Horatio Sanz and Jimmy Got Yelled At by Tom Brokaw for Playing Wiffle Ball

-Dude, I — I forgot to tell you
how much I love that e-mail I got from you during
the Sandler show. Adam Sandler hosted the show, and I just happened to be there,
and you were like, “Dude, I’m watching
the Sandler show. I’m just getting, like,
sentimental thinking about the good old days when we were always
there together. -Yeah.
-Dude, I got so choked up. I was so emotional.
That whole night was — -A few Jack Daniels
may have been involved, but certainly I did mean it
with all my heart. No, no, it was fun. It’s always fun seeing you guys messing around and it make me
go like, “Hey, what’s up, man? How are you doing?” And then
I saw you in Beverly Hills. We crossed like two ships
in the night. -Can you believe that happened,
dude? -No. It was very strange. That was the oddest thing ever. I went to L.A. for like two days And I was driving, I go —
I see this car trying to make a left in this street,
and I go, “I think that’s Horatio.” [ Laughter ]
Like, what? I’m like, “That’s Horatio Sanz.” I was like, my comedy team, like we lived in the same office
for five years together. I’m like, “Yo!” And you’re like, “‘Sup, man?”
You thought I was a fan. [ Laughter ] You’re like Mr. Cool.
“Yeah, what’s up, man?” I go, “It’s Jimmy!”
And you’re like, “I love you, bro!”
It was awesome. [ Laughter ]
It was great. You just had a big birthday,
man, 50? -I did. Yeah. 50.
-Holy moly. Happy birthday. -Thank you. ♪♪ -That’s big. We celebrated
a lot of birthdays together. -We had many, many good
birthdays. You had fun birthdays. I remember we had
a few parties for you. -Yeah. Which one? -One I remember in particular
was we had it at McManus — in the back room of McManus. You know, McManus
is one of our old hangs, an old bar in Chelsea. -Beautiful bar. Yeah, I love it.
-Great place. But we were hanging out with
like — At the time, Michael Stipe
was asking out with us. -Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We had, like, cool people
hanging out with us. [ Laughter ] I said, “Let’s just go to
McManus and have the party.” and you know,
there were other fancy places we could have gone to.
-Oh, yeah. -Right.
-I totally remember this. -Yeah.
-Oh, my gosh. -So, it’s Jimmy’s birthday
and all these great beautiful people, funny people
just stuck in this dive bar, and then like right before
we sing happy birthday, I pretend to have
a heart attack. [ Laughter ] -Dude, you did a great job.
-Well, because — -That might be one
of the best acting jobs I’ve ever seen you do. [ Laughter ]
It really was. -i think for certain it is. I don’t know if you’ve
seen my work lately. [ Laughter ] -No, no, no, no.
[ Applause ] -The thing was too is
I was about 300 pounds, and we were, like,
partying a lot those days, so it was very believable
to the guests. So, I was like [Groaning] -You were on the ground
and everything. -I fell on the ground, “Aaaagh!” And then you’re like,
“Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” And everybody is, like,
freaking out. And then I’m like,
“Hey! I’m just joking!” [ Laughter ]
-We laughed. We laughed. We laughed.
-We laughed very heartily, and then, like,
about six months later, we went to a party and I was — And I got the opportunity
to sit outside with Michael Stipe.
-But he laughed. Did he like the joke? -No, no. He was there,
and he was very scared. And he told me six months later,
he goes, [ As Stipe ] You know, when
you did that fake heart attack at Jimmy Fallon’s birthday, at the time, I thought
it was the unfunniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
[ Laughter ] But now that I think of it, I think it’s the funniest thing
I’ve ever seen in my life.” [ Laughter ] -Dude, no one’s ever done
a Michael Stipe impression on the show.
That’s pretty good. -Thank you.
-He liked it? -He did like it, finally.
He’s an awesome guy. Then he brought around
the “American Movie” guys. Remember that?
-Oh, yeah! -And we hung out
with those guys. -“Coven.”
-It was really fun. Yeah, the “Coven.”
-Yeah, “Coven.” I have “Coven.” Dude, I never
laughed so hard in my life when I saw that with you in
the theater, “American Movie.” We were laughing so hard,
I couldn’t see. I was crying.
-Yeah. -We had so many good moments
like that, and just so many
goof-off moments. I was thinking about —
Do you remember when we played whiffle ball in the hallways? -Yeah, well, see, me and Jimmy
would live in New York all year a lot, so we’d be messing
around, like, “Let’s just go to the
office and do something.” Probably, “Let’s write.” [ Laughter ] -Let’s write a sketch. -Yeah, let’s get ahead
of everybody and write a bunch of sketches
in July. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -So we go to our offices in
this beautiful building, so it’s kind of awesome to be
here and then we always had, like, guitars,
the backpacker guitar. We always had little toys
around, the organ, and then we had
a whiffle ball bat and so we started playing whiffle ball
bat through the hallways. -Full-on pitching
and everything, hard-pitching, everything, yeah. -And then we were
jumping on couches. Probably, probably, you know,
tackling each other. Who knows? Laughing.
-We were wrestling or something. -And then like, you know,
it’s mostly “SNL” on the 17th floor, but they also
have editing booths a little farther. So while we were
in the hallway… [ Laughter ] -I think it was whiffle ball,
where he was like, [ As Tom Brokaw ]
H-Hey, knock it off! [ Laughter ]
[ Normal voice ] What was it? -Tom Brokaw was trying
to edit something. -You could see just him, like, [ As Brokaw ]
I put this one here. Put me with the gun here.
[ Laughter ] Hey, knock it off! [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -We’re like, “We just got yelled
at by Tom Brokaw.” It made us laugh.
-[ Normal voice ] Basically the only guy at NBC who could
yell at us was Tom Brokaw. -But then somebody said, “Oh,
it’s just Jimmy and Horatio.” [ As Brokaw ] Oh, well,
if it’s just Jimmy and Horatio, that’s fine. They’re cool.
I’m cool with those guys. -[ As Brokaw ] I’m sorry, guys.
-I’m sorry, guys, yeah. -Knock it on!
[ Laughter ] -[ Normal voice ]
He did not say knock it on. -[ Normal voice ]
He’s like, “Knock it on!” -He didn’t say knock it on. [ Laughter ]
[ As Brokaw ] Knock it off. [ Normal voice ]
Now I’m doing Jimmy Stewart.


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