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I think I’m gonna fall asleep during this. No way! This feels like a… Like it’s going to be relaxing.
You’re at the gym! Oh, yeah, I forgot. No naps! Ahhhh! Hey guys, it’s Mi-Anne, and
this is Beauty With Mi. Today, I got a facial. At the gym. Sort of? I went to FaceGym. It’s a spa that has made very, very intense
facial massage it’s bread and butter. I’ve been hearing about FaceGym for quite
some time now, so when the brand reached out to us to give us the exclusive to film the
brand’s new Skin IV machine, which is an add on to any of FaceGym’s original facials, I
jumped on the opportunity to try it out. And we filmed it for your viewing pleasure. Before we show you, please make sure
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every Monday at 11AM. FaceGym isn’t your typical spa. In fact, it’s founder, Inge Theron, would
describe it more as a place that you go to “work out” your face. Instead of having you know, your typical private
rooms, there are four chairs lined up where their trainers, so their facialists, will
do their work on your face. Hey guys, I am here with Inge Theron. She is the founder of FaceGym, and I am
going to get my first workout today. I am very excited because I’ve heard a lot
of very good things about this. I’ve been dying to know
how FaceGym came about. I’ve done a ton of different facials, but
I have never done one like this before. I realized that muscle manipulation wasn’t
being done effectively enough. People were still doing facials, and product-on,
product-off just doesn’t give you that long-term efficacy that I think you can actually get
when you work and manipulate the muscles. And so I was like, there’s got
to be a different way. Why don’t I take a training approach,
which I’m doing with my body, and apply that to beauty. And that’s when I started working with a plethora
of experts to try and create a protocol that actually stimulates the forgotten – what
we call “Forgotten 40” muscles in the face. At Theron’s suggestion, I went for the “Game
Face” treatment, which like most workouts, starts with a slow warm-up. My facialist, Elle, started with stretching
my neck, cleansing my skin, giving me a gentle facial massage, before whipping out a little
red yoga ball that she used to stretch, relieve tension on my face, open up my
sinuses, the whole shebang. So, how’s your skin feeling today? Um, actually, my skin feels pretty good. I’m just prone to congestion. Okay. We use our training serum. Since you say you are prone to breakouts,
I’m going to be using our “Clear Skin.” Then after applying the serum to my face,
Elle whipped out the big guns, and that was a radio frequency machine. Now, radio frequency is a type of energy that
encourages cell turnover and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin by heating
up the layers of the skin. This is actually a device I have never used
before, so I was a little bit worried that it would burn. It actually didn’t at all. It felt really good. It had this rotating knob on it that felt
like a little massage. There were sections of my face where it was
a little bit uncomfortable, but overall, it was a really pleasurable experience. Then it was time for the cardio portion, which
was essentially a very intense, super like, whipping fast facial massage that stimulates
circulation, brings blood to the surface of the skin, and improves texture. Elle’s hands like, worked so quickly like,
gliding past your skin. It looks like it would hurt, but
it actually felt really good. It felt like just a really fast,
strange facial massage. It helps drain lymph. It helps improve circulation. I generally really, really liked it. Then it was time to sculpt my face, and not
going to lie, this was the portion that was actually the most uncomfortable. Imagine a masseuse working out knots on your
back, but doing that on your face. The pressure was pretty firm. But afterward, I really do think I could see
a slight difference in the contours of my face, and just overall lifting. Once the cardio workout was done, Elle
moved on to another device. It’s a microcurrent device. The microcurrent device
basically uses electricity to stimulate muscles and
cause them to tighten. I could actually feel my lips and
my eyelid like, twitching as the device glided over those areas. Finally, we got to the main event,
which was the new Skin IV machine. Inspired by the vitamin drips –
an intravenous fluid that people get when they’re just
feeling kind of bleh… Inge was inspired by that kind of technology
and wanted to create something for the face that had similar boosting
effects without a needle. It’s essentially a customizable form
of hydradermabrasion, which uses water, oxygen,
and special serums to exfoliate and help with dark spots
and hyperpigmentation. After spraying the detox water on my skin
as the first step, which contained silver oxide, which is antibacterial, hyaluronic
acid, which is hydrating, and aloe vera juice that’s very soothing, she
moved on to a serum. Elle decided to use two different
serums on my face. The Clear Skin Cocktail
and the Glow Shot. Both serums combined fight acne
with a mix of acids and vitamin B-5 to hydrate and tone the skin. The best way to describe
this treatment is… Prickly. It’s not painful, but you’re definitely aware
that there’s a spray going like, 200 MPH on your skin. It doesn’t hurt, but you definitely feel a
little bit of that sensation. After my skin was sufficiently sprayed, Elle
moved on to some facial Gua Sha, and finished off with some products just to keep my skin
nice and hydrated and protected after I left the studio. I’ve got to admit that before I went to FaceGym
I did have a little too much wine the night before, so my skin was
definitely feeling puffy. After I got the facial, I could
definitely see a difference in just the general contours of my face. It was kind of cool to see that like,
slight effect without makeup. In truth, though, I think I might
be a little bit too young to see drastic results from FaceGym. They’re treatments range from $70 for the
signature facial to $275 for the Game Face, which is what I got. I think that to really see market results,
you’d have to go back multiple times, actually Inge recommends six times. For me, though, I think this is something
that I would do before a big event or if I’m just feeling like, just gross, congested and
puffy because it really does help with lymphatic drainage and
helps reduce inflammation. For those of you who don’t have a FaceGym
near you or simply just don’t want to spend the cash on it, I’d recommend doing
some facial massage at home. You can do it just with your fingers
as you put on your moisturizer or when you do an oil cleanse. Or you can spring for a
facial massage tool. I just got this new facial
Gua Sha tool. I got this one at Herbivore Botanicals. You can use it to give yourself a little
facial massage in the evening or in the morning when you’re
just applying your product. It’s good to get a little bit of a deeper
massage than you can get with your fingers. But, honestly, I highly recommend both. Okay! That is it. Thank you guys so much for watching. I really enjoyed making this video. Please let me know in the comments what you’d
like to see on Beauty With Mi in the future, and I will catch you guys next week. Bye! Thanks so much for watching, guys. Click here to subscribe to Refinery29. Click here to watch another video. And follow me on Instagram, @mianne.chan
so we can hang out there, too. Bye!


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