Introducing the Hosts of Little Humans | Vishen Lakhiani

Like most parents, I often worry that I’m not giving them enough or spending enough time with them or being the best parent I could be. And so one of my biggest
commitments this year is to make myself the
best parent, I can be. Just like I studied fitness and biohacking and became an expert in so many dimensions of the human mind. I realized that parenting
is something I wanted to invest in mastering. So I’m committing to creating the world’s most advanced parenting education. I call it, Little Humans by Mindvalley. And I want to invite you
to participate in this. And to facilitate these trainings, I wanted to bring in a
remarkable pair of parents, people who will ask the
questions which are in your head and be your study partners. Their names are Renee and Akira. And want to tell you why I
chose this particular couple. Renee is in her mid 40s and
became a mom in her mid 40s. That was important to me,
because as Renee said, she wanted to help women understand that it is possible to become a mother, even if you’re past 40. Akira is also younger than Renee, another unique dynamic
in their relationship. And he dropped a line on me one day that really shook me to my core. He said, “Real men don’t just
care about their children. “They care about all children,” when the U.S government
was separating children from their parents at the border war, and they were massive protests
all over the United States. Akira created short films
that help make other parents aware of the situation. Over a decade ago, Renee became paralyzed in one side of a face. imagine not being able to close your eyes or speak properly because half your mouth is paralyzed due to nerve damage. But Renee did not give up,
she put herself through as much transformation as she could. And she healed herself
despite doctors saying it wouldn’t be possible. So I brought in this incredible couple who are dear friends of
mine for over a decade as a host for Little Humans, because I don’t just want
to get you the world’s greatest parenting experts. I want to inspire you in the process and show you just who we can aspire to be. As moms and dads, no matter
what we face in life, and no matter how crazy the world can be. If all parents had proper education, so they can be the best parents possible. Imagine what this would do to
the world in one generation. So go ahead and enroll below. While the program will be on sale soon. For a limited time, it is
completely free to watch.


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