on? Is your name Li Yan? We’re from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. You’re a believer in Almighty God. We’ve been following you for a while. Get in the car! Let’s go! (Let’s go!) Hey, what are you doing? What law did I break? Come on! Get in! You believers in Almighty God— we know everything about you. We’ve watched your every move. Come on! You behave yourself! God! I’m so scared now and I don’t know what to do. God! Give me the strength to not betray You or sell out my brothers and sisters. God! Please be with me. Get out! Eyes up! Go! What’s the charge? Believing in Almighty God. Oh, another two! Good! Well done! Go! Move it! The Central Committee has ruled: The core of the Church of Almighty God must be brought in. The United Front Work Department and the Religious Affairs Bureau have made a decision: The Church of Almighty God must be abolished! (Yes!) Director Chen, we’ve been investigating some believers in Almighty God very thoroughly. We’re hunting them down now. In fact, we’ve already caught several. The hard core won’t be able to hide from us much longer. (Mm.) We must be relentless on all of them, show no mercy. We have to get rid of them all. Only then will our mission be half completed. (Yes!) Come in. Director, we’ve captured Li Yan. Good! Take her back! Detain her! (Sir!) The time has come to crack down on them. We’ve caught another believer in Almighty God. You can search her. Give me your arms! Take off your clothes! Stop struggling! This is all the evidence we need to arrest you. You’ll have a lot to answer for! This is all the money I could find on her. Are you kidding me? What did you expect? What a whiner! Come on, such little money! I can’t even buy a cup of tea with this. Now stand back! This is a list of names I found in the pocket of her coat. It could be pretty important. Ah, yes! She’s written down so many names. Looks like she’s not just anybody. She must be a leader in the church. We’ve caught ourself a pretty big fish. Director’s going to love this. This is bad. What do I do? That list has the names of all those new believers on it. If they get arrested … What do I do? What do I do? So you’re a believer in Almighty God? Well, if He’s so powerful, ask for His help! Oh, could God be using her words to remind me to rely on Him? God is all-powerful! O God! What should I do? The names on that list are now in the hands of the police. I’m very afraid and don’t know what to do. The men and women on that list are all new believers. What will happen if they’re all arrested by the police? O God! Please make a way out for me. That’s right! God is the Ruler of all things. Everything that’s happening right now is part of His plan. These new believers are all in His hands. Without God’s will, there’s no way the police can catch them. Director Chen, when we searched this woman earlier, we found a list of names. And believe me: I mean a lot of names. That’s why I don’t think she’s just some ordinary woman. Answer me! Who are the people on this list? What are they up to? Where do they live? Eh? What’s your position in the church? Who do you answer to? Talk! Talk! Damn you! Answer us! Answer us! Why are you beating me? How is this the law? So do you beat the murderers and the robbers too? Why do you arrest us believers? Because here we make the laws. That’s life! Don’t play dumb. You believe in Almighty God. It’s forbidden by the state. In China, murder and arsony are nothing, but believing in God is a serious crime. But the state grants us the freedom to believe. Why do you arrest us? Freedom to believe? What kind of freedom is that? It’s the freedom of a bird trapped in a cage. Though its wings are not bound, when it flies, it’s still in the cage. You wanna scold me about freedom? Then you’re asking for trouble. Now you’ll tell us the truth or you’ll pay for your silence. But aren’t the state laws betraying the people? That’s enough! Let me make it clear. The state has decreed that we won’t be held accountable if we beat you to death. Got it? You’d better tell us what we want to know. Talk! … Who are those people on that list? Where do they live? Come on, why do you believe in God? Where is He now? All right. It’s past 5 o’clock. By the end of the day, I want there to be some results. I have to go now. Yes, sir. We can handle it. How dare you try to sleep! Wake up! Talk! Who is on that list? Tell me! Who are the upper leaders of your church? And the church’s money? Where is that? Huh? Talk! What’s the matter with you? Answer me! Why don’t you talk? Talk! … Stand up! Oh, still quiet? Then don’t you expect to get out alive. Talk! … Get out! Move! You stay here. Tell me! Where is all the church’s money? Because of this, we can sentence you to three or five years. Are you finished? We are, sir. There’s nothing else. You see, you’ve done nothing but waste our time. Take her away! Move! Keep interrogating her. And get her to start talking. (Yes, sir.) Good morning, Director Chen. Director Chen. How was it? Any progress? (No.) I have seen others who are just like you. Stay silent and you’ll suffer. If you talk, I can help you. You’ll suffer much less. Raise your head. You’re praying, right? No praying! Raise your head! You two haven’t slept in a while. Go get some rest. I’ll deal with her. (Yes, sir.) A woman of your age must have a child, right? Aren’t you missing your child? And how old are your parents? If you won’t save yourself, then you should think about your parents and your child. See your fellow believers. They’re all safe and free outside, but you sit in here suffering for them like a scapegoat. Is this worth it? Why suffer for this? You’re a wise young woman. If you can cooperate, I know we can work together. If you can work with my team and tell us everything you know about the church, then I’ll make sure you’re released and that you’re safe. Hmm. Don’t be so stubborn. You should consider being more flexible. If you’re too stubborn, then you’ll suffer. Can’t you see that? I’ve heard you play the piano. Now that’s quite the skill. Hmm … you’re so beautiful. You know I like music, too. I like meeting people who understand it. Li Yan, I’m 45 years old. I’m still young. I have everything. Well, except a friend that I can trust. You could be that friend. What do you think? Maybe we could be more than that. If you’ll be my lover, there’s nothing else you’ll need. How’s that sound? Don’t worry. Everyone listens to me. Keep your faith, alright? If you want, I can let you be a pastor in the Three-Self Church. What do you think? Don’t touch me! You don’t appreciate my kindness. I’m your only way out of here! If you’re that ungrateful, I’ll make your torture more severe. Then it will be too late to be saved. So tell me the truth. If you try to go on like this, you know you won’t last. O God! If I didn’t see it with my own two eyes, I never would have thought that any of the high-ranking officials of the CCP could be so base and obscene. They’re no better than a gang of thugs on the street. O God! They continue to torture me in order to get me to betray You and Your followers, so that they can go and destroy Your work. I can see it clearly now. They’re not really humans, but vile demons in disguise. O God! I will never bow to them. And I will never betray You as long as I live. Please give me strength so that I can keep going, so that I can stand firm in Your name. Fine! Director, how was it? Did she speak? She’s just another godized woman. It’s impossible to reform her. (Right.) We should stop wasting our time. (Hmm. Right.) Send her to the detention center tomorrow. Maybe some of the prisoners can break her for us. (Mm.) And I want you to tell Chief Zhu, “make sure that she’s ‘taken care of.'” Yes, sir. Look who it is! Chief Zhu! Hey, Xiao Cui. (It’s been a while!) Tell me what brings you out here today? Ah, sorry, my friend. I’m not here to visit. I’ve come here to handle some important business. What business? She believes in Almighty God. (Oh.) She is something. She’s tough. She won’t answer our questions. (Oh.) Sounds like another godized woman. (Mm.) Well, you’ve arrested a lot of these lately. Yes, and this time we’re trying to capture them all. We want to completely abolish the Church of Almighty God. So you see, we have to crack down on these godized people just like her. Director Chen told me he wants you to make sure she’s “all taken care of.” Mm. Got it. I know just how to deal with these people. You must control them with a firm hand. (Mm.) Take her! Move. Get in! She believes in God. They want her “taken care of.” Yes, m’am. We will. So where are you from? What’s your name? Beat her up! Keep at it! Li Yan, get up. Follow me outside. Doctor, tell me what’s wrong with her. He says you’re fine. There’s nothing wrong. You’ll be alright. Come on! Come in! Chief. (Yes?) We took the newcomer for an examination yesterday. (Mm.) Afterwards, the doctor told us she was two months pregnant. (Oh?) The rules say we can’t force her to work. We’re asking how should we deal with this. I see. What should we do? Chief, she’s a believer in Almighty God. And because of that, we can’t release her. A believer in Almighty God, eh? Right. When it comes to these believers in Almighty God, we have special instructions from the Central Committee. Let me check them. Mm, here. Believers in Almighty God are political criminals. (Mm.) And if any of them decide to become too stubborn or hard to reform, we must be hard on them. (Mm.) I think you know what I’m suggesting. Understand? We know what we need to do. Mm. Make the arrangements. Go! Yes, we’ll get right on that. (Good.) Wu Fang, come here! (Yeah?) What do you need, m’am? Got an important job for you. (Sure.) Why do you want us to hit her in the belly? Are you talking back to me? Don’t question my orders. Yes, m’am. Sorry. Now go back. (I’ll go.) Got it. Hey, Li Yan, get on your feet. Hey, you listen to me when I’m talking to you. I ought to teach you a lesson. What’s going on in there? Hurry, hurry! Come on! Get up. Get up. Who started all of this? Officer, Li Yan started hitting us. We wanted to stop. She’s right, Officer. She’s right, Officer. You should stand up for us. Oh, it hurts. You! What’s wrong with you? Do you think you’re in charge around here? O Almighty God! I’m in such pain. I can’t stand it. I can’t stay here. I can’t stay in this place for one more minute. God! Please help me. Please protect me. I can’t survive this by myself. God! Yes. Any suffering I may endure for gaining the truth God will remember it. It’s important and it means something. All of the suffering they bring will just bring me closer to God’s blessings and promises. In this vast sea of people, how many of them will endure such hardship just to gain the truth? How many will suffer for believing in God? Today, I’m suffering for experiencing God’s work. Isn’t this my honor and God’s favor? God, I understand Your will. I can’t let myself be timid anymore. I’m willing to be one who puts Your mind at ease. All right. It’s dinner time. Line up! Number 2. (Here.) Number 7. (Here.) Number 8. (Here.) Li Yan, this is for your stomachache. The doctor prescribed it for your gastritis. It’ll make you better. Take it. It’s very effective. Go on. Take it. How dare you be so ungrateful! You need to be punished. Bring her over here! Over here! Hold her down. Hold her. Open up! Hold her down! Drink it! That’s it! If we tell you to drink, you drink it! Open her mouth. Do it now! God! What did they just force me to drink? Help me. God! I think they might be trying to kill me. I feel I’m dying. O God! What’s going on with her? Leave her alone. The room smells like blood. Did something die in here? What? She just miscarried! What? So that stuff we forced her to drink made her lose the baby. (Yes, yes.) That’s right. It all makes sense. That’s why the officer told us all to kick her in the belly that day. (Right!) Yes! That’s awful. God … God, how could this happen? God, how could this happen? I hate them all. I hate them so much! Oh, God. God! I never thought that the CCP would be capable of doing something this terrible. They took my baby from me. God … Why do they think they can play with human’s lives like this? Oh God! I’m in such misery. I can barely stand it anymore. God. God! What is Your will? Please enlighten me. O God … Yes! When we face trials in this world, God intends to perfect our faith. God always blesses and has mercy on those who can maintain their faith in Him for all things, no matter what may become of them. In the story of Job, when he was tempted by Satan, after his flocks were carried away by robbers and he lost all of his wealth, and he suffered from terrible illness, although he was miserable and growing very weak, and didn’t understand God’s will, he never complained against God, nor did he misunderstand that God had abandoned him, instead he, relying on his faith, prayed to God and sought out God’s will. Not once did he renounce God’s name. In the end, he stood by his testimony and received God’s blessings a hundred times over. And now, in this prison, Satan is trying to torment me in the exact same way by taking the baby from my womb, trying to make me reject God. But isn’t this the time where I need to have faith in God more than ever? How can I misunderstand His will? Although I might not be able to understand it now, I’ll have to be like Job and rely on God with my faith, stand testimony for God, and never yield to Satan. I believe that God will lead me through all of these difficulties. Li Yan, come out! Move it! Walk! Move it! Now take off her clothes. Hey, wait. What are you doing? Didn’t she miscarry a week ago? There’s a chance this could kill her. Don’t you worry. It’s fine. They’re believers in God. Don’t they die just like a dog dies? Keep pouring! God, they might actually kill me. Please protect me and give me the will to suffer, so that I won’t betray You, no matter what happens. O God! O God! May You give me strength, give me faith. Let’s stop. It’s been almost an hour. Take her back! Hey, this is so strange. We poured water on her for a really long time. How come she’s totally fine? Could it be that there’s really a God protecting her? Come on! Are you a believer now? God! I know that You’re still with me. I truly believe that. When I was afflicted by Satan, You were there with me. I’m so weak and so tired. I couldn’t have survived on my own. O God! Today You’ve shown me how mighty You are, and You’ve shown these demons Your wondrous deeds. They see that Your life force can exceed any force. O God! You’re so almighty! You are indeed my support, the one true God who controls all things. I thank You and praise You! Come in. Yes, sir. Sit. (Thanks.) The believer in Almighty God, how is she doing? Oh, that’s all right. This is Director Chen. (Oh, hello, sir!) (Yes, sir.) The baby’s aborted. (Hmm.) So now, what would you like us to do? I see. Well, according to the Director’s wishes, we’ll give her an injection that will make her start to hallucinate. This will make her go insane. Even after she gets out, she’ll lose her belief in God. She won’t be a problem, at least, not ours. Besides, who’s going to listen to what a lunatic says? But listen, if we do this, then it has to be done in secrecy. No one can know. Understand? (Yes, sir!) Don’t give a whole dose. A little at a time. (Mm.) Make her go mad slowly. When she starts to lose control of her mind, she might say some things. (Right.) That’s when you should pay attention. Mm. Yes, sir. We know exactly what to do. Good. You can make the arrangements. Dismissed. (Sure.) Thank you, Director. Thank you, Chief. Good day! Li Yan, come out! Move! Please, nurse, what is it that I’m sick with? Don’t question the treatment. Now hold out your arm. You’ll need to be injected regularly. Come here every day. Move! Number 8. (Here.) What’s wrong with me? My head feels swollen. I just can’t think straight, and it feels like there’s something inside it. I can’t remember as much. What’s going on with me? Get up! Get up! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Run! Run! Hurry! Li Yan, where are you? (Mom.) Where are you? Mom! It’s my Mom! Mom! Mom, I’m right here! Mom! Mom, I’m right here! Mom … Mom … Answer us! Time to start talking! Start talking! Hit her! No! No! No! Hey, do you still believe in your God? If you still believe, I’ll beat you to death. I’ll do it. What do you think? Is she going crazy? Has she ever talked to herself like that? One minute she cries and she laughs. She hasn’t been acting like herself lately. But what’s going on? (Mm.) You’re right. Yeah. Hey, hey! I’ve heard you believe in God. I understand. My in-laws are believers. It’s true. Hey, how many people out there you suppose believe in God? Tell us where your church is. Who preached the gospel to you? Hey, we just wanna talk. Hey, don’t be like that. Hey, don’t go. You can talk to us. Say something! What’s going on with me? Why can’t I control myself? If I can’t control myself, what if I tell them the names of brothers and sisters? God! Please guard my mouth and keep me from selling out brothers and sisters. Uh? You idiot, why are you sitting there? Move it! Move! You get a hold of yourself, you lunatic! I’m sick of looking at you. God! I can’t be in here with them. I’m scared that I might lose control of my mind, and accidentally reveal all the secrets about the church. God! Help me keep my mouth closed so that I won’t tell them anything. Sister Li, hurry! Hey, who is this Sister Li? She works with me sometimes. Tell us what your name is. My name’s Li Yan. And is it true you believe in Almighty God? (Mm.) Are there many believers in Almighty God out there? (Yes.) So, Li Yan, could you tell us where your church is? What is the name of your leader? Hey, what are you doing? Nothing, nothing at all. No, it’s fine. She’s nuts. God! I can’t sleep. I can’t control myself in my sleep. God! I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep. God! Help me watch my mouth, so that I won’t say the names of brothers and sisters. I don’t want them to suffer like this. I can’t let that happen. God! Please help me. Please help me. Li Yan seems insane, but I know she’s pretending. If she keeps at it, you teach her a lesson. Are you so lazy that you can’t fold a quilt? Today I’m going to get you straightened up. Now I have become insane. I barely feel like I’m alive. If I have to be beaten and cursed like this, I would rather be dead. Li Yan, get up! Get up quickly! Get up! Oh no, you don’t! Let go! Let go! You lunatic! You wanna die. That’s fine. But not while I’m on duty. You hear me? The show’s over. Lie down! God! I can’t take it anymore. All I want to do is die. Please, God, or else I’ll just keep getting tortured. I’m begging you to let me die. O God! I’m already losing my mind. What’s the point of living like this? Please just let me die. It’s strange. Why doesn’t it hurt? It’s still a solid wall. But how come it feels like it’s cotton? Why can’t I feel any pain? O God! Now I see. It’s Your will for me to keep living and to live with a strong will. No matter what happens, I must live by the strength of my faith. I have to be a living testimony to comfort You. But my faith is too weak and I had no trust in You. Before, when everything in my life was easier, I pledged my life to You and said I would be loyal to You in everything I do to repay Your love. But when Satan tempted me, and I needed to suffer in order to prove that loyalty to You, I chose to be disappointed in You and I even lost my courage to live on. O God! I can see now that the way I was living was treating You carelessly and deceptively. I was wrong! I never gave my true heart to You. O God! I know now I shouldn’t have lost faith in You, and I shouldn’t try to escape my suffering. Now I’ve come to understand Your will. Now when I have to face this suffering, that’s the time when You’ll strengthen my faith and my love for You. And it’s also the time when You’ll expect me to live by faith. I don’t want to live through my way anymore, and I don’t want to disobey You or upset You. O God! I’m putting my destiny in Your hands. I’m willing to commit my entire life completely to You. When Satan tempts me in times of hardship, I’ll be just like Job and endure the suffering by holding on to my loyalty and faith in You, submitting to whatever Your plan may be, and taking action that is pleasing to You. Li Yan, pick up your things and come with me. According to Article 10, Item 4 and Article 13 in The Trial Procedures for Education Through Labor, Li Yan, who was charged and found guilty of disturbing the social order, is sentenced to education through labor for one year and six months. What is this place they’ve brought me to? Are they just going to torture me all over again? God! I’m a little scared. Yes, what can a tiny creature like me ever do for God? Peter obeyed God until death and was crucified upside down for God, leaving behind a resounding testimony. What have I done for God? Haven’t I made a promise to Him that I would remain faithful in all aspects of my life? But when I stand in the face of a real challenge today, why do I want to run? God! I’m willing to stay true to You, and keep that promise. No matter how Satan may attack me, I’m willing to obey Your guidance and stand by my loyalty to You. But God, sometimes I can think clearly and sometimes I can’t. My memory is failing. I’m scared that I’ll lose control of myself and betray You and become a Judas. O God! Please be here in my mind and my spirit and help me guard my mouth. I’d rather die or be a mute than do anything that would betray You. God, please help me find a way out of this. This woman’s a believer in Almighty God. She can be very difficult and stubborn, too. She has medicine. She must take every day. Don’t stop her medicine at all. I understand. I’ll make sure she’s “taken care of.” Mm, very well then. I’ll leave. You’re busy! Sure. Good day. What’s your full name? Uh … uh … Answer her. What is your name? Where are you from? Uh … Why won’t you speak? Name your family members. (Uh …) So they sent us a mute? Why didn’t they tell us that? God! I know You must have answered my prayer, and You must be protecting me. I’m really unable to talk. O God! Now I understand that in this prison, no matter how much I’m tortured by them, You’ve been with me the entire time and haven’t left me once. Move. Hey you, come here. Clean up this mess and throw it away. (Okay.) Hey, I’ve received word for us to increase the dosage for that prisoner’s medicine. They want it done quick, so she’ll go mad and won’t be a problem. Or we’ll have to keep injecting her. (Okay.) Li Yan! Come on! Move! Now drink this. This will help restore your health. You’re getting much too weak. Hey mute, why are you standing there? Go and get in the shower! What’s the matter with you? Why are you pasting bags together? You idiot! That’s wasteful! Enough childishness! Get back to your work! If not, we’ll put you in solitary. And you won’t get out of there alive. We know how to punish you. W-work! God, my memory is getting worse and worse. I’m in a daze all the time, but I know I’m still a believer in God. I can still remember Your words. God, You are the almighty God Himself. Everything is in Your hands. I know that as long as I give everything to You and rely on my faith in You, I can overcome Satan’s siege. God! No matter how much Satan tortures me, I won’t make complaints. Even if I breathe my last breath, I’ll obey You and follow whatever You’ve planned. God! I’ve become something I don’t recognize. I’m not myself anymore. I can’t even take care of myself. What if I’m stuck like this? God! What if they actually end up torturing me to death? God! Right now I feel so weak. I wish I could talk to the sisters about my feelings. God … God! You’re with me. You’re always with me. I’m never alone. I’m willing to trust You. Li Yan, get up! You’re moving to Team Two. Li Yan, get up! Move. This is Li Yan. She’s a mute. She will stay here. So is she a prostitute or a thief? She believes in Almighty God, a political criminal. Sister, don’t be scared. I’m here for you. I’m Zhang Juan and I believe in Almighty God. Why can’t you speak, sister? Why don’t you just let me sing a song for you? Sister, I was also arrested by the police while I was performing duty. They put me through such torture, hanging me on the iron bars while they questioned me. That sister is Dai Rong. She’s sentenced to three years. She has a baby waiting for her at home. That old woman over there is called Auntie Wang. She is over 70 years old. The cops used to leave marks on her face. And her wrists were covered with cuts from the handcuff teeth. Even now, those wounds haven’t fully healed. The woman beside her is Auntie Lu. She’s the one who’s been beaten the most severely. It’s been many days but many wounds still haven’t healed yet. Why are you so close to her? Eh? We’re just chatting. Just a few words. No more whispering! If you say anything about God, it’s solitary! Got it? (Yes!) Go! Li Yan, there’s something important I have to tell you. Listen: Your illness is coming from the injections they’ve been giving you. One day I passed by the clinic and I heard them say that. They all just want to make you crazy, so that you can’t believe in God and lose the salvation. Li Yan, now you know about their lies. When they give you the medicine, you shouldn’t take it anymore. You can’t let them keep hurting you. This is evil! These people are just beasts. Now I know what’s happened. My mental state was caused by the medicine these demons have been giving me. What did I do wrong? All I want to do is worship God and walk the right way, but these horrible people have tried to destroy my mind. Not only did they kill my baby but they turned me into a lunatic. And all the while they tried to kill me! O God! They are so heartless! Are they still human? Or are they demons that devour men’s souls? Get in! Li Yan, stay calm. It’s Zhang Juan. They forced me to tell them who the church leaders are and also where we always went to have our meetings. Oh, they truly are God’s enemies. They’re demons. But no matter what, God is always with us, and He won’t allow them to succeed. These are dirty. Take them off. I’ll wash them. Hey, Li Yan, what’s going on? It’s not good for you to laugh and cry like this. You’re giving the evil spirit an opportunity to try and influence you. You must see through Satan’s scheme. The next time you want to cry, pray to God instead and He’ll help you overcome it. Remember? Li Yan, let me recite some more of God’s word. See, Li Yan, when you start to have these awful feelings, remember those words. God’s word explains that they’re just the work of Satan. Those are the times when Satan disturbs you. So pray to God first. You will see through Satan’s schemes. Understand? Li Yan, when they try to give you the medicine again, just say, “I won’t take it!” Remember that! Never ever take it! Li Yan, take the drink. I … I won’t take it. Stop … stop hurting me! Once they saw that I began to resist them, they stopped giving me the injections. From that point on, they stopped drugging me the way they had been for the past five months. No. God! I can’t control myself. Satan wants to take my mind. May You curse Satan and bring me peace so that I can quiet my heart before You, quiet my heart before You. Stop slacking off, or we’ll put you in solitary. And you won’t get out of there alive! God! Satan continues to attack me. Please save me and curse Satan. Li Yan, Li Yan, what are you thinking about? Li Yan? I … can … remember! I … can … remember! What is it that you remember? I … I … Li Yan, we’ll talk later. Let me recite some more of God’s word to you. Listen and remember it. Li Yan, it’s just like God’s word says. It means though we’re suffering under Satan’s influence, facing our most difficult times, God’s there, and He will help us find our own way to break out of that terrible darkness, and He will make us into overcomers. As long as we put our faith in God, He will definitely make us complete. You see, Li Yan, although we are stuck in prison, He’s been there Himself, not just to help us see through Satan’s devilish substance, but to also bless us with faith and strength during all those times we endured such torture, so that we wouldn’t lose hope and give in to Satan. And that’s enough to prove that God is more powerful than Satan. I didn’t yield to Satan. I need to stand testimony. Great! Yes, Li Yan. You do have your memory back, and pretty soon, I know you’ll be able to speak again. Uh-huh? Let me do it, Sister Zhang. O God! The officers of the CCP injected me with that drug for a total of five months to a point where I had trouble eating, drinking, even using the bathroom. Without You being there to protect and care for me, I would have been dead for some time now. Today, I, who thought she was going insane a few months ago, am finally returning to normal. Thanks to Your great power, through which I now know that all miracles are possible, a power that is proof that You control all things. O God! During my time in this place, I’ve learned what kind of obedience is a true testimony, and through that way I’ve learned how to live a more meaningful life. O God! I offer up my thanks and highest praises as I live to worship You. How is it possible? We’ve been injecting her for the past five months to drive her crazy. She took the medicine. So why hasn’t she gone insane? Why is she well? How is she normal? I can’t believe it. I’ve never seen anything like it. Maybe it was God? Maybe her God saved her? On that day, when she stopped taking the medicine, when she said she wouldn’t take it and to stop hurting her, I had a very sudden fear in my heart. My hands were trembling at the time. I never understood it. I’ve injected so many other prisoners, but I’ve never felt that way. Stop it! That’s enough! While I faced cruel persecution as a prisoner of the government, although I experienced all kinds of painful torture, God helped me and made me clearly see the evil and reactionary nature of the CCP government, that all suffering is the work of Satan who is rebellious and hostile towards God. And I experienced God’s mightiness, sovereignty, and wonderful deeds in all surroundings. And God’s love is so deep and so great. The CCP displayed their cruelty persecuting me and attacking me as brutally as they could. Not only did they get rid of the baby in my womb, but they also poisoned me in an effort to make me lose my mind. But God was there and guided me through His words, so that I could overcome Satan’s torture step by step, and so I could regain my sense and fix my broken mind. I’ve realized the true power and authority of God’s word, as well as the transcendence and greatness of God’s life power. Almighty God is indeed the unique God Himself. His life is unending, and He will never be overwhelmed or under attack by any enemy or force of darkness. Just as God’s word says, Thank You, God! In the face of persecution, You personally saved me from death, brought me hope, and gave me a new life. May all the glory, honor, and praise be given to You, the only true God of the entire universe! Amen!


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