Kaley Petrosky honored as All-Star Athlete

here’s this week’s by star all-star athlete you’re the Clay County champion right and district champion and then you go to state you’ve heard me discuss this with some other people sat there I mean when you watched other people jump did you go oh wait a minute this this is I better bring my A game here it’s like in County there’s like a couple girls that are like pretty serious about it and like they get up there like past five and everything but usually you know it’s okay and then you get like regionals and stuff it was still pretty good a lot of them so scratch if ID when you get the state and everyone’s coming in at five that’s that’s a balk so how’d you overcome that I really just you can’t think about it like if you think about how high up the bar is you know you just gotta focus on getting up going over and that’s it don’t think about like oh I’m like five eight that bars at five seven you can’t think about it like that no just there’s the bar I’m gonna go jump over that yep what’s the senior executive cornice all this I see music where it is it’s a group of seniors that were elected by the rest of the senior class who helped decorate the hallway we set up fundraising everything organized grad day all that fun stuff alright Kaylee congratulations you are our all-star athlete from Middleburg high for outstanding achievement in athletics academics at community service presented on this day and signed by me with a great zeal of channel 4 congratulations all star athlete

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