Havana Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings

Hi, I’m Katie from What Katie Did and welcome
back. Today I’m going to tell you about our Havana
Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings. To tell you the truth, I had kind of given
up on them. I’ve had them on order since February, 2019
and it’s now January, 2020 and I was at our LA office last week and we were chatting about
them and I said, “I’ve kind of given up on them, I’m not really sure they’ll appear again
at all.” But as soon as I got back to the UK, I found
out that we’d had a surprise delivery. There’s only a few factories left still making
fully fashioned stockings in the world. And there’s a top speed of 30 pairs per hour
per machine and it’s hard enough to keep the basics going, by which I mean the Points and
the Cuban heels and anything slightly fancy, it’s very difficult to keep in stock and it’s
very difficult for the factories to keep up with demand. So that’s why we’ve had such a long gap with
our Havanas. But I have to tell you, I’m delighted to see
them back because it’s actually my favorite heel style. If you look closely at the Cuban here, we’ve
got the Cuban Fully Fashioned Stocking here and the Havana and Havana is slightly shorter
and it’s also slightly wider. And another intriguing point about these stockings
is there’s also got a slight cutaway at the foot underneath, which makes them a little
bit sexier and good for wearing if you’re wearing cutaway shoes. When you look at vintage stockings, Havana
heels really didn’t exist back in the day and they are quite a modern invention. But when you look at vintage styles, they
quite often had a shorter heel than the modern Cuban heels do. So this is actually more typical of fully
fashioned stockings of the ’50s. The Cuban heel now most of these are made
in Europe, although there is one factory making them in the USA. But the long Cuban heel is, as I said, it’s
quite a modern invention. And even back in the ’90s I can remember there
was a brand Sweet Caroline in the US which was made by Magnolia Mills. And they had something … their design was
closer to the Havana than the Cuban even though they called it a Cuban. So there’s not really a right or wrong it’s
just the way different factories make things. And of course now, there’s only a few fully
fashioned factories left in the world. The designs are very, very similar. We only carry our Havana heels in black because
as I mentioned, it’s hard enough to get them in black, let alone any other colors and I
know if we were going to do them in chocolate or something like that we’d be waiting years
for them literally. So black is our best selling stocking color
by far and when it comes to fully fashioned, so that’s the ones we concentrate on. What I should point out about fully fashioneds
is the sole of a foot is very, very fine so they’re very easy to wear with mules. If you wear mules with our Glamour seams or
any other stockings, the sole of the stocking is quite thick and you’ll find yourself slipping
and sliding a little. But because the sole of the foot with fully
fashioned is very, very fine your foot sticks to the sole of the bottom of your shoe quite
easily. And you’ll find them easy to walk in. So if you are wearing a fancy heel type or
really want to show off Havana heels, then you can wear them with an open-toed mule quite
happily and be able to walk around without slipping and sliding. So that’s my tip. And I certainly like wearing Havanas with
mules just so you can really see the heel type. Quite often it is a little bit disappointing
when you wear your fully fashioned stockings with normal shoes because the heel comes up
to here. So you really only see a little bit of the
heel detail. And if you look on our website, we always
shoot our stockings with mules simply so you can see the beautiful heel details. As always, fully fashioned stockings are very
delicate. They’re made from a very sheer 15-denier,
non-stretch nylon and you do have to be very careful putting them on and taking them off. Back in the day people he used to work in
the hosiery mills used to have two manicures a day once when they arrived at a factory
and once after lunch to really make sure their hands were super smooth and wouldn’t cause
any damage to the nylons. So if you are going to wear fully fashioned
stockings, I really do recommend wearing gloves with this one style just so you don’t damage
your nylons putting them on. I’ve also got a video about how to look after
your nylons and if you are going to invest in fully fashioned stockings, I really recommend
you take a look at it to make sure you store your stockings carefully because it’s not
really when you’re wearing them that the damage occurs. It’s when you’re storing them and when you’re
washing them and when even you’re putting them on. We do have a lot more videos about fully fashioned
stockings on our YouTube channel, so please subscribe and take a look, and in the meantime,
take care and I’ll catch up with you soon.

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