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so something that I’m really been trying
to do with my channel is talk about tough subjects that nobody else is
really talking about so this morning I was drinking my little cup of coffee and
I was going through the comments on my recent nerd city video and there was
something really fascinating about him and I was like you know what this is the
perfect opportunity to talk about some more moral psychology what is up
everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem
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donate to this awesome organization alright so anyways yeah as many of you
have saw like this videos going viral that nerd City made talking about the
the know no words from YouTube and some of the issues going on and in that video
nerd city like they collab with a bunch of other youtubers talking about how
people aren’t making money off of youtube and it was crazy like some of
them were talking about how they couldn’t pay the other people who helped
them with it some people are fully relying on YouTube and it’s a major
issue but anyways I was going through my comments on my video and like I said it
was absolutely fascinating I’m always looking at human behavior and just like
huh this is really interesting so we’re gonna circle back to how nerd City
expose the YouTube community but first I gotta tell you a quick little story
about one of the most famous studies out there all right so basically what they
did I believe it was that Princeton all right so they they do this psychological
experiment where they had some students come into a room and they filled out
like personality questionnaires and everything like that a part of the
reason they do that is to see how they respond is a base on their personality
like what is the ingredient that makes them act the way that they do with what
they’re studying so anyways they were put in this room and then they were told
that they had to go present or go learn more about this thing and another
building all right so some of the students were told that they need to
hurry up some of them were told they had all the time in the world some of them
were told that they’re already late all right now here’s the kicker what the the
people doing the study did was they hired an actor so on the way between
point A and point B between these two buildings they hired an actor all right
so on the way over there this actor would cross their paths and he would
like topple over like he was like sick and he’ll just like right and they
wanted to see how many people would actually help this guy from point A to
point B right and they’re trying to see what the variable was what would
determine whether or not they would help this man all right so what they found
was 63% of the people who had all the time in the world to get over to the
next building they would stop and help the guy all right people who were told
they needed to hurry up forty five percent of them stopped to help this guy
check this out the people who were told they were running late only ten percent
of people stopped to help this guy all right now here’s the kicker here’s what
will blow your mind so remember I told you they started off in building one
well what they were talking to them about was the Good Samaritan story all
right so what they wanted see was if they put the Good Samaritan
story in the forefront of these people’s minds right you make them think about
helping other people does that make them more likely to help someone when
presented with that opportunity and the answer was no it all depended on how
much of a hurry they were in all right so real quick moral of that story slow
down help some people out all right I’m a great book on this by the way not just
this study but just human behavior in whole is a book I just finished by Sam
summers called situations matter go check that book out that’s also my link
that down in the description below as well alright so going back to nerd city
so like I said nurse city just made this video about the D monetization issues
with YouTube and how people are not making any money off youtube with the ad
revenue and everything like that and you know certain words that are getting
flagged and everything but anyways I came across a bunch of comments like
this this one kind of made me chuckle so I picked this one specifically this is
from thorn the bear Titleist click bait to trick people into watching yet
another video of this walnut making sure everyone understands what a
victim he is and how virtuous he is oh and to show that waste of paper he calls
a book first off the book is only available in ebook and audiobook format
so it is very environmentally friendly all right
but anyways a lot of people pointed out how I plugged my book in that video so
what does this have to do with the Good Samaritan study this is what’s really
interesting nerd City just put in the forefront of everybody’s mind how
youtubers are getting absolutely screwed when it comes to ad revenue all right
they brought in coffee break and many other creators talking about how you
know they love making content and they put all this time and effort into
content and not only is YouTube not adequately distributing their content
but they’re also not really making money off these videos so the community just
learned how youtubers aren’t making money
then a bunch of comments are talking about how I plugged my book which is
five dollars by the way ebooks ten bucks but anyways I want to have a bigger
conversation because this is something that I notice in the community and it’s
also not just the community talking to creators it’s also like creator on
creator stuff see a lot of youtubers are pressured into not selling things right
they are constantly getting comments like the ones I receive and whether it’s
merch whether it’s books I I get so bummed out when I see other creators
talk about you know their kind of moral compass and why they won’t do patreon
and everything like that I’m like man you see that YouTube is not paying you
and you won’t give your audience the opportunity right like nobody’s putting
a gun to anybody’s head to have them sign up for patreon or buy your merch or
books or whatever it is but youtubers are costly getting pressured not to do
that and like I said it’s not just the community leaving these comments like
like you I watch a lot of commentary channels as well
you often see youtubers attacking other creators right like talking about what
is and isn’t okay to sell not only are they saying what isn’t isn’t okay this
so they talk about what price it’s okay to sell like this is something I put a
lot of thought into right like I spent probably well over a hundred hours on my
last book I gave it away for free for the first month and a half I’m selling
it for five bucks I spent another X amount of hours recording that audio
book I paid an editor and everything like that the audio book is only ten
dollars right because I’m constantly thinking about this and you know from
for me and I know other creators are doing this too I’m like okay what’s a
price point where other people aren’t going to talk too much crap right but
the thing is that we need to realize when nerd City makes a video like this
it’s like YouTube like the D monetization thing it is an issue but
creators are constantly constantly getting bullied into having to rely on
the unreliable YouTube had revenue like think about
that real quick like does that not make you just kind of interested and
fascinated like we’re hearing about this growing problem and and YouTube hasn’t
done anything yet to fix it but people are constantly commenting on the way
other creators are making their money and stuff like that so like I I don’t
get that much an ad revenue and stuff like that and I never planned on YouTube
being like a you know a full-time thing and it became one for a little while and
everything like that but my thing is I love other things like writing books and
things like that like that’s my jam I love that right but if any other
creators are watching this I just want to let you know like like get that stuff
out of your head don’t let the community don’t let other
creators like just so what you think is valuable to your audience right if you
put time if you put effort into them I think nerd city is a great example I
think people like Elvis the alien are great examples like their merch is sick
right but I just want other creators out there to know like you know let go of
your your fear that people are gonna judge you you know what I mean because
some of these creators I can’t remember the History Channel that they showed but
like he he relies on that ad revenue to pay other people to make his content and
the community doesn’t understand that when we’re all getting you know
pressured into not having other revenue streams like it hurts the ability for
people to put out content like I’m fine but I look at these other creators I’m
like man and you’re getting pressured by the community not to sell other things
you know what I mean anyways I just want you guys to sit back and think about
that think about how nerd City just showed you how creators aren’t making
money yet there’s a bunch of people commenting on youtubers trying to make
money seems a little irrational if you ask me anyways that’s all I got for this
video if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if you’re new make sure
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how we don’t getting money off of youtube odd revenue
I want to send a huge thank you to everybody who supports the channel over
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all that kind of stuff you greatly help the channel alright thanks again for
watching I’ll see you next time


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