How To Influence People | Leadership Skills for Everyone

so how can I increase my influence how
can I grow my leadership that’s a question that I get asked often and so
in this video I’m gonna be sharing five things that you can do to further
develop your influence with people and it will help you grow your leadership so
stick around now leadership and influence are often used interchangeably
in fact John Maxwell has said leadership is influence nothing more nothing less
so I’m gonna dive into these five things that you can do and these are five
things that anyone can execute on they won’t cost you anything more than some
time and some practice to improve on these five skills so let’s get started
number one is you have to listen first yes I know you’ve heard it before you
got to listen twice as much as you talk here’s the key though you have to listen
with the intent to understand don’t listen with the intent to respond see so
often when someone is sharing an idea with us we’re already thinking about
what our response to their idea is and so I would encourage you slow down
really listen to what it is that they’re saying and besides what they’re saying
how’s their body language what’s their tone of voice are they excited about
what it is that they are presenting to you so that way you’re able to take in
as fully as possible what their idea or what their communication is and then
once you’ve heard the entire piece that they have to share you’re able to
respond much more effectively so number two is you have to have patience and you
have to speak last see this goes hand in hand with number one with listening when
you are in a business environment so often we as leaders are that type a
personality so we enter into a room we have an idea on how we want to
accomplish a task and we want to be able to present it right away well if you’re
in a leadership role and you go in and you present your idea first oftentimes
the people that are in the room will just go ahead and follow along with what
your idea is even if they think they may have a better one why because you’re the
so I would encourage you when you’re in those group settings take the time to
hear everybody else first before you speak and share your ideas it allows
everyone else in the room to feel respected it allows a really creative
environment where all of the ideas can come out first and truly if you let
everybody else’s ideas come out sometimes they will have a better plan
of execution than what you did had you jumped right to it so speak last number
three and how to influence people is to develop your communication skills
communication at its core is defined as an exchange of information it’s not a
one-way street and when you’re communicating with somebody it’s not how
you think you presented an idea its how the person receiving that communication
interprets it so one of the ways you can be sure that you’re being effective and
efficient in your communication is once you’ve gotten your idea out once you’ve
presented what it is that you want to present to this other person or this
other group of people then have them repeat back what it is that they heard
see it’s not necessarily what you said but it’s what they heard so if they can
repeat it back to you and the idea comes across either the same or similar to the
way you presented it then you know that one they understood your communication
and – you were effective at it number four is you have to know your weaknesses
and you have to build on them and yes we all have weaknesses and yes I agree that
it’s important we play to our strengths and we accentuate those as well but
knowing your weaknesses and working on those actively is something that the
people that are working with you or for you your followers when they see that
you’re working on the things that you struggle with it’s inspiring it’s
empowering to them right it’s exciting because they know that you’re not
perfect either and you have a journey to go on and when they see you going on
your journey then it’s a lot more likely that they’ll start going on their own
journey and then they’ll be able to accomplish much more it’s about growing
other people number five is you’ve got to be the hardest worker in the
most likely the way that you got into a leadership position or the reason that
you’re a business owner or the reason that you’re an executive level manager
or that you want to be is because you have good work ethic so you have to
continue to demonstrate that throughout your leadership career you have to be
able to demonstrate what it is that you want from the people that work with you
the people that work for you and the the other people that are coming up that are
watching you because people will emulate what it is that they see they’ll do what
they see not what they’re told so make sure that you still continue to
demonstrate that good work ethic now as I’ve shared these five ways on how to
influence people I do have one bonus tip for you and do me a favor if you like
videos like this for sales training and motivational content and a leadership
education make sure you click the subscribe button and click the bell so
you get notified when I’m uploading new videos so the bonus tip is you have to
take time to recharge yourself you have to rest in between because if you’re not
rested then you’re not effective so you need to do simple things like take 6 to
8 hours to get good sleep at night because if you do that it allows you to
focus better so going back to step 1 you’re able to listen more effectively
and then going through this you’re able to communicate more effectively and by
being rested you’re able to continue to demonstrate that good work ethic so
taking time to recharge rest is one of the best gifts that you can give to the
people that are following you because they’ll thank you for it it’ll allow you
to be more effective as a leader now thank you so much for taking the time to
tune in and join me today and if you’re interested in other leadership videos
leadership behaviors I’ll leave some links right up here on some playlists
that I’ve got so that you can continue to develop and grow your own leadership
and I look forward to seeing you again soon thanks and I hope you have an
absolutely fantastic day


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