Human Diversity – 3 Human Biodiversity & Peace

TV and Movie programming is fiction, it is
not the real world but a celluloid or digital artificial depiction of the world from the
mind of the creators of it. It has as much reality as a superman film. Wake up my friends,
look at the racial and ethnic conflicts that have racked the world within geographic areas.
Even inside a broader race, such as the tribal conflicts among Africans, for instance the
horrible genocide of hutu and tutsi, or historically in the nations of Europe or Asia. In the rubble
of World War I national boundaries were drawn by politics not by ethnicity and that itself
led in no small part the Second World War and many conflicts since that time. It is
no accident that Cechoslovakia is now Czech Republic and Slovenia, that Yugoslavia is
now Serbia, Croatia and Kosovo. The artificial states ignoring ethnicity and enforced by
tyranny dissolved when people had the freedom to create nations where they felt more comfortable
and happy they drew lines among their own heritage. Instead of trying to change man’s
nature, let’s recognize man’s true nature. Why can’t we love peace and harmony enough
to recognize reality and help avoid the racial and ethnic conflicts that are so often inevitable
because of social planners image us to all be exactly the same. We are not. The globalists
and the media tell us repeatedly race doesn’t exist, that’s it’s a myth. They tell us to
ignore its obvious realities, except of course when they speak of Israel’s right to be quote,
a Jewish State dedicated to Jews. They tell you that you must support massive immigration
of different races into your own nation because by doing so you are supporting love and peace
among people. A million images in the Hollywood media promote this idea. But what is the real
result. Is the ultimate result peace and harmony? Please open your eyes, forced mixing against
the will of the mass majority of the people does not lead to love and peace, but overwhelmingly
to discord, disharmony, and often to hatred and violence. How much easier it is recognize
diversity and differences, to let people preserve their borders and their heritage, than to
open them and deal with centuries of conflict. How many times has immigration really amounted
to conquest? There are many countries that are poster nations for multiculturalism and
multiracialism. Take Brazil for instance. Rio, is geographically a magnificent city, but
underneath the beauty of Sugarloaf festers enormous conflict and actually thousands of
murders occur every year there. More murders in Rio in 1 year than all of Western Europe!
Has the unbridled multiculturalism of Brazil led to progress and peace and love? But that
is what the globalist media program us to believe? Just open the borders to different
ethnic and racial groups and there will be one big love fest, right. It reminds me of
a cartoon I saw years ago. It is raining hard. The kids are in the back seat of the car,
the father is in the pouring rain changing a flat tire. The father responds to the daughter
and says, “No Sweetie, I can’t change channels, this is real life.” The purveyors of the globalist
media can make their propaganda seem so attractive, but when their advice is followed, the effects
can be horrific. Did the introduction mass numbers of Jewish immigrants into the Mideast
produce love and peace? We can go into the conflicts in many other countries, look at
the Kurds in conflict with other Mideast people. Such produces not peace, love and harmony
but discord and division, hatreds, even civil war and violence. Instead of recognizing the
nature of mankind and the differences instilled in us, we deny them and end up paying an enormous
price in human suffering. And look at the Palestinians. The Palestinians watching this
can tell you. They cannot change channels! They endure the reality of mass immigration, the
destruction of their ethnic heritage and freedom. tell you straight forwardly that I really do
believe in peace and love between the peoples and races of the world. I hate war and conflict
and discord and hate, I have been one of the most outspoken Americans against the Iraq
and Afghanistan war. I believe the so-called Clash of Civilizations has been fostered by
the Zionist Globalists to further the goals of Israel and Zionism. And because I want
peace and love, and because I respect the diversity of peoples, I oppose so-called multiculturalism
or massive immigration of different races into mostly homogenous nations! Like a few
of you watching this, I once believed that pretending that race doesn’t exist would lead
to peace, love and brotherhood. But, now I know the truth, denying the reality of human
diversity and difference is like taking your child at the beach, seeing shark fins breaking
the surface of the water and then telling your child it is safe to go swimming. Of course
I am called every name in the book by the real racial supremacists who control the media.
But for the last 45 years of my life, I have been teaching and preaching that multiculturalism
will fail, that it will create huge social conflict. I didn’t cause this conflict. I
have little power over the political and public discourse. But what is the result of open
borders and ignoring human diversity. Now, even leaders like Merkel, Cameron, Sarkozee
and others admit that multiculturalism has miserably failed. Look at the conflict and hatred that has been
created by simply not recognizing and accepting human realities. No. This is reality we cannot
change channels. We cannot make this go away with globalist propaganda. But once we recognize
the realities of life we can fix that flat tire. Why do we have these policies that cause
so much discord and disharmony. First, politics is controlled by the globalists and not the
true democratic voice of the people. In every nation, the vast majority oppose open borders
and want to preserve both their heritage and their independence. And the other reason is
because the globalist media has conditioned too many of us to support the destruction
of our own people and our own liberty. It is similar to the media’s psychological methods
of conditioning of women to smoke cigarettes. Let me explain. In the middle years of the
20th Century Edward Bernays used psychological programming in advertising to mold people
to the will of the masters of the media and to their financial and political and social
goals. They affected behavior not by fact or reason, but by psychological tricks and
subconscious manipulation. In the early part of the 20th century smoking was almost entirely
a vice of men. Most progressive women’s organizations actually led the fight against smoking as
something that was unhealthy and harmful to both men, women and their families. Bernays,
who was, by the way, a prominent Zionist, was successful by subconsciously convincing
women that smoking was fashionable and a symbol of freedom and equality with men. The
result of this propaganda is still being felt
today. Women today smoke even more than men. Hundreds of millions of women have had their
lives and health ruined by cigarettes. Millions have suffered death from smoking. Millions
of their children have had ill health effects from their mother’s smoking. All this from
the social conditioning led by Bernays. As a side note, Bernays also was the one who
deified and popularized the sick degeneracy of his cousin Sigmund Freud. Freud was probably
was the biggest single agent of the destruction of the family in the Western World. The media
carefully hides the fact that Freud himself was also a Jewish hyper-racist, supremacist
who saw himself as conquering the values of the Christian World as a Hannibal conquering
Rome. He even uses the term the superior Jewish race. Ask yourself why this icon has never
been condemned in the globalist media for his racism. Watch my video, Freud and the
Sexual Revolution. I also suggest everyone watching this search out the excellent BBC
documentary, The Century of Self, that shows this process of conditioning by the media
establishment. They have conditioned us in far more ways than making women think they
are liberated by smoking cigarettes. They have subconsciously conditioned us to see
race as taboo, rather than a word of reality and life and evolution, and human expression,
that he unique and beautiful expressions of race can even be viewed the handiwork of God.
The globalists have flooded us with millions of digital images of different races in harmony,
all while the reality is a world reeling from ethnic strife. You see, the real racists are
those who seek to suppress and destroy races rather than letting every race flourish in
its unique culture and identity and in its own independence and freedom rather than under
globalist tyranny. In my book, My Awakening, a Path to Racial Understanding, I will challenge
you. I promise you that I will make you think. I urge you to read it, and I have taken my
book and made an mp3 audio version. I make it available to you free as my gift to you.
It is a lifetime of research and thought. My lifetime. Years of painstaking research
and work went into this monumental book. all 40 hours of it is available absolutely free
as my gift to you. I just ask you to keep an open mind. Listen to my book, or even better,
read my book. Check out my footnotes and the sources. Think about the ideas I express,
and keep on fighting for your freedom to think for yourself. I believe that most of you,
deep down, you agree that every people on this earth have the right to be different.
Every peopls has the right to be preserved in their own unique qualities, their traditions
and values, and that every people have the right to be free and independent. That your
own people have that fundamental human right! Now I ask you. Do you have the intellectual
courage to truly embrace these human rights and stop this rush to globalism which will
destroy human diversity and ultimately human freedom and expression? No matter whether
you act or not, I won’t stop speaking and teaching. But if you could just lend me your
hand it would be a lot easier for all of us to enjoy a world of diversity and a world
of peace. This simple and beautiful truth must go out to the world. God Bless You and
thank God that you don’t have to be just a cog stamped out by the powerbrokers and manipulators
like Bernays who have power over so much of the media. Thank you for your time, and thanks
for thinking for yourself and and thank you for lending me a hand in giving this truth
to the world.

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