LIBRA HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 23 AL 29 DE DICIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva

Welcome to pound your reading of 23 to the December 29 Jack greets you and are here on my channel tarot remember to subscribe and activate the Bell will start with the message your angels for this December 24 and you indicate that this day and talk ask your angels uses a During this time 24 25 why me You say to pray to connect to connect God with the universe connect with your angels and your guides spiritual because they have a message for you but so that it can like you need to connect with them and also ask then communicate with you and make you get that message you need to hear both and ask them also if it You can communicate through dreams because to do so that they can communicating signals via either signs you see or even songs Ask them to speak through me and other tarotistas you hear that enjoyments Send me a message my angels and my guidelines regarding this situation through iota through this other person to be able to know what to do we will continue with the message tarot this week how wonderful the letter letter crazy total glasses and queen of diamonds numbers lucky for you are 89 and 85 and lucky day will be on Saturday looks you talk about this week where you go to be stepping What you are making you feel out of your comfort zone will be a week free where you’re going to take that leap of faith where you’re going to make a difference in your life in how you see things how Driving you where you’re going to close eyes and know you will say I will do I tell this person I like it that I like to tell me my boss what is the situation I am happening at work and I talk about a Conversation important that some of you might have been delaying with a woman this woman with this letter Queen of diamonds could be your boss it could be a mother or a figure breast an important figure and looks here that some of you have been trying to keep that secret and have not had the courage to take that step and talk to this woman If you’re the mother or father and you are the this could be an energy where you have a son or a daughter have during this week who want to sit and talk you and give you some shocking news free you know that I characterize me always give messages so as I receive and for some of you this might be that some of their children may be having a conversation with you to tell them what your preference could be sexual is coming out of the closet to tell because he’s gay or that is lesbian or having any preferences known in the means of communication community lgtb blog’s so they could be doing this or if you are the son because you could be approaching tele your parents to confess what your true about your tastes sexuality What else is there for you it seems that there are some here of you Warriors pound this news not going to take very well because I these letters are coming much conflict of indecision insecurity remember to love your children and remember if you are the son then if you’re had any of these doubts have talk to your parents that they I will always love the end of the day it is you who makes this decision but I see how much questioning preguntadera much you’ll have during this week off so I could be your family who is trying to understand what happens and do not see then your questions as a way of attack if this is your situation not see it that way but then as simply that they are trying to learn and if you respond to them in a way honest quiet calm then they can understand what your situation for others of you that this aspect It does not apply then speaks as prompted to take that leap of faith have that conversation with a boss where manage to clarify what the different you were having problems and could It is being said to have some type of interview either new one new job interview you can be calling several places and They could then make you a little anxiously stressed this 10 letter swords here because no acció you know which option to take what way to go because it depends on which of these situations are you in my psyche clock pound remember this reading is for the 23 to 29 and to wait for it to start the week let’s see interactive question for you I’ll get two cards yellow is important color for you this week I saw him strongly here reminds ask a question of whether or you can not do one for each letter or and choose one either letters if you took is the option to answer to your question is you make a new direction the way you are avoid thinking about taking and takes another approach more subtly for whatever you want to do if asked if you should tell your family your sexual preferences say it takes an a better way again takes another way if you took a new direction is the option sees the answer for you is not Peace continues to hold back on the road right at this moment you tie appear the following videos you I recommend it side here is the Video of your predictions for 2020 in others miss and here is the link so you can know my website and enjoy a private consultation with to me there are the prices various consultations I offer this Happy Christmas decree bright and progress


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