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Hey it’s your worst waifu here to talk
about gyaru anime girls. Anime gyaru are based off a real japanese subculture
which is simply called gyaru. The word gyaru comes from the english word gal so
in the english-speaking world you may hear many people call them gals. To
understand anime gyaru it is helpful to see what their character designs are
based off of. Luckily a quick google search can show you some real-life
gyaru. Gyaru popularity peaked in the 90s and early 2000s. From 2008 until 2011
gyaru became mainstream and started showing up in Japanese magazines like
pop teen and egg. Here are some of my own gyaru magazines from 2009. I think these
magazines really highlight the carefree, fun-loving aesthetic that gyaru are known for. When we look at real life gyaru
we can see how they have been kind of transferred into the 2d world. But in
this video I am tackling anime gyaru. So, what did they look like in
anime? Meet Gyaruko-chan. A hardcore gyaru from an anime called oshiete gyaruko-chan. I mean she’s obviously a hardcore gal… it’s in her name. That’s the joke. *Whispering* The most telling
signs that a character is gyaru is bleached hair, fancy decorated nails
flashy clothes, visible makeup like eyeshadow or lipstick and lots of
accessories! By accessories I don’t just mean hair accessories either… Earrings!
Bracelets! Necklaces! Even charms on their bags and cellphones… they will be
completely decked out. Typically in anime we see blonde gyaru characters but
shades of brown and red also do exist of course… Gyaru put a lot of time into how
they look so not only is their hair often bleached but they will style it as
well. Volumized, kind of fluffy looking
hairstyles tend to be the most popular. Gyaru-ko pretty much nails down exactly
what a gyaru is and just hits all the main traits. Now, there are two traits that are very popular in anime that gyaru does not have… And we’ll look
at them now. The first one is that Gyaru-ko does not wear loose socks with her
school uniform. Loose socks were a staple of the 90s and early 2000s. Now I really
like old-school gyaru fashion so… her not having loose socks is a bit of a
disappointment to me but I also understand it. Gyaruko is a modern gal…
so modern look right? The second common trait that Gyaruko does
not have is having a tan complexion. In the 90s it was very popular for a gyaru
to tan or even wear makeup to look more tan. This is obviously controversial but
I wanted to mention it as this influence from the real world and still be seen in
gyaru character designs in manga and anime today. Some gyaru would tan their
skin very heavily and call themselves ganguro or yamanba, many many different names. Depending on what sub style they were going for. There are many sub styles of gyaru but I’m going to stick to the ones that show
up most often in anime. Most gyaru we see in anime are kogyaru. And kogyaru are just gyaru that are school girls. Cause so much anime takes place in high school,
most of the gyaru you may be familiar with are probably kogyaru. Kogyaru
have a unique way of speaking which is called kogyarugo. Literally it means
kogyaru language or kogyaru speak. Because gyaru often use this unique way
of talking, a common gag and stereotype is that normal people can’t understand
gyaru. Gyaru have many associated stereotypes that have been pushed on
them by society. To explain the stereotypes associated with gyaru in Japan I would
like to make a comparison to the West. Gyaru are seen similarly to the valley
girl, dumb blonde or popular mean girl stereotype. I guess a more recent example
would be like a vsco girl??? Some people think they are airheaded bimbos who use
too much slang, party all night and bully their classmates. Generally the gyaru lifestyle prioritizes having fun first and because
of this many people assume gyaru never study and are big old dum-dums. They are also often criticized for being too materialistic, too loud, too forward and
too promiscuous. On the flip side people that like gyaru see them as
stylish, sociable, friendly and confident! Whether these stereotypes are true or
not… obviously depends on the character! The reason why I find these stereotypes
so interesting is because they help you understand the context …mmm… “context” that
surrounds a character. For example, why are other characters sometimes
intimidated by gyaru? Why does everyone think that gyaru are airheads? When we
understand the stereotypes we easily understand why this happens in anime. Earlier I mentioned that gyaru are often seen as promiscuous… The reason for
this is gyaru are not afraid to wear revealing clothing. and there is a
popular rumor that it will date people for money. Gyaru often have expensive tastes and are crazy about big brand items. Like bags, accessories just they are materialistic! So the idea is if they
don’t have the money for their bags… They… get them from their sugar daddies
and I just *ugh* I hate saying that… but that’s the stereotype! Although in most gyaru
anime and manga that I’m familiar with most of them do not do paid dating… but in
one of my favorite manga, Gals, One of the main characters named Aya initially does
go on dates for money. Aya Hoshino is an outlier gyaru. She is a more toned
down example than we are usually able to see. Aya does not dye her hair and she
does care about getting good grades in school. However she still does wear the
gyaru style and loves hanging around Shibuya with her other gyaru friends. I’ll talk a bit more about Shibuya and its importance in a bit but for now
let’s talk a bit more about Aya and the role of gyaru in anime. Aya shows us
that not all gyaru characters are the same. and actually very commonly in anime
gyaru characters defy our expectations Gyaru are known for being materialistic
and vain so the author is more likely to put them in a story that will show us
something like beauty comes from the heart or don’t judge a book by its cover. Gyaru are stereotypically promiscuous so to defy the expectation we will have a
character that might look easy… but of course that doesn’t mean she is! or
instead of a gyaru being the bully she will probably more likely be
non-judgmental friendly and fun-loving. It is true that sometimes we do see gyaru play the role of the bully but I find that less common… and when they are the bully it’s kind of that very Mean Girls
clicky with your friends kind of bully… The truth is all of gyaru is if someone
who dresses gyaru and identifies as a gyaru. Identifying as a gyaru is kind of
important because for many of them it is a lifestyle they are proud of! Commonly
gyaru say it is necessary for them to do their nails, dress nicely, do their hair because to them dressing gyaru… is a part of their identity! I would be doing you to service if I made a gyaru video and did not talk
about Shibuya. Well gyaru characters are often shown hanging out in shibuya
because it is famous for its trendy fashion shops and it is often referenced
in anime as the hip place for gyaru characters to hang around. If you’re
interested in knowing if a gyaru is in Shibuya… Keep an eye out for Shibuya’s most
iconic sites such as the Hachiko dog statue the shibuya crosswalk and
shibuya 109, which is a huge shopping complex. I’m gonna mention super gals
again but the main character Ran loves to even arrogantly claim that she is the
number one gal in Shibuya and that’s like a huge bragging point.
So other than shopping and basically being the mall rats of Shibuya what do gyaru do? Gyaru are social creatures that like hanging out with their gyaru circle. A gyaru circle is just a group of gyaru that meet up frequently. Popular
activities are going up to trendy places to eat, karaoke and taking pictures
especially purikura. Purikura are those photo booths that are all over
Japan’s malls and arcades. They will essentially Photoshop you into a cuter
version of yourself… or an alien depending on your uncanny valley
tolerance! I really like taking purikura as well though so I honestly
understand why gyaru like them. They are a really cute memento. Gyaru embrace
modern culture like cell phones so they love to decorate their cell phones with
the little purikura stamps… Really gyaru just like to decorate everything. The gyaru lifestyle is also heavily associated with parapara dancing. Para
para dancing refers to synchronized dance routines that gyaru learn and
perform together often in large groups. usually parapara dancing is accompanied
by Eurobeat music and with my mentioning of Eurobeat you may guess at the
style of dance has fallen in popularity over the years. Even so parapara and gyaru are often seen as linked. Okay
so I talked a lot about kogyaru because we see them most in anime but maybe some
of you are wondering are there adult gyaru? Adult gyaru definitely exist a
good example of one is Ryuiji’s mother from Toradora. Ryuji’s mother works as a hostess in a nightclub and she nails down the
adult gyaru look to a tee. She also uses slang
and is often shown playing on her cellphone… She’s also a bit of an airhead and childish. Both things that are associated
with gyaru. Many real hostesses in Japan love the gyaru look. There’s even a movie
called girl’s life which is about an adult gyaru who works in a host club. Also
before anyone asks if people still dress gyaru in Japan… Yes, they do!
I saw gyaru when I was in Shibuya about a month ago and I still see them around
downtown Osaka quite regularly. but like I said hardcore gyaru fashion is no
longer mainstream. Just in case some people came here wanting some
recommendations for gyaru manga and gyaru anime… I can give you some but I really
think I should do a separate video for that… If you really want to solidify what
a gyaru is in your mind… I’d recommend reading the gals manga or
watch the oh Oshiete Gyaruko-chan anime. Those two series just really
nail down what gyaru are more than else I’ve encountered. I also
think got gyaru to koryuu is really cute. It’s a manga about a gyaru and her
roommate who is a dinosaur. And this dinosaur is just so dingus I love his
dingus little face… It is just kind of very feel good…
There’s also going to be an anime for it soon so check it! Also stay far away
from gal cleaning. It’s horrible. And not like a horrible
you should check it out! just yeah it’s *blah* bad! Hopefully I cleared some things up for you guys I’m really interested in
Japanese subcultures how they show up in anime… so I’ll probably keep making
videos like these. I’ve already done an anime girl delinquent guide video which
you may have seen. If you haven’t seen it and you like this video I’m pretty sure
you’ll like the other one. So the real question is why are you here? Do you like
gyaru? Are you just curious about them? Do you want some kind of official worst
waifu verdict on if a character is gyaru or not? Just something in the comments
guys… I would love to talk more about gals
gyaru… whatever you want to call them I really don’t care. I’m just happy to meet
other people who care about these things that I care about makes me excited! So
yeah I’m excited! Comments please! Something something
something something please! I don’t get to talk about gyaru
enough and it’s fun for me! Like if you are a gyaru fan and subscribe for more videos bye!

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