Make-Up Artist Makes Cancer Patients’ Day

I started volunteering with the American Cancer Society in 2014, when my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.
She started undergoing heavy chemotherapy and radiation treatment so
immediately a lot of her hair on her head, and her eyebrows, and her eyelashes fell out. Being involved in the beauty industry I was able to help her. I was
able to give her skincare tips, put her makeup on for her, and while I was doing that, I thought, if she’s going through it there must be other women who are going through the exact same thing, but don’t have a son who’s a makeup artist. And I found the Look Good Feel better program at the American Cancer Society. Now with these higher-end creams, a little bit goes a long way. I was diagnosed in March of this year with uterine cancer Stage 1, but a Grade 3 cancer, which is very aggressive, so it required treatment: 18 rounds of chemotherapy and then some radiation to follow. It looks like your “war paint.” It’s difficult physically, to a certain degree, because I get very fatigued. Emotionally, I’m pretty upbeat, so I’m facing it head-on. So I’m going feel for your actual real cheekbones, and I’m taking the product and I’m pushing it up. One of the things I find is that makeup lifts us. You know, as women, it does lift us. You don’t have to wear a lot, but even a little foundation, and mascara, and lip gloss each day really gives you a little boost. When the programs are over it’s amazing
to see the woman’s face, not only physically with the makeup on, but just the light on the inside is just back on. And sometimes our best applicators are our fingers. I’ve yet to run one program where a woman hasn’t walked out of here with a huge smile on her face, from ear to ear. Working with Victoria today was amazing. I love being able to sit down with a woman, one-on-one, who’s going through
treatment, and give her my tips and tricks and advice on how to put makeup on and care for her skin while she’s going through treatment. It was a joy. It was really very nice, and I recommended it to other people. I have other friends who are going through treatment and have encouraged them to take part in it
because it’s uplifting. It’s a really nice program.

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