I made her angry… NEVER say this to a Mexican!

hey guys! welcome back to our Channel and today we’re talking about all the things that drive Mexicans insane.. especially me I’m very excited for this video because sadly in our past I’ve experienced a bunch of things where she exploded -That’s what she said.. yeah.. the first two months of our relationship were very difficult This road was not easy.. but I worked on myself, I realized it was a problem so I started trying to meditate and relax I’m very curious how you’re gonna feel when we mention those things, if you agree with us please let us know in the comments down below okay let’s see if you can relate the first thing I call it “the Mexican with the sombrero leaning against the cactus” I’m getting angry already guys! I remember! so I was at an airport and she was not with me but I saw a guy sitting on the floor leaning against something and like sleeping, right? and I took a photo of him I sent it to Joss and I said “look! he looks like the typical Mexican” Can you believe that? how offensive! -somehow in Germany I saw it a bunch of times as a stereotype it’s even on a tequila bottle! the thing is before I went to Mexico and before I dated her I didn’t know anything about Mexicans or Mexico so I thought maybe that’s what they do.. but actually when I got here I realized they’re working super hard dude! and that’s why I got very angry at him when he told me that you were like “you $%$·” my people are working all day long! you know, I started getting super patriotic so yeah.. it was a hard time for us but gladly now he thinks differently so the next point is “don’t assume that everything Mexico has to offer is like they show in narcos” not everything is mafia, crime and all bad because Mexico has a lot to offer, is very beautiful preach sister! yes Queen” okay actually I have friends that are from the US and they tell me “I would never go to Mexico” and I’m like.. “why?” “because of mafia” actually last week we met an older couple from the US that now is living in Mexico -in Ajijic -Ajijic their family doesn’t want to come visit because they think everything is all dangerous and bad yes you have to be cautious but it’s not just that.. there’s so much more from Mexico to see and if you are careful and you know which areas to go to you should be fine this is what I got to experience myself, personally and that is “don’t hate on their beloved Mexican food that they could eat night and day” Mexicans are so proud of their food and if a gringo or a German comes and says “this street corn is super whatever” they’re like “oh no you didn’t! you’re canceled!” when I made the video about me trying street corn for the first time I didn’t even say it was bad actually I said in the video that I kind of liked it but then I said “mmh it is a little bit whatever” some people took it totally the wrong way and said “then go back to your country you stupid guy!” I actually get also hate, because since I was younger I was a very picky eater so I’ve never tried tortas ahogadas, I’ve never tried carne en su jugo.. those things that a lot of people eat
every day, people go crazy at me! “who does she think she is? she thinks she’s American but she looks super Mexican.. she could not even…pff” that is how they sound in my head.. -but my advice is: never say Mexican food is bad because Mexican food is super diverse especially also because in Mexico we tend to offer food to everyone so if you go to my grandma’s house she would be like “oh come eat this mole”
and you hate mole.. because I get diarrhea.. -but you have to eat it because it is my grandma! ok so since we are talking about older people let’s keep going to my next
point never disrespect the elderly by saying “tu” don’t say it to grandparents and neither in school.. people think they’re so cool.. they bother me. I already ranted about this before but people are so annoying the teachers “I’m a doctor” refer to me by “doctor Joss”.. from now on you refer to me as “master Joss” because I have a master’s Oh yeah I think in Germany especially it’s
very different because I’ve seen Janik getting angry at his grandpa yeah when somebody’s grumpy with me and offending me I hang up the phone, doesn’t matter who it is yes I was like “did you just hang up the phone on your grandpa?” -“yeah” -and I’m like “but it is your abuelo..” now before I get to the point that makes Joss the angriest let’s talk about our sponsor of this video which is Lingoda! we love them so much, we’ve actually talked about them several times on our channel before, if you’ve been around you know them already in case you’re wondering what Lingoda is, with Lingoda you can take language classes online from certified native speakers and now you have the chance to take three months of language classes for free and on top of that they give you a free Cambridge assessment test in case you take English as your language if you’re wondering how can you take these three months for free then let me explain they have two different promotions, the Sprint and the Super Sprint if you decide to take the super sprint then you’re committing to take 30 classes a month for three months if you follow all of the rules, and there are a lot of rules so please read them! we don’t want any misunderstanding if you follow all the rules and you attend all of the classes you will get a 100% refund at the end and if you don’t have that much time you can choose the Sprint promotion there you have to take 15 classes a month for three months and if you also attend all the classes you get a 50% refund at the end these are the languages you can choose from and here are the dates that you need to remember.. you can sign up for the sprint promotion until March 24 the sprint itself starts on April 8th and goes until July 6 if you want to secure your spot make sure to sign up soon enough because the spaces are very limited and sometimes they sell out so you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity you have to pay a deposit of 49 euros and they’re gonna refund the deposit to you if you complete all the rules so guys, if you’re up for the challenge then click on the link in our description with that link you get a 10 euro discount on the deposit and make sure to read all of the rules, we cannot stress this enough because we want you to succeed and now let’s get to my next point I gotta tell you… yesterday I was actually talking to my ex.. is your heart beating fast? -No, I’m fine.. I’M FINE! I want to cry! No, it’s okay.. -I was kidding -yes I know… by the way greetings to your ex if she si watching so here’s my theory it probably doesn’t go for every Mexican, but for her in the beginning (it got a lot better now) and for a lot of her friends.. they don’t want the partner to keep talking to the ex.. cut the contact! cut everything! boom! gone! out of my life! telenovela ready.. that’s the thing! we both think it’s because of telenovelas.. -now for guys is similar tho.. I’m not gonna say it is just a girls problem because I know some guys that are very territorial I feel like we’ve met halfway, I don’t get that crazy -no -because.. it’s been five years… -great at the end of the day the only person that is hurting is you. I was like Janik is living his life.. his ex doesn’t even think about me probably his ex is like.. -she doesn’t give a damn about you.. it is the same thing, I don’t care about my ex’s new girlfriend, so probably your ex doesn’t care about me either No -so the only one in this whole story that is freaking out and being all crazy is me true it’s all in your head because actually nothing is happening and I think it’s totally fine if you just ask once in a while “hey what’s up with your life? how are you doing?” it’s part of your life, it’s part of your history and she doesn’t agree with me… let’s keep going if you just say hi and talk a little bit is fine.. -okay hi honey.. these were the five points! -it is no bad! but you’ve made me angry way more times than five so I have a bigger list okay this is just for a couple of people, it doesn’t really bother me that much but a bunch of Mexicans hate when people call United States citizens, Americans because they’re like.. I’m American too I live in America.. a lot times I say Americans to the u.s. people me too! it used to piss me off a lot but then I got so annoyed with “United States citizens” “US citizens”… that’s why I just started saying Americans because like ain’t nobody got time for US Citizen.. when somebody especially your German boyfriend tells you that he can take more chili than you that’s what she said.. -can you take more chili than me? wow! it’s true I could take a lot more chili than her! -say spiciness! the truth is I can take a lot more spiciness than her, it’s just out there on the table.. boom but he keeps reminding me every single time he eats a jalapeño he has to be like “I’m eating a jalapeño and you’re not..” I guess I’m more Mexican than you.. and chances are high that I can also take more spiciness than 50% of you guys out there Don’t write checks you cannot cash.. -No, that is probably wrong Mexico is known for spicy food, so whenever a foreigner comes and says this is not spicy for me we get pissed oh this one is a big one, it pisses me off a little bit when people say that Mexico is part of South America or Central America why? because we’re in North America.. -yeah but like why is it so bad? -geography is so important for us I mean I probably said it because it looks like it’s in the center of America between the big US and Canada and the big South America a lot of the territory from the US was part of Mexico before -yeah I know, so guys if you want to visit Central America just start in Mexico and then go to the south oh I know which one! this is the worst one for me! I don’t like when people think they’ve eaten Mexican food when they haven’t and when they say “oh yeah I love Mexican food! I eat chile con carne every day..” and I’m like.. there’s no chili con carne in Mexico I mean before I went to Mexico I ate a couple of times chili con carne and I loved it and because in Germany you always get it in Mexican restaurants -you think it’s Mexican -of course I think it’s Mexican no it’s definitely not the same and yeah I don’t like that.. so come here and try the real Mexican food and you’ll see that it’s pretty good so guys now if you’re not Mexican you know exactly what you need to do to make a Mexican angry you’re welcome! if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend from Mexico go ahead try it out and let’s see what happens don’t try it out! you don’t want to see what happens! -please try it out and let us know in the comments what happened if you’re still together or not if you liked this video give us a thumbs up subscribe to our channel if you’re not
already! and we will see you next week! Adios muchachos tschüss!


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