How To Manage YouTube’s Email Notifications

Hey guys. My name is Tim Schmoyer,
and it’s Thursday, and that means it’s time
for some YouTube Q&A. Just like we do every week
here at Video Creators. Andy Russell wrote in and
asked a great question. And Andy is actually a patron
of this channel, Video Creators, over at People who are
supporting this channel, monthly, get access to
a lot of bonus perks. One of those bonus perks
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whether it’s just right there on the Patreon page, or here on
this channel, as in this case. Andy asked this question
just a few days ago, and we’re going to
answer it here together. Could you do a video about
how to get my channel to stop emailing me every time
someone comments on my video? Yes, Andy, I will show
you not only where comment notifications are, but new
subscriber notifications, message notifications, Google+,
like all the notifications are actually spread out a
couple of different places. So, let me take you
over to my desktop, we can show you where
each of them are. All the email notifications
for your channel are up here. Click on this little gear to
go to your YouTube settings, and then here, you will
find under email, whenever you want to get YouTube
notifications from your email. So here’s a couple of emails,
likes, my subscribers, but the one you’re
talking about, send me emails if someone
subscribes to my channel, leaves a comment, receive
a private message, video upload is complete,
community actions [INAUDIBLE]. So these are the ones
that are available, here. However, to get to the one
that you’re talking about, for YouTube comments, you
click on this link right here. And it’s going to take you to
your Google+ page settings. And just scroll
down a little bit. Here is receive notifications,
by email or phone. Posts is what you’re looking
for, and this one right here. Whenever someone
shares a comment on your content across
the web, for example, your YouTube videos or blog. Uncheck this box. You don’t want that checked. That’s what will disable you
getting emails for comments, and these apply to
other things, too. So, if it mention you
in a post on Google+, shared post to you directly,
subscribed to your circle, comments on a post that
you created in Google+, or comments on a post
after you comment on it. You can easily just
turn these on and off. And if you want text
message notifications, you can enable that on your
phone, and have those here. And then, of course, these
are where the rest of them are for Google+. But the one you’re talking about
for comments, it’s right here. Just uncheck that,
and you’ll stop getting email
notifications when someone comments on your videos. I hope that was helpful
for some of you. Maybe you were watching this,
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and while you are doing that, I’d love to hear from you
in the comments below, here, on this video. How do you manage the comments
on your YouTube channel? Do you use the email system? Do you use the
Google+ notifications? Do you go to and go through all them there? Or do you simply, like
I tend to do, just go through the comments of the most
recent videos on your channel, and just keep up with those. You’re looking for
ideas, and you’re looking to learn
more about this, definitely check out what
people are saying down there. I know you’ll learn a lot from
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