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Rodrigo Alves – AKA The Human Ken Doll – has had his infamous ‘fake six-pack’ removed And in order to make good use of the excess, he has had the leftover fat inserted into his backside, giving him a fuller derrière In images exclusive to MailOnline, Roddy, 36, has undergone the procedure on camera, for a German TV documentary   The six-pack, and Roddy’s excess fat – taken from his stomach and back – has provided the ingredients for his so-called Brazilian Butt Lift [BBL] Roddy told us: ‘Eight years ago I had a procedure done in Brazil called Abdominal Etching, which gives me the fake six-pack Share this article Share ‘As much as people thought that it was amazing I don’t think that it passed on the right message since I didn’t work out for it I just payed for it ‘Also, the six-pack didn’t match the rest of my body and started to look a bit silly!’ And so Roddy took action He went on: ‘In order to erase the six-pack, Dr Serkan Balta from Comfort Zone Istanbul performed a five-hour liposuction removing the six- pack and 3/5 litres worth of fat from my belly and back ‘The fat – so as not to waste it – was injected into my butt and hips. New year, new lift, new me!’In images of the procedure, a gruesome looking tube can be seen coming from the top of Roddy’s buttocks, used to inject the fat and create the firmer rear   He went on: ‘I see all my plastic surgeries as an evolution of me as a person! I never wanted to look like a Ken Doll or to be a Ken Doll I just wanted to be unique and to show the world that in life anything is possible Also, I wanted to show people that we don’t have to live forever with a look that we were born with and feel unhappy about for the rest of our lives ‘Roddy admitted that as he creeps closer to 40, he is seeing the world in a new light   ‘At the age that I am now, 36, I see the world differently. I am still changing – not just aesthetically but inside ‘Roddy – who is now sporting long blonde locks – looked relaxed and refreshed following the procedure, as he kicked back in head-to-toe Fendi at the clinic His latest surgery is a landmark one for him – and he told MailOnline that he has hopes that it’ll land him in the Guinness Book Of Records  He told us last month: ‘I want to be a new person. I am an intelligent person. I don’t want to be compared to someone who has had work done to look like a doll That’s not the message I want people to follow.  ‘Guinness want to make a movie about me They’re trying to get hold of all my doctors. It’s difficult because I started having surgery when I was just 17 I have lost touch with those doctors. They are doing their investigating as they need to have all the paperwork So I am in talks with them about that.’I am still busy with my TV work, in Germany and Italy [His song] Plastic World did very well. I am working on something new for next year I love performing,  it’s something I love to do.’Roddy – who has been vocal about battling with weight in the past – also explained: ‘I have a gastric band on It’s supposed to suppress my appetite but it’s not working!’ 

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