J. Glenn Beall Institute For Public Affairs at Frostburg State University

(Soft inspirational music) Working with the Beall Institute and having my internship on Capitol Hill has taught me
so much more about Congress and how our government works than any textbook. We always had the scoop about everything. Oh, I was definitely an Annapolis insider! From those connections that you could make
with the internship, it can definitely open some doors for you. United States Senator J. Glenn Beall created
the Institute for Public Affairs here at Frostburg. He was a Frostburg native and he thought very
much of our community and of the university. And when he thought about his legacy, I believe
he thought Frostburg first. What the Senator’s idea was to use his contacts
to both Washington and Annapolis to experience the legislative process. Not only opportunities to work in these offices
but to live in Washington D.C. as well as Annapolis. And this students are actively engaged. Many of them were working hands-on with a
member of Congress or with their delegate or their state senator. There’s programs out there that you pay $7,000
to go and do these kinds of internships. And the fact that we have one at Frostburg
State University and that it also gives you a stipend to help compensate for living situations is
ridiculous. I helped draft a floor statement on the senator’s
opinions on ISIS. That was amazing. The fact that, you know, I put up the ground
plan for this floor statement. And that trusted me with that, so… The things that I were exposed to, I got to
attend committee meetings. I got to meet the governor. I got to actually be in the thick of things. Any time a constituent emailed or called,
I was the guy that answered the phone or responded to the email. I got to interact with constituents a lot. I got to just pick a legislator’s brains about
what they really thought and how they felt about it. The Beall Institute allowed me to just analyze
my train of thought in terms of political issues in itself, which is what I do now with
my line of work. I work with a lot of immigrants. I work with a lot of low-income students. So when issues come upon me, I’m able to just
look at it, analyze it and say OK, this is how it affects you but how does it affect
other people and how can we go around that and make it so that both parties are looking
at an issue in an unbiased way? In ways that we can come out with better outcomes. It really framed my thought in terms of how
things operate. Several of our interns after experiencing
either Annapolis or Washington are now currently gainfully employed on both Capitol Hill as
well as in Annapolis. This is a very unique opportunity for Frostburg
State students. The college is about developing your skill
sets in order to ultimately be an effective professional. So it’s been a real fruitful experience for
many of our students who don’t really understand where they are going after graduation. But with the internship, they find their path. I think regardless you have political aspirations
or not, you should participate in the Beall internship. It, it is probably one of the most unique
opportunities Frostburg has to offer And the most amazing one. Through this internship, see if you like it. Maybe that will help you determine what you want
to do with your career path. And I loved it! (Soft inspirational music)

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