How to be featured in my weekly IG community shoutout

hey there welcome to this video today I
wanted to discuss how you could be part of my Instagram weekly shoutout so let’s
get right into it so first what is my weekly community
shout out well every Friday I make sure to mention all my favorite photos
in my stories so during the week I collect them while liking and exploring
on Instagram and then every Friday I share about five or six photos that
I think that are really worth sharing with you I usually tend to focus on accounts
aren’t too big yet so I use accounts that have max of 50,000 followers
usually even less than hour or max at 10,000 followers but even then it really
doesn’t matter how many followers you have because I tend to focus on smaller
accounts that are really worth sharing instead of big accounts already have all
the views so usually just small creators just like myself so to the point of this
video how can you be in this weekly shoutouts to well after I share those 5
photos that I randomly found on Instagram I have a little segment with
photos that have used my hashtag the hashtag is #fredography which I
will put in the description so you can easily copy paste it so how to
participate and just use the hashtag there’s nothing more than that just put
it in your description or in the first comment there’s no limit on how many
photos you can use it on but be aware that I will only post one photo each
week of a user and then on Friday again I will post my favorite photos with the
hashtag on my stories as well and of course I will also mention your accounts
so it’s easy for people to click through to your account and follow you and see
them see more awesome posts that you have so start posting with #fredography an extra tip is also to go to the hashtag and engage with others so
you can really get the max out of it and engage and discover other people and
they can also engage and discover you so that was easy right so make sure to give
this video a like and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos
in the future see you in the next one

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