Mayor Pete Buttigieg On His Ideology And Socialism

just introduce you to everybody we'll hit hit all the hot hot-button issues right now and let Democratic voters know where you stand let's start with your ideology first for people who don't know where you stand would you say that you you're more liberal or less liberal than aoc Nancy Pelosi where are you on the ideological spectrum I consider myself a pretty strong progressive but I also don't consider the left-center spectrum to be the most useful way to look at our politics right now because I think it's gotten jumbled up both by the current president and by the pace of change so you consider yourself more of a centrist again I don't find these labels very very helpful but I would consider myself more of a progressive than a centrist look in South Bend I wouldn't be able to govern effectively if I couldn't work well with independents and Republicans but I didn't do it by pretending to be more conservative than I am I actually don't believe that the best way to reach independence today is through ideological centrism I mean mathematically you look at the numbers in my County and it's very clear that there are a lot of people who voted for Barack Obama Donald Trump Mike Pence and me which indicates that you know voters especially voters in the heartland where I come from don't necessarily make their decisions by just aligning everybody up on an ideological spectrum and then looking for the dot that's closest to where they are but yeah push comes to shove in terms of my orientation I'm going to come up most of these policy questions from a progressive angle all right I just wanted to ask also Donald Trump's has been pushing as have Republicans have been pushing the the line that Democrats want to turn America into a socialist country do you think moving towards socialism is a positive step for the Democratic Party you think moving towards socialism is a positive step for the Democratic Party I think it's a word in American politics that is basically lost all meaning and that began when a conservative proposal the Affordable Care Act which was developed in the Heritage Foundation began to be described as socialist by conservatives who were opposing look I know that for years socialism has been used as a kill switch to just stop an idea from being talked about but I think if you're from my generation the real interest is is an idea good or not and I think Democrats are going to be willing to talk about ideas that somebody might try to demolish by claiming they're socialists but we don't care whether it reads to some conservatives as more socialist or not we care about whether it works so is it does capitalism work does American capitalism work yeah American capitalism is the most productive economic force known to man but we also know that it can create massive inequality and frankly it can destroy itself if you don't have you know as one law school puts that the wise constraints that make people free right I think there's a generation of people who grew up at a time when you add communism and socialism on one side you had democracy and capitalism on the other I think today we're negotiating the tensions between democracy and capitalism I'm committed to democracy and the biggest thing we have to ask ourselves is if there is a tension between them do you care about capitalism more than about democracy or do you care about democracy more than you care about capitalism


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