Medsi: Russia’s largest private healthcare provider leverages cutting-edge technology

The centre of Moscow, Krasnaya Presnya. This seven-storey building looks very much like a hotel; however, it is not a hotel but a private clinic. Several years ago, a state-owned primary care clinic built in a Soviet architectural style stood on this site. Today it is hard to believe that this building houses a medical facility. Medsi Clinical diagnostic Centre in Krasnaya Presnya was built as part of a greenfield development project. Now it is a multi-specialty healthcare facility providing a full range of medical services for adults and children. Artem Sirazutdinov, Chairman of Medsi’s Board of Directors, Managing Partner of Sistema PJSFC: Our motto is “Competency-based medicine”. Medsi provides healthcare services based on a 360-degree model. There are virtually no medical services that we can’t provide. Alexander Osiyev, MD, professor and Medsi’s chief specialist in charge of X-ray endovascular surgery: This is an operating theatre of Medsi’s clinic in Krasnaya Presnya. All wards are fully supplied with state-of-the-art equipment, including this X-ray operating room, which is used for high-tech surgeries. Here you can see a Da Vinci robot, a hybrid operating room, a percutaneous coronary interventions ward and an endovascular surgery ward. The clinic has operating theatres for a broad range of surgeries in such important medical fields as cardiology, oncology, gynecology and vascular surgery. Medsi’s in-patient facilities widely use technologies enabling the so-called “fast track surgery” which implies thorough pre-surgery preparation of patients The clinic also conducts laparoscopic interventions and minimally invasive surgeries combined with comprehensive post-operative rehabilitation. Adel Vafin, MD, acting Chief Medical Officer at Medsi: Medsi’s vision is to become a leader in the Russian healthcare market and its mission is to make the advancements of modern medicine available to everyone. Evgeny Ledin is head of the chemotherapy department of Medsi’s clinic at Botkinsky St. Several years ago, he came to work at Medsi’s oncology department from a state-owned clinic. At that time, many people feared that the private healthcare sector would not be able to provide quality services to cancer patients. Today, Medsi clinics provide effective care for thousands of oncology patients under various schemes including voluntary medical insurance programmes funded by the state. Over the past year the medical community has coined a new term: “Medsi phenomenon”. This implies that Medsi has made a major breakthrough in providing care to cancer patients and has shown great results which surprised many healthcare professionals Another important thing is that patients are now able to receive high-quality and high-tech treatment in a private clinic with the state covering the costs. Modern medical technologies make it possible to cure 50% of cancer patients. Dr. Ledin says that it is extremely important to take a multi-disciplinary approach to patient treatment, i.e. a group of specialists should take a collective decision on the treatment strategy. I would say that the recipe of our success has three components. Firstly, we managed to build a team of highly qualified specialists by offering them attractive terms of employment with Medsi The second component is that our company focuses on providing quality customer service. Thirdly, we are allowed to purchase expensive original drugs without tenders, which means that we are able to choose the best medicines available on the market. We are making multi-billion rouble investments in the development of Medsi and developing a three-tier system of healthcare spanning primary care and in-patient treatment, and, finally, we are building hospitals fully equipped with cutting-edge technology For example, next year we will commission a major hospital at Michurinsky Prospekt in the centre of Moscow with total space of 38,000 sq m. This is another Medsi clinic, a multi-disciplinary in-patient facility at Pyatnitskoye Highway In this ward, the doctors are now operating on a patient to replace an intervertebral disc of the spinal column. This condition is accompanied by severe pain and causes numbness in the lower limbs of a patient. This neurosurgery procedure is performed using high-precision equipment, including a special microscope. Stanislav Abazyev, Deputy Chief Doctor of Medsi’s in-patient facility at Pyatnitskoye Avenue Medsi’s hospital No 1 is a facility working under a public-private partnership Given our advanced and high-precision methodologies we can provide medical care under the government’s social programmes We share the social mission of state-owned medical facilities in providing healthcare to those who need it most. The capacity of this hospital is 500 beds. The hospital also boasts its own rehabilitation centre. By the end of the year, it plans to open a paediatric department. The scale of any healthcare company is measured in the number of patients. Last year, the company treated 8.5 million patients, which is an impressive figure. It is not surprising that Medsi is now a market leader and the largest private healthcare provider operating in Russia Another telling parameter is the staff to physician ratio: Medsi employs a total of 8,000 staff, of whom 6,000 are doctors.

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