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Hey, guys! It’s Mi-Anne and this is Beauty With Mi. A few months ago, I did a photoshoot for Refinery29.com, where we pitted high-end makeup against drugstore makeup. Now one of the critiques we got was that we didn’t show the makeup at the end of the day AKA after a couple of hours of wear. So I decided to rectify that by doing the challenge on my own face. So you spoke, I heard. I’m going to do high-end makeup on the left side of my face and drugstore makeup on the right side of my face. And you’re going to come with me as I test it out throughout the day. Alright, so let’s get started. Say hi! So first things first: foundation. I’m going to use Estée Lauder Double Wear in Nude, the lighter version of their Classic Double Wear Foundation. It’s supposed to last for a very long time on my face. I like this. It’s very lightweight. It doesn’t really feel like I’m putting a lot of makeup on. So the one little pitfall of this is that if you’re looking for a full coverage face, this is definitely not the foundation for you. So that’s the first foundation down. I’m going to move onto the next foundation which is Revlon Colorstay, a classic drugstore find. So right off the bat, I’m noticing a few things. The Revlon Colorstay side has a little more coverage than the Estée Lauder Nude does. I’m excited to see how it wears though because both of these foundations are supposed to last for a really long time. So next up I’m going to go in with some high-end bronzer on this left side of my face. I’m going to use NARS Laguna. It’s a beautiful matte bronzer. It’s a very nice color. It’s really kind of melding with my skin well so it doesn’t look powdery, which I like. It’s definitely a look that I do a lot. On the other side of my face, I’m going to use the drugstore bronzer, which is this bronzer from CoverGirl. It’s called the TruBlend Bronzer. So what I love about this bronzer is that it has this really nice like chocolatey bronze coloring. And just a little bit of iridescence running through it. I like the way that it applies. It applies very smoothly. It’s really easy to build it up to, which is very nice as well. So to finish off the rest of the face, I’m going to do highlighter, one of favorite parts of any makeup lewk. This is a brand new highlighter from Charlotte Tillbury. It’s called the Beauty Light Wand. It’s cream. It comes out of this cute little sponge that’s really soft. So beautiful. I’m going to put it directly onto my face. I think I’m just going to stamp it because I don’t want it to be too intense on the offset. Tap into my cheekbones. This is the NYX Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter. And what I’m really excited about for this is: it’s pretty much an exact match for the color of the Charlotte Tillbury highlighter. So right off the bat, the texture of this NYX one is a lot less emollient than the Charlotte Tillbury one. And by that I mean, it doesn’t have as much slip to it. I’m going to do eyeshadow next. The high-end palette that I’m going to use today is actually one by my girl, Kylie Jenner. It has a lot of really beautiful warm shades in it. I’m going to go in with a little bit mixing orange shade with this kind of mid-tone brown. So I really like these eyeshadows. It’s a good amount. It’s a nice buildable. I’m going to use cream shade now just on top of the lid a little bit. Do a little bit highlight situation. So because I’m going to use a little bit of eyeliner on my bottom lash line, I find that that can tend to close your eye a lot. So I try to counteract that by putting a little bit of color on the top lash line just to open things up. Dip into this brown shade and a little bit of the black. And I’m going to very lightly line my eyes. There you go. So that’s the Kylie palette on my left eye. Kylie did a good job on this one. I like it. I really like it. On the drugstore side, I’m using this palette from e.l.f. It is a beautiful matte palette. A ton of really nice warm brown shades. I’m going to mix this warm shade with this mid-tone brown. I will say that this is my better eye. Does anyone have that? Where like your eyelid just folds better on one eye? It’s this eye for me. I’m going to do the same liner situation using the kind of chocolate brown shade in the palette and the black. Shadowed up. Now I’m going to do my eyeliner, which is going to be really fun because I have some really beautiful shades. So this is MAC’s Cyan. I have been lusting after this pencil for months. I mean, look at this. It’s so nice! I’m going to put this on my lower lash line. It goes on really smoothly. It’s really pigmented too. And you guys are gonna love it. I’m gonna move onto the drugstore side. I’m using this one from Rimmel. It’s called the ScandalEyes Waterproof Liner. It’s in the shade Turquoise. It’s not as bright as Cyan, I must admit. Alright. So this one goes on pretty smoothly as well. The MAC side is much brighter. Whereas, the Rimmel side is a little more subdued. But I will say that if I were to just glance at the makeup, I don’t think that it would be… I wouldn’t be like, “Oh my gosh! You’re wearing two different color liners!” Onto mascara. I’m very picky about mascara. So we’ll see. This is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara in the waterproof version because I pretty much only wear waterproof mascara. And it has a really big wand. So it’s very good for volumizing. Holds a curl really well. Do you see this difference between this eye and this eye right now? I have very short, thin eyelashes. This really beefed up my eyelashes here. So the drugstore mascara that I chose is L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise. And I chose it because it actually has a really similar like very wide brush. This mascara is also pretty volumizing. It’s holding a curl pretty well as well. But they’re definitely different. I would say the Too Faced Better Than Sex is a lot more dramatic, whereas the L’Oréal is a little more subtle. So alright, guys, we’re in the homestretch. The final step which is lips. In my opinion, the top or two of any makeup look. On the high-end side, I’m going to be using this liquid lipstick from Huda Beauty. It’s in the shade Heartbreaker. I really like the way that this is going on just because it feels almost like… It’s so wet in texture. So it’s almost like it’s going on as a lip tattoo kind of thing. Alright. Should I go out like this? Next up on the other side of my mouth, I’m going to use this liquid lipstick from Maybelline. It’s called the SuperStay Matte Ink. It’s brand new. I’ve never tried it. But my editor has. And she says it lasts forever. Also that it’s really hard to take off. The applicator, I really like. I think I like it more than the Huda one. It has a nice taper at the top so you can use the top as almost a lipliner pencil. Alright. This is the finished look. So it’s around 8:30 in the morning now. I did wake up a little earlier to do this look because I’m going to bike to work today to test out the makeup. Let’s do it! Hey, guys! I made it to the bridge. You can see it right there. It’s pretty hot. I’m pretty sweaty. But the foundation is still, from what I can see, looks like it’s intact. Not looking very clumpy yet. The lipstick looks good. I’ll check in with you after I’ve traversed the bridge. Bye! You guys, I literally just biked across the Brooklyn Bridge and this is how my makeup looks. I would say this is pretty good considering I was profusely sweating. And it was really hot and really humid. So I made it on the other side. I’m in the office now. I think it’s looking really good to be honest. Cat, say, “Hi.” Hi! Alix, say, “Hi.” I’m going to make them guess which side is high-end and which one’s drugstore. I think your left side is the high-end. —It’s way brighter.
—Okay, what do you think? I’m going to go with right. Alix is right. This side is high-end. This side is drugstore. I think your right side is drugstore. I think this side is high-end. I think this side is drugstore. You’re correct. Woo! Hey, guys! It’s around 1ish. I’m having lunch with —Lucie.
—Woohoo! Lunchtime! We have a pizza and Snapple situation. Which side do you think is the high-end side? Maybe this side. What makes you say that? Just the blue liner. —It’s a little bit..
—Yeah, it’s very bright. It’s a little bit brighter. This side is a little duller. Alright, well let’s have some lunch. Time for pizza! How’s the lipstick? Can I tell you something? Yeah. The high-end side is coming off. Really? Look. A little. Yeah. But the low-end side is perfect. The Maybelline is sticking to my lips like clinging. Alright, that’s good to know. Yeah, but it looks pretty good besides a little crumb right here. Ah! —I just licked her finger.
—She got me! Alright, it is 6:30p.m. I’ve been wearing this makeup for ten hours now. I think that both sides lasted ridiculously well. First things first: foundation. They both look great. No complaints. Next up: bronzer. They’re both still on. But I think as it wore, they started to look exactly the same. I feel like this is going to be a whole video of me not being able to tell the difference between both sides. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s kind of a good thing. Highlighter-wise: I see it more on this side. But again, just like very subtle differences. Onto the eyes. Eyeshadow. The Kylie side is creasing a little bit right here. And the e.l.f. side is creasing a little less. So, go e.l.f.! And onto the liner. So y’all know that I was really excited about this MAC liner. I definitely think that this would be a really good alternative if you don’t want to splash out, I don’t know, like $16 for the MAC version. Mascara-wise: I do like the effect of the Two Faced a lot. Although, I mean if you didn’t know that I was wearing two different kinds of mascara. You would literally think that I just put the same one on my both my eyelashes. Last, but certainly not least: the lipstick. Now the lipstick, I feel like, really went through a lot today. And I’ll be honest, in terms of a longwear lipstick, Maybelline held its own a little longer. This makeup lasted through biking over the Brooklyn Bridge, eating pizza, greasy pizza, with Lucie, and just walking around while I was doing work. I think it was pretty fifty-fifty. No complaints. Thank you so much for watching, guys. Click here to subscribe to Refinery29. And click here to watch more videos.


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