Is An Online Degree Credible in Your Employer’s Eyes?

>>NARRATOR: Online Degrees- Do employers
accept them? [pause] Thinking of earning an online degree but concerned your degree might not be accepted
by your employer? Let us help you cut through the hype and GetEducated about three crucial factors that lend credibility to your online degree. [pause]>>VICKY PHILLIPS: In 1989, when GetEducated
first surveyed employers about online degrees, less than 50 percent thought that an online
degree could ever be as good as a residential degree. Today, however, 90 percent of employers believe
that online degrees can be as good as residential degrees but only if three crucial characteristics
are met.>>NARRATOR: Does your chosen college operate
a traditional campus? [pause]>>VICKY PHILLIPS: Many people mistakenly
believe that colleges operate as one of two entities; either as an internet only university or as a residential brick and mortar college. This was true 10 years ago, but it isn’t true today. Today, more than a third of all established
brick and mortar residential schools offer at least one online
degree program. Name brand schools such as Duke University
and Indiana University now offer online degrees.>>NARRATOR: Truth: Traditional residential
colleges which offer online degrees receive higher approval ratings from employers
than newer Internet-only colleges. Is the name of your chosen college respected
by local employers? [pause]>>VICKY PHILLIPS: Employers prefer two types
of online colleges. First, Backyard Brands. These are residential colleges who offer online
degrees and whose reputation is firmly established
within the commute area where the employers will hire. The second are Nationally Known Brands. These are residential schools from large state
university systems, such as the University of Illinois or from established brick and mortar private
colleges such as Stanford or Duke University.>>NARRATOR: Is your chosen college regionally
accredited? [pause]>>VICKY PHILLIPS: There are many types of
college accreditation and all accreditation is not equal. Look for regional accreditation to ensure
the widest acceptance of your online degree.>>NARRATOR: It’s not whether you earned your
degree on campus or online that matters to most employers. It’s the reputation of the college that awards
you that degree. It’s not how your earned your degree, it’s where you earned your degree. To ensure the highest acceptance of your online
degree choose a college that Operates a residential campus Enjoys a good reputation with your commute
area And holds regional accreditation


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