How To Style Goth Pants: STREETWEAR & CLUBBING (DevilNight PVC & PU Pants Lookbook)

Hi everyone, welcome to this How To Style
Goth Pants video. I have three totally different pants or trousers and I’m
going to show you one everyday Streetwear look and one clubbing look for
each of them. For this video I teamed up with DevilNight UK, they provided me with the pants,
so thank you DevilNight – therefore I have to label this video as advertisement. I’m
super excited about some of the looks I think they turned out really good and I
definitely have a favorite one – maybe I’ll tell you at the end which one it is.
This is the first pants, it’s a PVC kind of jeans with pockets at back and front, and
there is some velvet part or inlay at the inner side of the leg. For the Streetstyle look I
paired it with this printed shirt it says “Baphocat”… you know ๐Ÿ˜‰ … and by
the way, cat: Hello, meet Nono, she’s my guest again and I’m cat-sitting her. She was
sleeping and I woke her up but yeah. There she goes again. For the Clubbing look
I chose this velvet crop top… velvet because of the velvet part in the pants, I thought it’s going to match really good and it did. Have a look now at these looks. This is the second pants, it’s a black
jeans and there is a pocket at the side of the leg, which is integrated… with a
lot of metal details and at the end of the leg there is another detail with
kind of shiny fake fabric… fake shiny fake fabric … doesn’t make sense… with shiny
fabric. The Streetstyle look features this awesome jacket by Schnittmuskel.
It’s handmade and with a lot of details. And the Clubbing look is with a mesh
shirt, but have a look yourself. And number three are these fake leather
ones, they’re pretty cool although I think I have two wear a belt, because
it’s a bit too wide at the hemline for me. From the Streetstyle look it’s a tunic I
bought in Morocco last week and I paired it with a harness. You’ll see
this corset in the clubbing look with the pants, they go pretty well together
and this is the only corset in all of the looks, so don’t miss it. I hope you enjoyed these looks, my personal
favourite was the fake leather leggings with the corset and the mesh top and the
bra, think it looks pretty badass. I hope I could give you some inspiration for
styling leggings for every occasion, hope you enjoyed this video, have a good day
and bye.


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