Johnstown Budget Overview

I’m a three-sport athlete, I’m involved
in field hockey- downhill skiing – and track and field. I’m also involved in
many clubs including; National Honor Society, student council, international
club, music for the mind, the backpack program. Freshman year I swam on the
varsity swim team because I started in Knox and just got involved in that, and
then I discovered the drama club here. I really would like to pursue it as a
career choice in the future, I actually just got cast in a show at Proctor’s, but
none of that would have happened if I didn’t have the drama club here. I’m the president of student council, President of Key Club, president of yearbook, I’m
involved in international club, Music for the mind, the drama club. At Knox I do Student Council, and I’m in Jazz Band, and in the fall I do field hockey, winter
I do skiing and then spring I do lacrosse. I have two children, one who has graduated
from Johnstown- participated in sports- and my son currently is a senior. Both of
them have had very positive experiences being a part of a team, growing as an
individual by being a part of the team. It helps them be well-rounded. All these extracurriculars and sports and everything that I do they’re kind of
like my escape from all the stress in my life, like with schoolwork and stress at
home and it’s just having that relief. It really gives a person a sense of like
self-worth, and like how you know where you fit in in our big community.
Because like I like to think that this high school is just a gigantic family. I
don’t do sports anymore but I still will go to the games and support my friends
and it’s just how it’s always been. That’s just the kind of family aspect
that we know and love here. If you go to any sporting activity there are many
many people from the community who are attending because they enjoy and have
great pride in the Johnstown athletic program. Early last year the Johnson Town
School District discovered that we were in difficult financial circumstances,
specifically that we have about a four million dollar budget gap. In an effort
to try to address the gap we had to cut about 13 positions last year, and this
year we asked the community what they thought about that. The community members, about 100 total, indicated to us that they wanted
no more cuts and in an effort to support their decision and to try to figure out
how to deal with four million dollars that we’re missing, the Board of
Education has decided to put forward a budget that proposes a 35 percent tax
levy increase. That text levy increase would help us sustain programs like
kindergarten and high school but also extra-curricular offerings and athletics.
We recognize that children benefit from a variety of educational programs and
many of our fondest memories come from those extracurricular experiences. I actually have a little brother, he loves football, he’s involved in band- choir-
he’s in like Student Council- and I can’t imagine him going through the next
couple years without any of these extracurriculars. I started getting involved for field hockey in fifth grade with the youth program and I continued
doing it every year the coaches are great and everything and it just gives
you like team bonding skills it’s a big part of like what I do. It helps them prepare for life by being a part of a team and working with other people, if
they don’t have that experience they’re not gonna have this life skill that’s
very important. All these sports and extracurriculars are really what make
high school high school and without those it’s not as big as anyone thinks
the best part is working with people and becoming who you are
while you’re going through the process.

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