How to Create Posts on Youtube – YouTube Community Tab

Hey everyone. In today’s video, I wanted
to show you how to create a post on YouTube, so instead of posting a video
you could actually do a text, picture or a poll as a post just like you do on
Facebook for example and I wanted to show you how to create one in this video.
The one thing that you have to know is at the time of the recording you have to
have 10,000 subscribers in order to have this option and it’s only available to
show up in mobile. You could actually create it on desktop, but it actually
only works on mobile for people to see it, so let me show you that. Any page on
the mobile app on youtube, so launch the YouTube app here, you could be on the
home page, on your own channel anywhere, you should see the icon that looks like
a camera. If you press it, this is how you could do a video or a live, but look you
have story and post now this is how you could do story as well that looks like a
Instagram or snapchat story for example. But if you press post here it’s gonna
give you this option to create a post and you could do polls you could do
pictures or just text polls is this little icon here that let you give
options so you can basically take basically take a survey here. Let me
x out of that. Let me discard, let me just do another one here post and next to it
is the picture one let me press the picture icon here and I’m gonna choose
this picture here I just want to thank my subscribers here to reach the thirty
thousand mark, so I want to just say thank you for all your support and now I
simply have to press post on top here and it’s gonna post just like that. Again
you need to have ten thousand subscribers to have that option
available and he will just show up here and I know a couple people that got it
before they got to ten thousand so make sure you check it just click that icon
to see if you have it there’s no other thing you really could do to get it
there is nothing you need to click to activate it. It will just show up here
once you get to that milestone so now let me go to the home page and let me go
ahead and press my profile icon here and go to my channel and here there is a
community icon, you see this one I’m on home video playlists and community click that and then that’s where I would see my post when people are scrolling it
they’ll see this post just like this on their profile and then they could click
it they could comment on it they could interact with it the same way as they
would with any video here but it’s basically
turning YouTube into a social media by creating the posts just like that. Let me
just show you the same thing on your desktop here so on you could just go ahead and go to your page here and go to the community tab here where
you could create the post and you can see the one I just created on mobile
here and on the top of the page you could also press the plus sign the video
icon and do create post and we’ll bring you back to the same page but you could
basically type what you want you could also do the @ mention here to talk
about another channel but you can basically do your existing YouTube
videos, your poll, your pictures and then once you’re done you could just press
post any will post up right here on your community tab as you could see I’ve only
used it a couple of times but I’m gonna be more active with especially for
thanking my subscribers. I hope you found this useful and you could take advantage
of this just make sure you don’t abuse it. You don’t want to do this with every
single one of your videos or do this almost every single day. That will be too
much for your subscribers to see and it won’t get the engagement that you’re
looking for. Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel for daily tech
and social media videos and I’ll catch you next time. Thanks for watching.


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