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I think communication amongst the team members and the board is pretty good in our organization – it’s not perfect – sometimes we… we miscommunicate, or we don’t understand exactly each other, but we always end up having these conversations to make sure everyone is on the same wavelength and there’s no issue between everyone, especially when we have to have decisions that are harder to take. But in general we try to… all agree on something before taking a decision so it’s not about fifty plus one percent – fifty percent plus one – so it’s not a majority when we take decisions but everyone having consensus having consensus instead of majority so everyone feels good about a position. Maybe we’re still able to do it because we’re a small organisation, we’re five members on the board. So at the moment we’re still able to do it and I think it’s a very good thing to be able to all take decisions together so we stick together and there is no conflict of “oh.. I knew we shouldn’t have done this, or that.” So to be able to do that it’s… conversation, discussions, debates sometimes and sometimes also compromise. So I think we all do it in a way where maybe we think .. we didn’t think we should take that decision but we’re able to just be okay with it even if it’s not exactly what we wanted. So yes- conversations, debates, discussions, and sometimes compromise. Maybe that’s a.. a magic trick for something not perfect but something pretty good.

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