I/O ’17 Guide – Community Lounge

waiting for the shot to finish. OK, there we are. So, I’m here with Daniel in
the Community Lounge, where people from all over the world
are gathering at Google I/O. Can you tell us a little bit
about the activities going on here, and what
people are saying? DANIEL FRANC: Yeah,
the lounge, it’s pretty new on the
I/O. Like, we used to have community
areas on the I/O, but nothing huge like this. I don’t know if the
camera can capture it. But this is basically
like the whole tent– like the front porch of it. And as you can
see, it’s crowded. And people come here to chill,
to play, they play pool. We have some wooden
block building games. We’ve got some networking games. People chatting. You don’t hear me saying
we have any gadgets here. It’s completely unplugged. And, like, people
here maybe come to relax a little bit from all
the technology, which happens in the tents everywhere else. And they just sit back and
relax and talk to other people. So we are the place,
sort of, maybe to unplug from the
technology for a little bit. We also have some local meetups. So I’m with GDGs– I’m in the communities
team in Google. So we help communities around
the world to do meetups. So we thought, why don’t
we do meetups here. So we have about
25 small meetups. And it’s anything for like,
people who did applications for social good. Or just now, I think
there is some meetup of Russian-speaking developers. So we have the whole day. They come here, they meet. It’s very unprogrammed,
very anarchistic in a way. So we have also a bunch
of Googlers coming here to relax from the I/O madness. I love it. I hope we do it next year. And when you come next
year, make sure you drop by. TIMOTHY JORDAN: Awesome. Well, let’s check out
some of the stuff. DANIEL FRANC: Awesome. Let’s go. [MUSIC PLAYING] So this I/O ’17
Hello World hashtag. #io17, #helloworld, you can
actually check in there right now if you are
bored with my face. And what happens is that we
are building a bridge here. But communities,
they don’t function with a boss or a
blueprint, et cetera. So this experiment
is about what happens if you want to construct,
maybe the next Golden Gate, without blueprints or managers. TIMOTHY JORDAN: Uh– DANIEL FRANC: You see,
it’s pretty chaotic. Yeah. Timothy, I know, like, we are
not Golden Gate Bridge quality yet. Maybe we will not be ever. As I said, this
is an experiment. We are on day 1. So we’ll see how it goes. We also ask people to–
if they are developers, to write Hello World in their
first programming language. So I had mine here– like 10
print Hello World in BASIC. I was very tempted
to say 20 go to 10, you know, see the wooden blocks
here being covered everywhere here. So you can see plenty
of languages here. So yeah. Let’s see– let’s
see what happens. [MUSIC PLAYING] DANIEL FRANC: All
right, so Timothy, I know I said the
lounge is unplugged. But this is– I was cheating. This is an exception. As you can see, this is
very much plugged in. But what we are playing
here is something that I want to tell
you informally– we are not publishing. This is a YouTube playlist
of some of the greatest GDG trailers and videos
from around the world. Google Developer Groups,
they organize meetups, events, activities. And they sometimes put
crazy videos online. So we made, like, a two
hour playlist out of it. You can find this whole screen
on your own screen if you enter the address bit.ly/loungetv. I’m not saying don’t say
it to anyone because I just said it to you. But you can be here
with us at least virtually through this playlist. So enjoy it. TIMOTHY JORDAN: Cool. [MUSIC PLAYING] TIMOTHY JORDAN: So what is this? DANIEL FRANC: Yeah. You have seen the movie
“Inception”, right? And in the keynote
in the morning today, you are talking
about “Inception.” So this is a device. I don’t know what for, I don’t
know what it will do to you. I mean, if people want to
see more videos of you, I don’t know if you
want to sit in it, but– TIMOTHY JORDAN: Let’s try it. [MUSIC PLAYING] TIMOTHY JORDAN: This
is a core workout. This is kind of like
planking, but better. [MUSIC PLAYING] DANIEL FRANC: You can
get a hangover from this. [LAUGHTER] TIMOTHY JORDAN: All right. DANIEL FRANC: So let
me introduce Nina. Nina is from Georgia
and she is running one of the meetups
I was talking about. And this meetup is– what is it about, Nina? Who is it for? NINA: This meetup is
for developers, mostly. And that cover the topics of
how we can develop apps or use current apps for social good– so basically, the social
aspects that our apps can have. Because technologists have
so many opportunities, and it can really, you know, go
beyond just consumer reasons, right? Like it can serve so
much more purposes. So I’m going to be sharing
my own experience how my teammates Elva
and [INAUDIBLE] are helping to help people in
conflict and crisis situations to better monitor situations. Or how you are helping
farmers with information, and probably get some
more ideas from others. So it is very informal,
very improvised, because everyone is in
the line for ice cream. So I hope that
some will join us. And it’s going to be
just a friendly session. And thanks to Dan
for this opportunity. I think it’s fun and cool, so– do develop apps for social good. TIMOTHY JORDAN: Awesome. Thank you. NINA: So you’re welcome to join. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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